And When I Grow Up I Want To Be….

Hiya my lovelies.


I hope you are all well this evening 🙂


Today I have spent my day shopping. Now this was a lovely day spent with my mum trying to spend some of the money I received for my birthday. One thing that I really wanted to buy was clothes for everyday wear. I am absolutely terrible at clothes shopping (even though I get so excited about it on the journey). This is because I am extremely insecure. (girl + insecurities = cliché) but I swear the mirrors in changing rooms have me cursed or something! It is absolutely terrible. In my mirrors before I leave the house, I feel good, as good as I can feel without dressing up. I get to the shop with my basket full of clothes and I will leave with probably 1 or two items…generally shoes. (Hi my name is Tayla and I am addicted to shoes…Hi Tayla). 

My poor mum will put up with my breakdown and a few tears in the middle of Primark and then convince me that I am being ridiculous (she’s my mum and has to say that cause she loves me :)). 


This happens a good 90% of the time, and it is shameful.  SO, instead of moaning about it, I am going to do something about it….change my lifestyle. 

Yo-yo dieting does NOTHING. For the past 2 years my weight has fluctuated, losing two stone, gaining two stone, losing two stone, etcetc. 

The one diet that really worked for me was Slimming World, simply because, it wasn’t a diet. It teaches how to eat, cook and live right. Eat anything you want – in moderation. 

Every Tuesday I will going to classes and learning new recipes and trying my hardest to look after myself from the inside. (I have blogged about looking after facial skin, might as well start somewhere new). I am using my blog as inspiration to carry on, and to help inspire all my beautiful readers to realise that who they want to be or what they want to do, is hard, but always achievable. 


Saying that, over the last few years I have been at school and sixth form gaining all my GCSEs and ALevels, and still as a loss for what I want to be “when I grow up”. My blog was to help me find my way with a little help a long the way, but I have found my self blogging and writing about all things beauty. 


Shopping today, we have been drawn to all the beauty counters in the department stores, Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis etc, and despite the extremely scary price tags, I still found myself falling completely in love. I have always played around with makeup, especially when I was studying for my ALevel in Photography and always found it so much fun. And with my super duper buys in E.L.F (which by the way, they have 50% off at the moment, which lead to spend another £46 (that includes the discount… ) I have become increasingly obsessed with it all. 


I have been subscribing to YouTube videos of “Makeup Gurus” (as my mum calls them) and feeling so inspired that I want to do this for myself. Start from nowhere and get somewhere I really want to be. I am raring to go and I can’t wait.


So, for my weight loss journey beginning on Tuesday and my extremely rare optimism, I can’t wait to see where the next few months takes me. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and I will promise to update you all regularly! Combining a few of my favourite things…Makeup, writing, my camera and weight loss, it is sure to be an exciting time. Can’t forget christmas is coming too, so they just makes it all extra exciting!


My camera is one of my favourite things ever. As I studied Photography, gaining a B grade overall, I was in love with this particular craft, and thought that finally there was something I was half decent at (no big heads here, just proud of myself haha). Here are a few pics from my ALevels… 


Image Image

Now the makeup here isn’t amazing but fits the image perfect. Makeup was done by myself. Basically what you see is mother nature holding the world in her hands. Or in other words, one of my best friends being a fabulous model 🙂

The idea I was going for in these pics was surrealism. I think I did well!






The selection here was movement. What moves better and can look incredible to get still shots of, that water. It always flows so beautiful but can look dangerous. Was so proud of these shots.




This group of images was for a topic of “Identities” so I dressed up my beautiful model up as different characters. I wanted it to be seen as stealing someone else’s identity. Bare in mind these are only a few of the whole collection, mainly my favourites 😉

Finally, these weren’t used in my final pieces but were taken for fun, and I was so pleased with the end results!



Would love to know what you all think, as I am thinking about incorporating this all with my ambition to be a makeup artist! (too ambitious maybe but without ambition where would we all end up?)




Oh and that just made me chuckle!


Mwah x



Changing Selfies into E.L.Fies….

Well hello there!!!

I haven’t posted in a while, but I have had a busy few weeks, especially since last weekend I celebrated turning the big 21!!!

So scary, but the only way to move on is embrace becoming older! aha, You would think I’m turning 80!!

