My Name is Tayla

“Those Perfect Imperfections” – Written By Tayla


Hi there.

My name is Tayla and I am a blogger in my spare time. My favourable topic is Beauty but I will branch out occasionally.

I chose my name simply because everyone has their flaws, and what those flaws maybe, will differ from person to person. I have always struggled with dealing with my imperfections whether they be physically or emotionally, but I really want to teach myself to embrace them and really work towards loving the person I am despite those flaws.

The imperfections I see in myself I find to be completely irrelevant to my loved ones and so I want to help others along my journey to becoming that better version of me.

What maybe imperfections to me are perfections to someone else, so girls, lets really work on not letting those bring us down and work towards the person who we really wish to me.

I have an absolute passion for beauty and shoes and a slight addiction to tea. I enjoy watching films and trying to be creative with makeup or even small DIY projects at home.

I am looking to use my blog as inspiration for others or even just an outlet for myself. I have struggled previously with coming to terms with what people may think about what I write about and how they may judge Β me. (“what does she know about beauty?” or “what is the point to this”) but I no longer feel obliged to impress others. This is not a serious place. I am here to enjoy my hobby in my spare time and share my interests and thoughts with any readers who wish to follow.



11 thoughts on “My Name is Tayla

  1. welcome back tayla :] i hope you are doing better! and i hope you continue to do better! i love the new name and i love the way you wrote the explanation. i look forward to you posts!

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