Raising Money For Charity | I Have Been Tagged Too!

Hey cuties!


It is Friday night and I am indoors typing to you all whilst my nails dry! I do lead an interesting life! Here they are: 



Nothing Fancy, but a nice deep dark blue (an RCH nail polish bought for me for xmas, but can be found in Boots as part of a gift set. unsure if they can be found individually) and then we have the Rimmel London Space Dust range. I believe there are only 3 colours and I have all 3. They are absolutely beautiful and the colouring is great. Only down side is that my nails feel all rough, not so bad with a top coat but still can be felt. Irritating but I can live with that as they are just too darn beautiful!

Before I start tonights blog I do want to share a page which has been set up to raise some money for 7 charities. How it works is a very generous person on my Facebook friends list, Leanne, has organised 7 events for 7 different charities over 7 days. Ranging from Cocktail evenings with raffles to skydiving it offers opportunities for them to be sponsored as well as people enjoying themselves at events whilst donating money. 

I am aware that obviously you may not be local but I would really appreciate it if you took the time to look at the funding page and either donate some money or just spread the word. Every little counts so if all you can spare is £1 it will all add up. Sharing with your friends on social networking sites also would be amazing and see if we can help her reach her target. 

Here is the link: http://www.gofundme.com/7events7days

If you do donate or spread the word I would really appreciate if you just let me know in the comments below so I can tell Leanne how amazing my readers and followers are 🙂

I have been tagged by a dear friend of mine over at Chelsea Talks. She has recently started up her blog, and is an insane fan of E.L.F products.


This tag is just answering a few questions about myself, I may or may not have answered a couple of them before, but I do like to give all my lovely readers an insight into myself and get to know me that little bit more. I really struggle to talk about interesting things about myself, which is why I don’t mind joining in on the tags 🙂


So, here goes… 

 1. Nicknames:  I don’t particularly have any nicknames, Tay is what a lot of my chums call me (my mum hates it though haha) and some family call me Tails. My mum calls me Puddin’ Pop, because, let’s face it, she’s cool like that!

2. Location:  I have always lived in a little seaside down in the South West of England, in good ol’ Devon. I love living by the sea and having a few small cities nearby. London is dirty and horrible, but of course that is just my opinion, but big dirty cities will not stop me from one day visiting New York!!

3. Height: Standing at short 5ft 2in I struggle with my weight. I am not fat by any means, but I am insecure and pictures just are not flattering. I just feel that being small doesn’t always have its advantages! Though I do love it 🙂

4. Hair: I have naturally curly, red hair. There is a lot of negativity surrounding red heads and it has given me a negative view of myself. One day I will be brave enough to rock the natural hair but for now I am a brunette

5. Pet Peeves: Snoring and eating with mouths open grind my gears!!!! I cannot stand it!! I know it is pretty standard amongst most people, but dude serious, shut that gob!! Feet do gross me out too!

6. Habits: I feel that my habits aren’t as bad as most. I do not smoke or take drugs. I don’t drink alcohol very often. I don’t bite my nails (anymore). I don’t know if this is a habit, but more of an OCD thing I suppose, but when I brush my teeth, I HAVE to wash my hands after. Otherwise they feel hot and dirty. Who knows why but I cannot stop thinking about them until they are washed!!

7. Sight: I do need to wear glasses. They were originally just for reading and things like that, but now its all the time. When am I not using a computer, driving or watching tv? I am always reading things on my phone, at work using computers or driving around somewhere, so I do rely on them a lot more. I don’t wear them all the time, they get in the way, but I do rock my Kardashian Glasses purchased at Sears in LA.

8. First Memory: The first memory I have is of me falling down the stairs in someone’s house. I do not know how old I was but I really wasn’t that old. I remember that I needed the toilet and someone had to accompany me up the stairs and on the way back down I was briefly let go of, and I tumbled right down. I had stitches in the back of my head, and if you root through my hair and white scar can be found (so I have been told). I remember having a flannel held to my head in the back of car on the way to the hospital. I find it fascinating that people can remember things so far back in their childhood!

