Experiment | Letting Your Boyfriend Do Your Make Up

Hey guys.


If you are reading this post, I really would like to say thank you. I have put a lot of effort into blogging and looking at everyone who sends their blog links to me. I will always read, share and follow, especially on social networking – mainly Twitter. @writtenbytayla. But I will so been branching out into the world of Facebook and creating a page on there so keep a look out. 

Moving on swiftly…. the title of today’s blog pretty much speaks for it’s self. I have in fact let my boyfriend, Dan, take control of my face. He was willing to help me with a blog post and we came up with this as a way for him to get involved. 🙂 so grateful for his help and him supporting me.

So I gave him a list of what needs to be used, and for him to choose from my collection. Here is what he chose… 


*Disclaimer – sorry about the poor photos, it was a spur of the moment experiment and some bulbs in our house has unfortunately gone. 😦 *


PrimerELF Mineral Infused

FoundationELF HD Mattifying Cream Foundation (oil free) PREVIOUS POST

-ConcealerELF Cover Stick

-PowderELF Booster

-BlushCover Girl (bought in USA in 2012)

-BrowsRimmel Pencil


-ShadowELF Palette 

-MascaraNYC Big Curl


Right so there is everything. I have linked up all the products and which products I have posted about previously with the link to that too, so you know where to find them with the prices. He didn’t know what he was picking – as he is clueless when it comes to makeup and products. So it was unintentional that the products he chose were ELF. But at least he picked the affordable products – not that I buy any other kind! This blog is all about the budget baby!




So we have stage one – no makeup. Making the task even more difficult for him, I have unfortunately poor skin right now. Very red and a few angry looking spots. It happens sometimes no matter what products I am using to help. 

The only instruction I gave him was “make me look like you would be happy to be seen outside the house with me”. There was no particular occasion given, just he had to be happy to see my looking like this. 

He accepted his challenge and then began. As he was unsure of what products did what, the only thing I told him was what they were and what they were used for. He knew the basics – foundation covers the face and mascara the lashes, but primer was something he had not heard of. 

Applying the primer consisted of dragging his hands down my face – some what amusing for him.


He applied my ELF primer and then went straight into the foundation. It was a cream foundation applies with the round sponge given and he covered. He then found the redness in my spots were too much for the foundation and applied the cover stick followed by the booster, Telling him the booster was to set the foundation into place otherwise I would slide around all greasy. (not cool)


The Cover girl blush was almost all gone, so he struggled to apply this, but just applied in circular motion on the apples of my cheeks – just like a doll.



Eyebrows – my poor poor eyebrows… 




Eye shadow followed and he said “You where a lot of purple so I choose that”. My face was in shock. I am not a fan of bright purples on my eyes as I do suffer with dark shadows so I always appear to look like I have been punched in the face. He literally slabbed it on with no blending or other colour just a shocking purple. 


He got extremely excited when he picked up my eyeliner and his eyes lit up. He knew what he wanted to do and there was no stopping him. I asked him to be gentle as eyeliners are my babies, and this one was received in my new BirchBox (review in my previous post). I felt the tip hit my temple and I knew I was screwed from that very moment. He was worried about applying the mascara as it was a really chunky brush, but he carried on and was careful. 




The lipstick was applied just on my bottom lip and he asked me “rub my lips together” to spread the colour. 


And then he was done. How beautiful, right?


From there, what I decided to do was use the exact products again and create my own look and show him how it is really done. I am not a professional makeup artist, and the lighting is rubbish because my bedroom light bulb went, so I am sorry about that, but I used the tools I had and carried on. 

Here is my step by step picture timeline…















I think I prefer my look, and have no intention of letting him do my makeup again. Unless I was joining the circus… 


Would you let your partner loose with your makeup and your face? I challenge you do this and share your pics with me on Twitter. Might have a cheeky giveaway if I get enough sent to me and get Dan to choose the winner 🙂 If I have a few entries before the end of the week I will go ahead with the prize. 