On our journey to becoming one year older, we went to Cardiff, Wales. Now one thing I will share with you is I love the welsh, and I LOVE shopping there, it was just a bonus we went for a drink or two, or ten in the evening ;).

Anyway, one reason my friend Chelsea and I were really excited to go shopping, was for a new shop that open 2 days prior to our visit. This shop was the “E.L.F” shop. 

Now, If you are regular reader of my blog you will have an idea of what I am talking about, but I am going to assume that you don’t know what “E.L.F” is because I love talking about them. My poor friends and family must be sick of my going on and on and on and on, and others must think I work for them, but (unfortunately, and I totally wish I did) I don’t. 

We could not, for the life of us, find this shop and we even had our phone maps out following the pin point! The 3 of us looked like complete tourists, the only thin was missing was our backpacks!! haha!! 

Eventually when we found it, we were like children in a candy store. Honestly, I had so much stuff in my hands, that I literally had cramp for the next couple of hours. The best thing was the staff were SO friendly and helpful, that we left instantly wanting to return. We described it as an addiction. We literally went back before we left Cardiff the next day and bought more. I had spent over £80 on makeup. To make things worse, the makeup was of an affordable cost, so I just went mental.

So, with all the things that I had bought from their website previously, here is the damage…. 


Minus the red brushes, every item of makeup that you see (including the black brush holder) is E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face).

You have everything there from foundation to lips, to brush cleaners to a mineral powder that genuinely helps defeat blemishes.

So here is a glimpse of my previous E.L.F experience… Image

If you have read back through to my older posts, you would know that I orders some products online ready for my sister’s 18th and haven’t turned back since.

This is the experience I had with their Foundation… 


 Oil free, which is perfect for the Shine we all suffer with occasionally!


Now, although you can just about see the lumps and bumps of my skin, you can clearly see I have used bright lights, and that the redness has just completely disappeared. My skin is 100% looked after, but no girl is lucky enough to escape mother nature once a month!!!


The matte lip colour in Natural, has to be my favourite day time look. It just emphasises your lips without the standoutish colour, very understated, and lasts a good few hours 🙂 (you have to be realistic).


My final look for Saturday night. Only 3 out of the gazillion products I used we NOT E.L.F, but that was because those particular products I didn’t have with me, or I didn’t even think to purchase them in my state of shock and excitement. Those were, my lashes, my eyeliner and my eye brow pencil (all to be invested in soon enough ;)).

What do you think??


This beauty is my favourite brush of all time, that I have literally caught myself brushing this over my face even when I have finished my makeup. It is SO soft, that I am obsessed with it. I used it to apply my powder over the foundation. It is used to get an even coverage and no clumps. I also finds that it keeps the shine away for longer compared to when I use the pad that comes with a compressed powder. I 100% recommend you all to buy this brush…like right now… 

In fact, check out the website or pop into the girls for a helping hand in Cardiff. They are even on twitter and are currently running a huge amount of comps, and are looking for 20,000 followers to then give customers 50% off…you have no excuse now!! @elfcosmeticsuk
I tweet them and instagram them so often that I was E.L.F famous in the store and a few of the staff recognised me and my name! So much so they took a pic of Chelsea and I… This picture was taken from the @elfcosmeticsuk Instagram page..


Before I finish up this blog post I will post a few pictures from my birthday… 


My two beautiful friends and I before heading out…. 


Completely and 100% attractive… 


This dress I wore is in the Kelly Brook range in New Look, at £35 I had to love it…which I did!! The shoes were bought in the sale back in January and were a bargin of £7…not only this but they are beautiful and sparkly. (I am completely attracted to all things shiny and sparkly)


My ribs and my partner’s ultimate ribs at my first birthday meal at TGIFriday’s. Got to me one of my fave restaurants. The atmosphere can be amazing in there… I also got a free slice of birthday cake, always a winner…


The fabulous double choc cake my Partner’s mum made for me… 


We are attractive, moving on… 


My gorgeous baby sister at my 2nd birthday meal, in a local restaurant, Jingles.. 


My incredible birthday cake that my mum got for me!!! I am definitely a princess with my own castle now!!


Mwah xx


Shame On Me.

Long time no blog!! I feel so ashamed that for the past week I have abandoned my blog, but honestly guys, I have been suffering. The common cold is horrid, and it followed straight after a weekend of my usual monthly migraine. 


