And When I Grow Up I Want To Be….

Hiya my lovelies.


I hope you are all well this evening 🙂


Today I have spent my day shopping. Now this was a lovely day spent with my mum trying to spend some of the money I received for my birthday. One thing that I really wanted to buy was clothes for everyday wear. I am absolutely terrible at clothes shopping (even though I get so excited about it on the journey). This is because I am extremely insecure. (girl + insecurities = cliché) but I swear the mirrors in changing rooms have me cursed or something! It is absolutely terrible. In my mirrors before I leave the house, I feel good, as good as I can feel without dressing up. I get to the shop with my basket full of clothes and I will leave with probably 1 or two items…generally shoes. (Hi my name is Tayla and I am addicted to shoes…Hi Tayla). 

My poor mum will put up with my breakdown and a few tears in the middle of Primark and then convince me that I am being ridiculous (she’s my mum and has to say that cause she loves me :)). 


This happens a good 90% of the time, and it is shameful.  SO, instead of moaning about it, I am going to do something about it….change my lifestyle. 

Yo-yo dieting does NOTHING. For the past 2 years my weight has fluctuated, losing two stone, gaining two stone, losing two stone, etcetc. 

The one diet that really worked for me was Slimming World, simply because, it wasn’t a diet. It teaches how to eat, cook and live right. Eat anything you want – in moderation. 

Every Tuesday I will going to classes and learning new recipes and trying my hardest to look after myself from the inside. (I have blogged about looking after facial skin, might as well start somewhere new). I am using my blog as inspiration to carry on, and to help inspire all my beautiful readers to realise that who they want to be or what they want to do, is hard, but always achievable. 


Saying that, over the last few years I have been at school and sixth form gaining all my GCSEs and ALevels, and still as a loss for what I want to be “when I grow up”. My blog was to help me find my way with a little help a long the way, but I have found my self blogging and writing about all things beauty. 


Shopping today, we have been drawn to all the beauty counters in the department stores, Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis etc, and despite the extremely scary price tags, I still found myself falling completely in love. I have always played around with makeup, especially when I was studying for my ALevel in Photography and always found it so much fun. And with my super duper buys in E.L.F (which by the way, they have 50% off at the moment, which lead to spend another £46 (that includes the discount… ) I have become increasingly obsessed with it all. 


I have been subscribing to YouTube videos of “Makeup Gurus” (as my mum calls them) and feeling so inspired that I want to do this for myself. Start from nowhere and get somewhere I really want to be. I am raring to go and I can’t wait.


So, for my weight loss journey beginning on Tuesday and my extremely rare optimism, I can’t wait to see where the next few months takes me. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and I will promise to update you all regularly! Combining a few of my favourite things…Makeup, writing, my camera and weight loss, it is sure to be an exciting time. Can’t forget christmas is coming too, so they just makes it all extra exciting!


My camera is one of my favourite things ever. As I studied Photography, gaining a B grade overall, I was in love with this particular craft, and thought that finally there was something I was half decent at (no big heads here, just proud of myself haha). Here are a few pics from my ALevels… 


Image Image

Now the makeup here isn’t amazing but fits the image perfect. Makeup was done by myself. Basically what you see is mother nature holding the world in her hands. Or in other words, one of my best friends being a fabulous model 🙂

The idea I was going for in these pics was surrealism. I think I did well!






The selection here was movement. What moves better and can look incredible to get still shots of, that water. It always flows so beautiful but can look dangerous. Was so proud of these shots.




This group of images was for a topic of “Identities” so I dressed up my beautiful model up as different characters. I wanted it to be seen as stealing someone else’s identity. Bare in mind these are only a few of the whole collection, mainly my favourites 😉

Finally, these weren’t used in my final pieces but were taken for fun, and I was so pleased with the end results!



Would love to know what you all think, as I am thinking about incorporating this all with my ambition to be a makeup artist! (too ambitious maybe but without ambition where would we all end up?)




Oh and that just made me chuckle!


Mwah x