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BirchBox | February Box

Hey there guys!

How have we all been this week?

I am completely aware that I have been missing this past week (once again – I know) but I have been working to get this week over because I am officially on annual leave for the next week and a bit! woo hop!!! Cue the balloons and streamers!! 

But never fear, I am back! I get paid this week and as it has been yet another tough month, and having spent less than £10 on beauty products last month, I think I am owed a little mini Haul, so keep your eyes peeled… I am soooo excited!!

Here is a quick up to date selfie – testing out my new eyeliner (see below)


Anyway, let’s get straight to it shall we!


I was very sceptical about this month’s BirchBox especially with the disappointment of my first one a few weeks back. But because they automatically take payment I couldn’t cancel it, so I thought I would give it one more chance!!

I must admit I was much more pleased with my products this month and was very excited to try them out.

I opened it back on Valentines Day but because my boyfriend, Dan, had organised a little surprise for me, I had no chance to test or blog over that weekend, so unfortunately it is a week late! (I am sorry, you can slap my wrist later). But I would rather post about my box after I have tried the products out so give you a (hopefully) good read!

So, the first product I saw when I opened the box was………..(drum roll please)



The Eyeko Liquid liner. There are no words to describe my love for liquid liner so I was extremely pleased to receive this product. I have read that every subscriber had this in their box – making me feel special –  but I can completely understand why this was a big product for them. Being a reasonable size, this product will last me quite a while. Retailing at £12 per pen, it is more than I would spend on a liner, but I might consider repurchasing it when my sample has ran out. I gives a very nice line, as it has an ultra thin and stiff tip, so it helps you be more precise when applying. You can build on it to make the black ultra ultra black or make your line even thicker. I love liners that allow you to choose how you apply it. Nothing worse than applying a thick line when you aimed for a nice delicate one. It glides along the eye nicely, so no eyeshadow gathers and doesn’t scratch you eye lid. I must admit that the product has lasted me all day as well as promises to be smudge free. I am an eye rubber, so my eyeliner tend to fade throughout the day, but this is one that I can honestly say has held the best. The packaging is lovely too. Overall a very good product to have received! Woo!



This product is AMAZING. The Beauty Protector Hair Oil. I am completely and 100% in love with this product. Retailing at £16 I was at first unsure about investing in it, but I know that hair oils always last a long time so would be completely worth it. It promises not to leave hair feeling heavy or greasy, and helps protect the hair making it shiny and frizz free. Coming from someone who has nothing but frizzy hair and has to wash it at least every other day, I have discovered this does wonders. My frazzled ends from using heat all the time due to frizziness, once my ends soaked the oil up it felt like I had just had my hair cut – not even kidding. It helped my hair dry naturally nice and quick, so there was no need for my hair dryer. I applied just a pea sized amount and only on the ends when my hair was damp. Applying hair oils to the roots will leave your hair heavy, greasy and flat so do try to avoid this when applying. I did this on Sunday when I dyed my hair to see how much damage control it would do. I only then washed my hair again on FRIDAY. Having only used small amounts of Batiste’s dry shampoo I had no need to wash my hair whatsoever. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. In fact I had more and more compliments on my hair the more the week went on, and when I said that I hadn’t washed my hair for 5 days, they looked at me like I was from the loony bin. I did give in and wash my hair only because it was getting weirder and weirder for me not to. 10/10 product. 



This was a full sized sample of the ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick and my face when I opened it must have been a picture of complete shock and excitement. I have never heard of the company but I was so happy to try out another piece of makeup! I love makeup so much. I had the colour “Get naked” which is pretty much what is says on the tin – a nude lipstick. I don’t own much nude because I feel that it can sometimes wash me and my already super pale complexion out. Now, with all complete honesty, it was not matte. It clearly says on the packaging that it is supposed to be matte, and it really wasn’t. It had a subtle shine to it, infact was probably more moisturising than anything. When it says “Party Proof” I would expect it to last at least half a night out – at a push it lasted an hour. I will continue to use it but it certainly isn’t worth £15.50 (for a trio) and I wouldn’t buy.