I am indeed a sufferer of migraines, and sometimes my meds that I take just aren’t enough, but the docs say that only being once a month, isn’t enough to take an everyday preventive. I have recently read a few interesting articles on migraines over the past few days, and one most interesting one was about the NHS are discussing about giving migraine sufferers FREE botox. I am not too sure about what that would do to help, but it must do wonders if there are discussing this as a treatment to save money overall.

Would I be brave enough? I am not too sure to be fair, mainly because of how some people look after having botox and it would have to be injected in the head area. 

I do believe that my main trigger for my migraines is that awful thing that happens to women once a month. It comes hand in hand with my cramps, but as I have the Implanon inserted into my arm, thankfully that’s all I get! It is a small price to pay to live my life until I am ready for children though. 


Some times I do feel guilty using contraception though, as I am really scared that one day someone will turn around and tell me that one day I might not be able to have children. But I think right now being only 20, it’s the right choice for now. (wow, sorry guys, getting a bit deep there). Would be interesting to hear thoughts on the topic!!

Anyway, let’s move on to something that isn’t too serious. 


As I was saying, I haven’t blogged in about a week because I haven’t been well, but now I am feeling a little better, I am still left with a chesty cough and really bad skin. 

Having a cold ALWAYS leaves my pores clogged and red. So right now I am quite spotty. I always forget about this and always forget to prepare my skin the way I should as I generally about too busy looking for sympathy haha! however today, I was applying my make up and got fed up of looking in my mirror. What ever I used it was not covering my spots and I having ran out of primer a short while ago, I got even more fed up. 

So, on the way back from the meal with my boyfriend’s parents and sister, before they go on holiday, I stopped off at Boots and took advantage of the final day of their 10 points per £1 spent if you spend over £15. I am a sucker for Boots points and saving them for a rainy day when I have no money but want to spend spend spend!!


Anyway, I had been doing my research on primers for a few weeks finding a few I liked but were too expensive and some cheap ones that did absolutely nothing for my skin. but on the Boots website, I found something that caught my eye. It caught my eye because I absolutely LOVE Nivea skin products. I love the hand/body/face moisturiser, I love the face wipes, the lip balm is amazing and I love the face scrub. I love the way my skin feels and smells when I use any of it!!

As you do not need a lot of primer you can get the smallest of tubes with the hefty price tags attached, this was a generous amount for a small price. PERFECT!!


As you guys knows I can be quite tight with money, and I like to share my finds with you all. It is all well and good blogging and reviewing products that cost the earth, but not everyone can afford to spend vast amounts on things, nor do they want to! (I am in the middle between the two!)


The usual price is £4.99 but I purchased on offer at £3.33. I do love my a bargain!


It is a little runnier than I anticipated but it feels good and that way will last longer. Thankfully I don’t get oily skin, but as it feels quite runny I probably wouldn’t recommend if you are prone to oily skin. It says it is designed for “normal” or “combination” skin. I am probably combination, but sometimes my skin can be quite sensitive. 


The Nivea face wipes are amazing too, I found these on offer which is why I picked them up and I completely regret not buying them the last time I needed them. I tend to buy the ones that are on offer, buy one get one free tends to be what entices me. Which is why I picked up the Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone. 

My opinion is they feel like I am using a dry sponge to wipe my face compared to the Nivea, however they are good for removing the eye makeup!


Do you guys have anything particular favourites that you always regret not buying when you try something new?!



Beautifying Myself!

In one of my previous posts I said that this weekend was my Sister’s 18th birthday. 

If you are girl, you know how hard to process is for getting ready! It isn’t a short, easy one, lets put it that way! So what I decided to do, was document my process and share with you. 

The thing is that I decided this after I had finished the base of my makeup (foundation and powder with a spot of blusher) so it will mainly be the eyes and lips 🙂

Here is my starting face… 



I always start do my makeup before I start my hair, so please ignore the nest!

The main reason I wanted to share this with you was because I spent some money on some new products. I bought them from the website and this website contains my new favourite things! (If they sold shoes, it would be the icing on the cake!!)

What I love about E.L.F (Eyes. Lips. Face.)  is that their prices are amazing! 

My friend bought me an eye shadow pallet for christmas one year which is what introduced me to the cosmetics. 

