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Hey there!

I have spent some more time making some little home creations and this is one I have wanted to get this one made for a long long long time but I haven’t got round to it.

I wanted to create more space for my makeup brushes because the one I have from ELF just is no longer big enough. Although I love my black one from ELF, I wanted to create something that was a little bit more unique and more personal – and well, something that extra pretty.

To start with I found some empty jars. Ladies – don’t buy plain jars, buy some nice scented candle jars and enjoy them, clean them and then you have spent a small fortune for multiple purposes.


I think took some little accessories that I really wanted to complete the look with. In this case I went to The Range and bought some little glass pebbles for £1 per pack, I got the clear ones which has the opal like colours reflecting through it, and a little ribbon that I had lying round from an old gift I received.



I attached the bow around the top of the jar and then sellotaped it tight. I sealed it this way because I didn’t have a glue, but I will make it more permanent when I do buy some!



And there you have it! Simple and took me about 10 minutes, possibly longer just because I SUCK at creating bows!!

Ps, did you like how I put my new blogging table to good use 😉

Love ox


DIY – Blogging Table

Hey there my Pretty Little Readers,

Today I am going to dive right into my blog post and share with you a little something I have recently whipped up within a matter of minutes to help improve the picture quality of my blog. 

Since starting my blog, I have find it difficult to take picture and find the right setting around my little old flat, that also has the right lighting. 

So, I decided to bring that place to me. Somewhere that I can move about depending on where the best lighting is at the time and that can be related to my blog. 

I have noticed that a few bloggers have a little creative area so I thought I would create my own and there isn’t a lot of surface around my house and it has caused my photos to look crappy and like I can’t be bothered.

So, it literally took me 5 minutes and cost me next to nothing. 

I took a box lying around. I wanted it to be relatively big or at least a decent size. However, it can be cut to the size desired. (The box of my hoover in this case!)


I the retrieved some nice girly wrapping paper, (I had it lying about the house too so again didn’t cost me anything, but I will probably make a few more with some different patterns). You can get wrapping paper anywhere from supermarkets to card shops, even at Primark. This particular pattern was bought at Sainsbury’s and was left over from a birthday.


All I did from there was take the wrapping paper and wrap the piece of cardboard – Simples. 


You want to make the wrapping paper as tight as possible so when it gets moved about there less likely it is to get any rips or tears and look lose and creased. Other than that, you can’t go wrong. 


I will more than likely get a Matte looking paper next time so doesn’t reflect the flash or the bright lights when it gets to that point, but I am just attracted to shiny things right now! Hah!

If you create one yourself, would love to see, so make sure you send me links!

Love ox

Revamping My Life.

Well hello there!


Another week has passed and I can’t believe it. I am once again struggling for time in my busy life but this time its not as bad as it seems. 

Fitting a life around work can be difficult, but it’s finding what is worth your time and what isn’t. However, I am in the process of finding out what that is, but one thing I have found out that I absolutely love is…. the gym. 


I can’t believe for the past week the words that have come out of my mouth are “I’m sorry, I’m busy, I’m going to the gym”. Everyone who knows me has found themselves in a little bit of shock because I went 4 days in a row – may not sound like much but for someone who NEVER goes and struggles to commit to the gym out of sheer lack of motivation, this is an achievement.


I will be going every day with hopefully only one day off a week, but I need to ease it in nicely. I am attending with my boyfriend’s sister, Lindsay, who is a skinny minnie anyway, so she is my inspiration for now, as well as my old skinny self.

So when we get there, we are working on the ’30 Day Challenges’. Our ones being, Abs, Arms, and Squats followed by approx 20-30 mins of intense cardio. I have honestly never struggled and sweat so much in my entire life, but I LOVE it!!! 


I wanted to share this with you, because if I can do it, you can too. This is part one of my revamp, and the next part is finding a diet that fits my lifestyle and is still satisfying. 


I will share my progress with you all, followed by meals, and of course the obligatory beauty post. Beauty post is coming this week, especially as I bought a new palette that I cannot wait to share with you all!! I wanted to share this with you simply because I want it to be an area of inspiration, and a place we can all share our tips and hints. I would love to know what you all do to keep fit and healthy!


This weekend I have spent my time in sunny Newquay, Cornwall. I have had the best time and one night definitely wasn’t enough. I have experienced too much stress, with lack of time and a few situations I find myself to be struggling with and coming to terms with. Stress is most certainly not my friend! Here are some pictures, so you don’t have to be bored by me anymore!

 10563554_10152092185036157_1120648373_n   10553395_10152090528196157_6901654843613656308_n


10521328_10152091731376157_759547521295084869_n 10487308_10152089950991157_8672747241748285126_n 10409202_10152091986141157_3869565584071675044_n




And as a little added bonus, for those who are eager for some beauty related posts… I cleared up my vanity! YAY, nothing beats a clean vanity!!! My beautiful Orchid is a little added touch, definitely will be investing in another 10 haha!!





Love xo


Neglecting Your Blog Is a Crime.

Good evening my beautiful friends!

I apologise sincerely for my absence, but I feel now is the right time to get back up and running.

Over the past few months I feel that I have completely lost touch with who I am and what type of person I really am, but now I am ready to start working on improving me, myself and I.
I have neglected what I love and I have suffered for it. I can’t say the last few months I have been truly happy, which snowballed from being one problem to a millions problems, however, I am not going to sit there and accept it. I will work on improving my quality of life and work on my ambitions.

I will work on myself, as long as you all promise to work on everything you could wish for along side me. Whether that be just make time for you loved ones, save for a holiday or even treat yourself, everyone needs hope, inspiration and a little help every now and again, and I want us to do that together. So there we have it. Let’s do this, girls.

Cringe, right? Oh well.


So, whilst I have been MIA, I have been getting up to stuff whilst moping around, and here are a few pictures to share with you, just because reading what I have to say isn’t always that interesting.. It is genuinely surprising at how little I have to show for the last few months. But here goes…..







DSC01641 DSC01580 DSC01539 DSC01532 DSC01517


DSC01461 DSC01437


But here is a quick run down if you don’t follow me on Twitter… I got a new job, I went on my first holiday with my boyfriend and my beautiful sister is having her first baby. I could not be more excited to be an Aunty!!! Eeeeekkk.

I will write you all again sooner than you think!

What do you want to see in my posts? Reviews? Tutorials? Everything?

Help me improve!

Love xo