I haven’t had a chance to use these two products as yet, but I am looking forward to the facial wash. Shower Gels are very hit and miss with me as I can have very sensitive skin. Shower gels and bubble baths especially can cause some irritation so I am always quite hesitant when trying something new. I do have sensitive skin on my face, but there is something about the product that is luring me to try it. Again quite skeptical about trying it, but it says that it naturally brightens and balances skin tone. Getting blemishes and redness, I am hoping that this is true. Only one way to find out and this is to try it – so I will try it this week and get back to you. Looking on the BirchBox website, the facial wash is sold out so that can only mean good things 🙂


And finally… Image

BirchBox, you have found the way to my heart. Chocolate. Dark chocolate is recommended when dieting. As it is very rich you do not need a lot to satisfy the chocolate craving. Although nothing quite beats a nice bar of Dairy Milk or Galaxy (I think galaxy is called “Dove” in the America) this was very nice and the tiny little sample, really did hit the spot. It can be bought in most supermarkets or local shops and is between £1 and £3 depending on size of the bar. I would recommend a small chunk and cuppa to hit that chocolatey spot when trying to be healthy. Yum.


Did any of you get this month’s BirchBox, what was your thoughts? Let me know!!




P.s Here is a little hello from my Sister, Shannan’s turtle, Squishy.



January Birchbox | My Thoughts

Hey guys, 


I know this is completely lately but only over the last week have I received my first Birchbox. There was a slight confusion with my order but their customer support over e-mail very quickly helped with my concerns over delivery. 

I have my February Box due any day now as the payment came out unexpectedly a few days after the first.

So, I wanted to sign up to a beauty box because I really wanted to widen my knowledge of products and try some new goodies. I have been looking into Glossy Box and Birch Box for months and months, and I chose Birch Box simply because my friend at Chelsea Talks chose to go for Glossy Box.

When I got home from work after my boyfriend, Dan, accepted delivery for me, I must say my first impression was disappointment. Everyone’s pictures made the box look a lot bigger than it actually is. I would probably say it was a bit smaller than an A5 size.



The box was very dull – well, for a beauty box anyway. I was expecting something girly and fun. 



I will re use the box for storage – I am a sucker for boxes. I opened the box and found a cute little bag. I thought this was very fun and different, and again would re use the bag for some storage for my products when travelling.



The box came with a little book called Tiny Tweaks. I thought this was a really sweet idea. It was filled with little suggestions to help make life that little bit better. Little, easy changes that could help you in the long run. For example – “take the stairs in stead of the lift” or  “add a slice of lemon to hot water first thing to kick start your metabolism”. I really liked this idea and thought that although they were generalised for everyone, adapting each little hint or idea to suit yourself and lifestyle could really help you in the long run.




This little french product is a moisturiser and it is advised for the face and neck. It is a very simple, attractive packaging, but a horrific looking pricetag. £54.75!!! I am afraid of using it to it’s full potential incase I fall head over heels in love, because unfortunately this is out of my price range. Smells good though!




Here is a sample of Philip Kingsley’s moisture balancing conditioner. I have A LOT of thick curly hair so this sample is just not enough for me. I am not doubting its capabilities but I feel that I would only just half a use out of it. I think I will give this product to my little sister who has shorter hair and get her to review it for you all. Retailing at £18 I doubt that even if I liked it, I wouldn’t buy it. I am too fond of my bank friendly Herbal Essenses.