So one day being bored (being bored with the internet is always damages the bank) I found myself browsing this website and the one thing that pushed me to spend some of my hard earned money was 50% off EVERYTHING. 

Rubbing my hands together with the biggest grin on my face, I went shopping!! I spent a grand total of £19.95 (inc postage and packaging aswell as the 50% discount). I do love me a bargain!! This got me 12 items including a range of mineral makeup. 



I bought myself somethings that I have used before, but also a few things that I have never tried out. I took this opportunity to blog the things I have never tried before and share with you guys what I think! Hopefully it helps you all at some point!

Anyway, first step was eyes! I love applying makeup to my eyes (no matter how fiddly and frustrating it can be). Here is the base I picked.. Image

How beautiful!! I teamed this with a dark brown.. Image

I was worried that the dark brown was slightly too dark..maybe more of a black but it came out such a beautiful colour! Using some black liquid liner on my top lid, adding a slight flick on the end. The liquid eyeliner I am using currently is the £1 primark felt tip pen. It isn’t the dark so a couple layers would need to be applied but it lasts just as long as the more expensive eyeliners and it glides on nice and smoothly. Why pay £15 on an eyeliner that does exactly the same thing?!) For me to say a Primark piece of makeup does surprise me because I do get watery eyes, and it is important for me to find one that will not smudge or become a watery mess! I was so surprised at this. It would bought as a quick replacement to cover myself whilst I went away (I was horrified when I realised I left my other one at home, and since buying the new one I haven’t even looked at the old one! Who would have thought that?!)

Also I added black eyeliner pencil on my top and bottom waterline this adds a darkness to my eyes (I couldn’t imagine life without eyeliner!)



I like the shadow to fade into a different colour towards the end of my eye, so a lighter gold into a dark brown is what I chose to do. My aim of my look was to go for a kind of darker vamp style instead of my usual griller style. I LOVE the darker look, as long as it only worn occasionally and for a reason. I personally do not believe it should be worn for everyday, simply because it should be worn as a statement. 


Next step…Eyelashes!!! I get my strip lashes from Primark for £1 and buy a better pot of glue to keep them on, rather than using what comes in the pack. It is most definitely worth the money to do it this way as the pot was bought a while ago for the price of around £3-£4! So it does last a long time!!

To finish of the eyes I added some volumizing mascara in black (of course) and some more eyeliner just to define the eyes a tad more… before I show you the final pic of my eyes, I am going to quickly show you what I chose to do with my lips.


Choosing a bright lipstick with darker eyes is a big mistake. It is just took much and sometime can look quite tacky. It is either statement eyes or statement lips. So I chose to use a red, but it wasn’t an ‘in your face red’. It was slightly darker but only really tinted my lips. 

But before applying the colour I added a plumper and a primer by E.L.FImage

I have slightly thinner lips that I would prefer to have, so I thought the plumper would be a good idea to just make them appear to be more fuller. The smell ins unusual but not unbearable! Applying the plumper was easy, it has no colour. It was a product that you may not have been able to see but you could most definitely feel you had it on! It stung slightly, but all plumping lip products have this effect I do believe. The primer came out as a pale colour, very similar to the tone of my skin. This smooths out my lips and helps the colour last longer. (It also helped me keep the red slightly lighter than it is supposed to be)..



So guys, here is the finished product. (before the hair) 




Next was the hair! Now as it was raining I felt there to be no point in styling it with heated products, so with some extreme back combing and hair spray, I decided to finish my ‘vamp’ look with no fringe and pulled to the side… Image



Check out the tattoo I had done yesterday too!!


To compliment the dark side of my style I went for all black. Black top (Primark £10), Black skinny jeans (Dorothy Perkins, Sale @ £15) and a black clutch bag (£10 Dorothy Perkins). I went for the to brighten up my look slightly with statement shoes! Hot pink! Bought from New Look (£19.99)

I love wearing black. I wear it more than I should, but it most definitely more flattering and slimming than any other colour. Black will also never go out of style!!

All my blog readers and followers should know that I have major problems with my weight and how I look, so it is extremely important to me that I feel good about myself! Black does this for me!

 Here is the finished product.



Excuse the mess!! But what do you guys think? Would love to know!


Love to you all !!! xx