9. Starsign: I am infact an October baby so Scorpio is my sign. A red head and Scorpio you say? Yep, quiet and keep to myself but I do have a feisty, fiery side, that can be dangerous! haha!!

10. Career Objectives: I have always decided on something and changed my mind. I have wanted to be a Lawyer, Midwife, Photographer, writer, everything, but as it stands anything in the beauty and makeup industry will do me fine. Taking it step by step I just hope to be successful in whatever I find myself doing and that is all I can hope for. Being happy is something that people forget about when choosing their career, and it doesn’t matter how much money is being made, if it doesn’t make you happy, you will never feel that sense of accomplishment that I think everyone should feel throughout their working life.

11. Education: I studied for my GCSE’s and A-Levels at the same school. I don’t fully regret taking any of my chosen subjects but for the insdustry I choose my career path to me now, none of them suit and going back to get the relevant qualifications can be pricey. I have 3 Alevels – Photography, English Language and Sociology. I love these topics and find them all to be interesting in different ways. Variety was something I aimed for so I could broaden by career search and keep my options open when I left school. I chose not to go straight into uni because I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I feel that it costs too much now to spend weeks and term time drinking all the time (yes, I am old) and would want to keep my head down and achieve what I know I am capable of. Unfortunately other people do not share the same opinions as myself and that would be too distracting for me. I will go eventually but when I have some work experience behind me.

12. TV: I love my girlie programmes, Sex and The City and Desperate Housewives being favourites of mine, but I do like to mix it up with some Big Bang Theory, New Girl and even really really enjoyed Breaking Bad. If you haven’t watched them, then GO.

13. Celeb Sightings: On our travels to LA we expected to see celebs everywhere! We were infact wrong. We did however get to see some filmings at The Grove of The Voice judges, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green, with Mario Lopez interviewing so that was exciting. Not to forget getting to meet David Spade in the Cheesecake Factory at the The Grove too on a completely different day. Always a good day when that happens!

14. Weird: When I was a little tiny child, I used to love watching Star Trek and Singing the theme song to Bad Boys. Clearly I was a very interesting and talented child. I also can make my eyeballs squeak. It sounds like you are polishing a glass table, but the noise genuinely comes from my eyeballs.

15. Crushing:  I have many celeb crushes, just think of all the Hollywood hunks, but I am known for my girl crushes too! I am don’t fancy women or anything like that, but lets face it, girls have their girl crushes and men have their man crushes. Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato are my crushes at the moment. They are such beautiful women who are so talented and their music is soooo good. I listen to them all the time and are probably my most listened to. My music taste is extremely random and have many genres, but at the moment they are my fave.

16. Favourites: I could spend forever telling you all my favourite things in this world, but my all time favourites are my mum and my 2 sisters. I could not live without them, they are genuinely my rocks. No matter what is said in a heated argument or if I don’t see them for a week or so but they genuinely are the loves of my lives. This picture below just about explains our relationships and how much fun we can have together. Yes that’s my mum in the background in her wheelchair being pushed by my sister. This is in fact the best photo bomb EVER.



Chelsea did write 30 facts about herself, but unfortunately I couldn’t think of 30 and you will probably pick up more about me from my posts than me listing lots of random facts. Narrowing them all down to be interesting is proving rather difficult!! Anything you want to know about though, please do not be scared to ask me 🙂


I will be back over the weekend with review of my new Real Techniques Beauty Blender Sponge and my Rimmel Apocalypse Lip colour. (I accidentally bought the tester otherwise that would have been tonights post, DO NOT SHOP IN A RUSH!)

But for now,


Thanks once again for reading. Please do share the charity page and my blog and we will see if we can help Leanne reach her target.




Face | Foundations I Wouldn’t Buy Again.

Hey there pretty people!


How are we this fine Thursday eve!?

I am so sorry I have been MIA this past week, I have had my lovely monthly migraine and it completely wiped me out. If you have read any of my previous posts, you will have noticed that I have mentioned my migraines, and I tend to get them once a month (brought with aunt flow) but recently they seem to have eased right down, but this week they have all caught up with each other and just left me useless. I was even sent home from work on Monday because of it, which has ruined my work record! I have been at my current job for nearly 2 and half years, and only had 1 sick day (from my migraine) and now this half a sick day so I am gutted!!