Absolutely devastated that when I opened this product it was CRACKED. It had leaked over all of my products, and nearly ruined it all. I managed to salvage everything but I thought that this was necessary. There was absolutely no damage, dents or cracks on my box, even the postage box, which suggests to me that someone had but it cracked into the box whilst it was being packed. Literally ruined the whole Birchbox experience for me, and has been enough for me to already think about cancelling my subscription. However, the product smelt delicious. I thought it was very limey. For a body lotion, again it is definitely not enough, but I have used it sparingly mainly on the tops my arms where It can get a bit dry. It was good, mainly just for the smell. The consistency was in between thick and runny so wasn’t greasy at all. Retails at £12.95. I personally wouldn’t spend this amount on a body lotion – You all know how much I love Nivea, and that is a little bit thicker.




I was SO excited when I read that Birchbox has teamed with Benefit and that I would be finally getting to try out the Porefessional. Retailing at £24.50 I was very skeptical, especially as almost every blogger and YouTuber that I have read/watched, has raved about the product. I used it over my cheeks surrounding my nose where the majority of my pores are gigantic and on my fore head just slightly above my eyebrows, in the centre. Althought I felt that It didn’t completely make them disappear it was very good at keeping me shine free throughout the day. I wouldn’t rely on it the way a lot of bloggers do, but I would consider purchasing it.




I must say that I am enjoying using Lavera’s handcream. It smells lovely and has a nice texture. Retailing at only £4.45 I would buy this in a full size.It is vegan friendly as well, which is always a bonus. I use this before bed and leaves my hands feeling lovely.




Having found this little gem in the box I was, and still am very nervous to try it. Receiving a soup in a paste was weird enough, and it is as simple as adding hot water. I was talking about this with my mum and think that adding some noodles to bulk it out would probably make me feel a little more comfortable trying it. I am not adventurous as I once was when it comes to food so I am unsure. I will definitely give it a go, but not just yet – will let you know when I do. If you have tried it, please let me know what you thought!


The subscription is £10 per month with £2.95 p&p

So there was my very first Birchbox. Overall I am not incredibly happy with what I received. I definitely would prefer a box that sent me makeup instead of lotions and potions. I found that the sample size would have been something that I could probably get for free if I went to the right department store and I was under the impression that they would be deluxe sample sizes, not quite full size but definitely bigger that they were. waaaah

I will get back to you guys once I have opened and had a play around with my February box as it will be the decider as to whether I will cancel my subscription. I am always one to give a second chance, especially as this is something that can be hit or miss. 


Do you have any subscriptions that would be ideal for what I am looking for? What did you think of your January Birchbox?


Let me know!! 


Face | Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Good Evening my lovelies!

How are we all this rainy day? Well I don’t know about you guys, but little old England is not having the best time at the moment when it comes to weather. I suppose us Brits should be used to the rain, but unfortunately not. It is currently hammering at my window and this morning I was woken up by a butt load of hail hitting my window too! To be honest though, I love days like that where I can just light up all my candles and hide under a blanket all day! Which I sort of did. I lit all the candles, cleaned my little flat and had some lovely company from my favourites; my mum and two sisters.

Anyway, enough talk about the weather. I have been blog reading, video watching and online shopping (by shopping I mean finding goodies I can’t buy and trying to find bad reviews to stop myself from spending). But one little goodie I came across I just had to buy.

I have always really either used my hands or a brush to apply my foundation and face makeup, so I was really excited to try the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge when I came across it. Every blogger I have found tends to love it, so I couldn’t really say no and at a small £5.99 from Boots, it became a must have. I found it slightly cheaper on Amazon at £4.99 with no PP but for an extra £1 I left the shop with it!

As you all know, I have terrible skin. Not necessarily covered in spots anymore (except in this post I am, hello hormones!) but my cheeks in particular are covered in scars! Waaaah!! So I really struggle to find a good base that really hides them well without adding layer upon layer making the foundation appear orangey against my super pale skin. Every time I have used a sponge I have never been impressed with the coverage and the fact that it soaks up nearly half the foundation you wish to apply – not cool. Seeing the reviews I was quite skeptical about using a sponge but this one is used slightly differently to you bog standard 10 little triangles for £2 in your local drug shop sponge.

