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Hey there my pretty, little readers!

Hope you have all been well! I am back to work tomorrow (sob sob) but I have had a lovely week off with my other half and a few of my other favourites. I had the BEST Saturday night out in a long long long time and felt fresh and mighty fine on the Sunday (Bonus!). 


See, I was feeling and looking fresh!

Also, I am now on FACEBOOK! I have always had my personal account but I know that a lot of my followers use Facebook more than Twitter and I want to make sure I have everything I can for all my new, existing and future followers. Take a look and like like like! 


Anyway, during my time off, I did a few drug store hauls (I am so naughty) but the last few months have been tough and I felt that I deserved a few little treats. 

I will write a full haul in the next couple days and share all that I purchased at the end of Feb but today’s post will literally just be the 3 amazing products that I bought and have found myself loving and now cannot live without in my life. 

I am just going to say that my photography is not at it’s best at the moment, but I am trying to find my proper set up and will hopefully be finding some really good lighting for my vanity.  (Considering I have an ALevel in Photography it isn’t really an excuse, but I want to do things properly 🙂 so please bare with me)

Moving on!!! All you have been waiting for… my new cannot live without products. 

And there they are… 


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. – By Samantha Chapman.


Superdrug £8.99

Literally THE best face brush I have EVER used. I am in love love love. The hairs do not fall out, they are super soft and the brush is full and thick, exactly what you would expect with the price. I have been back and forwards with deciding whether to invest in some Real Techniques brushes and the price was always holding me back. Do not get me wrong now I have tried the brushes it is completely worth the price, but for me trying something I have never used before at only getting one brush for almost £10 I was slightly sceptical. I am not cheap, but I do love getting value for money and Real Techniques have mastered that. 

When I first used the brush to apply my foundation, I used my favourite, Max Factor Colour Adapt, and had really bad skin at the time. 

I am going to be completely honest with you all right now….OH MY DEAR LORD….I had as close to flawless skin as you can get with the amount of blemishes I had. I genuinely walked around feeling photoshopped. I was so impressed and have used anything else since. If you have also been debating with yourself to invest in a new face brush…I order you to do it right this very second. go go go!!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser


Bought in Sainsbury’s for £7.99 but it wasn’t on the website, so link to Boots.

I have never heard of Nip + Fab as a brand before, and I am shooting myself for having never finding it before. They offer skin care for both men and women, and products that cater for the whole body. For a while I have been looking for some product for my face that contains Glycolic Acid, and the reason being; It helps fight wrinkles, helps sooth and repair acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation.

Why have I not heard of this before? Well my mum being the amazing lady she is, advised me that for my skin, this would be perfect and for weeks I have been looking for an affordable effective product that does the job. We were in Sainsbury’s just having a look out of pure boredom one day and this just jumped out at us. It was an introductory offer and at half price, I could not give it a miss. It had Glycolic acid written all over the packaging and contains 2%. Which I believe for over the counter, is pretty good. Glycolic acid can be found in chemical peels and plastic surgeons use it in face procedures, so I just had to give it a go. 

It has a very Grapefruity smell which is quite strong, but not off putting, infact is pleasant. Some face products are just awful smelling and just not worth it. It is a foaming facial cleanser so just use this in your usual twice a day cleansing routine. I do remove my makup first with my Nivea Cleanser so my skin gets all the acidy goodness. No stinging, no irritation – just perfect. It does dry my skin out slightly, but hey, thats what moisturiser is for and thats in my routine anyway. I now could not live without it, and will be stocking up!!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum


Sainsburys for £7.99 in half price introductory offer. 

Part of the same brand and range, I bought this as the price was just too good. This contains 4% glycolic acid and is a serum to be applied at night. I think the higher percentage is better to be applied at night because there is no makeup on the skin allowing it breath. After I have cleansed my face I apply this serum and it has the same smell, so there are not clashing smells – yay. It promised to minimise pore and brighten the skin. Both problems that I have. I am aware that product like these will take a few weeks to start noticing any difference, but my skin has cleared right up and using all the above products and moisturising twice daily but skin feels smoother and the best condition it has been in a long long long time. 

I will continue to invest in this range and will be seeing what else is about. Here is the link to website, and I do advise having a look if you have any type of skin problem. http://www.nipandfab.com/default.aspx

Use this Real Techniques or Nip+Fab?? Let me know, would love to know your thoughts on them!


p.s Here are a few pictures from the weekend, my makeup and I also did the makeup for my sister, Shannan.


This is a before applying the eyelashes. As she has never used eyelashes, I wanted her to be able to see the difference and make sure she liked them. She is a beautiful little lady 🙂





I has such sparkly eyes and the lighting in my house is terrible, but like I said I will fixing that!! It was especially bad when I had finished doing my sister’s makeup!