But if you are ill, you’re ill right?! 

Do any of you suffer with migraine? How do you handle or control them? what is the quickest way you find shifts the pain/sickness/vision loss? Would love to know, I have a really low pain thresh hold so I think it was really mean of my body to make me suffer this much!! I find a dark, cool room, snuggly pj’s and being surrounded but wet flannels and ice packs helps me!


Anyway, moving on! 

Today my Mum surprised me with a spontaneous visit to come and say hello with my little sister. It was lovely to spend my evening with pleasant company as my boyfriend works nights, so I spend a lot of time on my own.

She asked me to show her my vanity storage and desk, including the contents of it, and I found my self going “oh my god this is amazing” or “I don’t like this, but you probably will, why don’t you have it to try”. I gave my Mum a good few products to try, and hopefully she comes back with a review of some of them and writes me a guest blog (like she keeps promising 😉 ) and maybe she can give a different opinion to what I have to say. We have quite different skin types, I am combination skin and she tends to have oily skin, which can make a big difference on how we feel about certain products. 


So I have written a few reviews on some of my favourite foundations so I think it is about time I shared my opinions on some foundations that I purchased over the past year and didn’t really find myself liking as much as I thought I would. They are all of different brands, and doesn’t mean I don’t like that particular brand completely, JUST this particular product. I will always justify my reviews with my personal opinion and no one else’s. All products have been paid for by my self, unless stated otherwise.  


Let’s get the ball rolling shall we!?


I am going to start with an E.L.F product and it is one I was really excited to try, so I think maybe it was my expectations were too high.

It was a product I put on my Christmas list, so my dearest mother bought it for me. I tried a small hand sample, as you do, when I went to Cardiff for my birthday and we visited the store, and the little swatch of it I applied to my hand I was SO impressed with. I think it was a bit misleading how the good the coverage was. It was the “HD Mattifying Cream Foundation” and it comes in this little compact.



I LOVE the packaging, but the product did not do what it said on the tin. waaaahhh! I tend to have my oily skin days, but not regularly, however I found that the days I wore this product it definitely was not mattifying and did not last the whole day. It left my face patchy and slippery, especially around the T-zone area. I tried a few different powders to see there was any problems with certain ones, but had the same result multiple times. I was gutted. I was surprised to see on the front of the lid, it said “oil free”. I don’t necessarily think it’s telling any porkie pies but it definitely did not sit well with my skin. I would however use the remaining amount for a coverage that wasn’t needed all day, such as a night out. It always lasted a few hours before becoming oily, so for short term wear, I would rate it as it had a good coverage to begin with. 


My foundation number two would be the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation.



I found the colouring was a good match for my pasty skin, which is probably the number one problem I have with foundation, but I was let down by the coverage. As I have many many skin imperfections from teenage acne and scarring I do like a good thick, light weight foundation that has a really good coverage. I would recommend this one to any one who doesn’t have problematic skin with minimal flaws and doesn’t might a very light coverage. I found it to be quite runny which is another thing I don’t like with some foundations. The packaging is lovely though so it sits nicely in my drawer. This is one of the products I gave to my mum to try and she doesn’t need or like a heavy foundation the way I do :). I would not mind trying the concealer in this range simply because the colour match was pretty much spot on for me and softer concealers are good for under the eye. 

 – If you have read any of my previous posts, you will have read my review on Rimmel’s Matte Mousse Foundation, which is now one of my absolute faves, so like I said, it isn not the brand completely, it is just this particular product, that I personally don’t get on with. –


My final foundation that I am not too keen on would be Maybelline’s Fit Me range. I don’t use many of their products but I have found them to be a reliable brand from what I have picked up in the past. I picked this foundation up on my travels to LA back in 2012, and I on and off use it just to double check that my skin hasn’t changed. Again the colouring matched well but it was a very runny foundation and like I said – for me, that not cool. I find that runnier foundation leave me oily and sticky even with powder to set the coverage. They don’t last all day on my skin, so it’s not ideal if I want to stay fresh faced. This is a product that I think My mum liked though, with her light weight foundations, so again this is just from personal preference. The other problem I had with this is that THERE IS NO PUMP which makes it super easy to get the contents out  the world’s most infuriating thing when you have loads of product left that just will not come out! Grrrrr – one of life’s annoying things.