I have been told that wetting the sponge will help not only give you the desired coverage but also minimise the amount of product it soaks up! – Can this really be true?

So here goes..

It is a weird looking product but makes the whole thing that little more intriguing for me to try. It is designed by Sam and Nic Chapman who run the YouTube channel Pixiwoo – I have been watching this channel for a while now at the recommendation of my friend Lauren and must say they are very talented ladies.


The first picture of the sponge is where it is dry and the second picture is after I have wet it. As you can see it has almost doubled in size, so i was pretty amazed. So let me go through with you what the packaging says about the shape of it. Each part of the sponge has a purpose and will allow you to apply the product a lot easier. Here is what it says:

The Flat Edge: Contours around the eyes and nose.

Sides: Blend large areas of the face

Tip: covers imperfections.

Here are a few pictures…

BEFORE                                                          CONCEALER LAYER                                 FOUNDATION





2014-02-04 13.36.332014-02-04 13.44.502014-02-04 13.45.57


UNDER EYE CONCEALER                      AFTER


2014-02-04 13.49.59 2014-02-04 13.54.09


As you can see, my skin has evened out and hidden the majority of the imperfections. Unfortunately it hasn’t covered them completely but I feel satisfied enough to walk out the front door! My skin is evil can in some lights can look awful so I have no expectations of completely flawless – though it is desired! The sponge did a good job at blending the product in without me feeling caked in makeup but still leaving me covered enough to say that my skin wasn’t so bad. I used the sponge for my night out over the weekend and I used the sponge to layer the foundation and concealer multiple times for a heavier coverage. I would most definitely use the sponge again and will hopefully learn to use it to its full potential. I also recommend to buy it because it does provide a choice of coverages, like I said – one layer is perfect for day time and then layering up for the evening as well.

The products that I used:

My good old trusty Max Factor Colour Adapt. I have written about this before..


Max Factor Under Eye concealer – I am not a great lover of this product. I feel that doesn’t give me the coverage I need for the bags that I find myself to wake up to! This was £7.99 in Boots.

Benefit Fake Up: I don’t use this very often but I will after using it today. It gave me a nice coverup layer after applying the foundation to mask those annoying blemishes even more so. A nice thick concealer and contains a layer of the anti blemish solution too so when applied it not only covers but helps heal and prevent too. A nice little product.  The packaging is lovely too!

MUA Hide and Conceal: I do love this concealer. It cost me the bank breaking price of £1…yes only 100 pennies and is a standard conceal stick. I love that it is a nice thick concealer so it can help even out my scarring on the skin. I applied this one before my foundation for an even coverage. I am almost out of it though!


Adding my eye makeup, blush and lip colour I found myself creating a nice simple look which would be ideal for anyone who is looking for a nice natural daytime look for a daytime date on valentines day!

I used the MUA Undressed Palette shade 10 for the outside of the eye lid blending into a Milani loose powder eye shadow in the shade 05 fairy dust. This was a nice pink colour fading into a deeper brown. Adding the ELF cream eye liner on the upper lash line, I followed the line right across, layering for a black that stands out. The brush that comes with the cream eyeliner sucks – it is too stiff and doesn’t get right into the corner the way I like so I do advise using your own brush to apply this. Adding the City Curl NYC mascara I finished the look. I didn’t want to add false lashes today but did want to use a mascara that gives me the fuller looking lash and this one does the job nicely. My lip colour was the Revlon ColourStay Ultimate Suede in the shade 010. This range has been advertised by Emma Stone who is beautiful so she convinced me to buy it!


2014-02-04 14.07.002014-02-04 14.14.17 2014-02-04 14.14.10 2014-02-04 14.14.08 2014-02-04 14.15.55


2014-02-04 14.37.57

I finished by straightening my hair and pinning my bangs back – I hate them at the moment and completely regret putting them back in – never mind it will grow!


What do you think? Would you buy the sponge? Have you tried it before? What did you think?


You know the rules – Let me know!!