I loooooove foundation packaging, it always looks so smart. 


How do you feel about these products? Let me know 🙂





Today’s Look | Nice and Simple

Hey Beauties!


How are we all today? I have an a day off work today so what an opportunity for me to document a few stages of my make process, I even had the courage to take a completely naked face selfie – sorry if it cracks all your screens 😉

On all the days off that I have, I will try my best to create a new look and document the process, and even eventually if you guys like it and encourage me enough, I will set up a youtube channel! eeeek! (currently saving for a new camera for this so I will keep you posted!!)

I am thinking of posting a few nice valentines day looks for all you lucky ladies with dates and plans, and my looks will range from the ‘no makeup, makeup’ look for those who want to look effortlessly amazing to those who lip the eyes and lips to stand out. What do you all think of that? I think I will do it anyway! haha!

Anyways, so back to business. today I chose to play around with my new makeup palette that I received as a gift, but I wasn’t in the mood for heavy makeup as I had no plans to even leave the house! Not because I am lazy, but going out means spending money I don’t have and I am too close to pay day to risk that! 


So here goes.. 


No makeup what so ever…Warning…it is not a pretty sight! (excuse the hair and major rootage).


I look thrilled to be taking that picture! Anyway, I covered my mug with my good old trusty Max Factor Colour adapt (after priming with my refreshing Nivea Express Hydrating Primer) and my new Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. To finish my base off, I added some ELF blush and even a slight contour with one of the colours in my super duper ELF palettes. (all these products I have spoken about in previous posts).




Looking slightly happier now as you can tell!! – Yes still in my pj’s here too. No judgements please! (I did get dressed though, i just have a particular routine and makeup before getting dressed is just WRONG in the mornings. Simply because I have a habit of spilling things. Though I brush my teeth after I get dressed and well, thats never a good idea.)

I didn’t worry too much about my eyebrows as I wasn’t leaving the house and I am in dire need of a tint and shape!!!!!!!!! ahhh It is so embarrassing! The over grown slug look is NOT attractive.


Here is the palette I recieved as a gift from my beautiful Mumma!



Mum, having done her research has told me that this is a replica of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I have always wanted to invest in these palettes but having been the higher end makeup brand, it has never been ideal for me to spend over £30 on just one palette. I think I will eventually invest in them but for now, just my lovely drugstore, lower end makeup does me just fine. I love shopping on a budget because I always find a lot of people out there are willing to spend a hell of a lot of money on particular items where I can find similar products cheaper, so I can get more for my money. My blog is about finding good value products that do their job, not reviewing products that everyday people like myself can’t really afford! Maybe one day!

Anyway, It is beautiful isn’t it? I was so chuffed when My Mum gave me this, lots of looks and experimenting is to be done!!

I only used 3 colours today. Sand, Wave and Silk. 


I applied sand as my base colour, all over the eyelid and under the brow line. Adding a pale colour here will open your eyes more and help define your brow that little bit extra. I used the Wave over the crease, with the ELF crease brush, and then the Silk over the eyelid under the crease. Here is the look…ImageImage


Excusing the gigantic forehead, I must apologise for the quality of the picture. I didn’t quite realise how bad it was, but I think you get the idea. 🙂

I added the ELF cream eyeliner in black along the lash line (applying this with the brush it came with), and then a black crayon along the waterline of my top lid – again the ELF mineral crayon.

I felt that I could add me some lashes on today as I wasn’t in rush for work, and I wanted to keep them natural to keep the look nice, simple and everyday. So, I chose some lashes I received for Christmas from my little sister, Lowen. She purchased them from Wilkinson for the bargain price of 50p!!!!!! I wasn’t expecting them to be any good at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have a thing about using my own glue (Elyure bottle of glue can be bought from Boots for around £3.99 and has lasted me forever!!) as sometimes with the cheaper lashes the quality of glue isn’t great.


Just add a small amount of mascara to blend in your natural lash to the falsies and you’re good to go. I think I used an NYC mascara, as the brush was small and doesn’t clump.


At this point, I curled my hair, got dressed and then brushed my teeth ready to apply some lippy!! For christmas, I received a couple of lip stains, to help keep my lipstick looking freshly applied all day. They were purchased at Primark at £1.50 per one, and OMG I order you all to stock up!! I was so impressed with it that I will be buying all the colours. I applied this in a pinky tone and then added some lip gloss by ELF. 




Look at the colour pay off just from a stain! This stain lasted even longer than the gloss, so I am more and more impressed every time I use it.




The only down all the gloss is that the glitter in it can be felt when wearing it. It sometimes feels like I am have sugar on my lips which can feel uncomfortable, but this isn’t annoying enough for me to not wear or like it.

One thing I didn’t do was take a full photo of the finished result 😦 (i know – slap my wrists) but I did receive a compliment from my boyfriend so I must have looked alright!!

My jumper for the day..




And my nails 🙂







Let me know what you think 




Hair | Mark Hill

Well hello once again to all my followers, and hello to all the newbies!


How have you all been over the last few days? I have been working so trying my hardest to get some blogging done but by the time I sit down to write, my eyes go all droopy and that’s the end of that idea!! Typical!

But I am back and will be again tomorrow as it will be my day off then too!! woohoo!!


I recently sorted out some of my beauty storage and to find new homes I had to go through and sort out the contents of all the old homes, and I came across a few goodies that I received at christmas back in 2012. My bestie, Hannah, got me a beautiful set but I always end up just using the shampoos and conditioners when I am gifted with sets for hair – super naughty but I get stuck in routines and habits and stick with what I know. But coming across them, I once again became intrigued and just had to try it out.


The Mark Hill set was designed for styling your hair straight, which is why it was bought for me. My hair is a lot more manageable when it straight so that’s how I pretty much style it every day. It came with a shampoo and conditioner that helped the frizz and to help it stay straight once you have styled it, and it was accompanied by a straightening heat defence and straightening cream. Heat defence is always a bonus as it is handy if you go on holiday to a hot destination or just generally using heat styling tools. 


The packing is absolutely beautiful!




And I tell you what – the product is amazing too. 


I apply a small amount in the ends of my hair after I have towel dried it but before I used the hair dryer. Spritz on some heat defence and then blow dry. I have so much hair that it usually takes me ages to dry my hair, but even with leaving my hair to dry naturally (another time consuming process) it pretty much slashes that time in hair – easy peasy. 

After drying my hair, I then straighten it with my shiny new purple GHD’s I received for Christmas. My hair was so shiny and sleek that I have used it every time since! My hair doesn’t get as greasy as quick and smells lovely. Nothing like turning your head and getting a waft of a nice smelling hair product!


A full sized bottle can be found in Boots at the small price of £5.99 and you will also be able to find products by Mark Hill in the straightening range, including the Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the heat defence. http://www.boots.co.uk



Foundation | Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse

Hey there!

How is everyone today??

As you all know, January is a long month for myself (and probably a few people out there) for cash, because of the changes to wages because of Christmas, and I can honestly say it has been terrible! We are just about getting by but it has definitely put a strain on my relationship with my boyfriend. It is expected but doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been rough.

Anyway, moving away from the bad, my point was that, when I buy products from Boots, I gain points on my Beauty Card, and I have saved them all up, especially for times where I need something, or just have an itch to buy and feed my addiction to all things makeup.

I had been doing so well to avoid all shops on the highstreet (so difficult considering I work in the town centre) and was so so so proud of myself, but on Tuesday evening, my mum needed to pop into Boots and dragged me along! How could you mum?!

So of course, realising I had some point to spend, I bought a couple of goodies that I have been seeing everywhere in the blogging and beauty world, and just had to try it to see for myself.

Reviews have always come up positive for this product and I am one to buy and try to see what the fuss is all about (debating whether to buy Benefit’s Pore O’clock for this very reason).

If you have been following me on Instagram (which I hope you have 😉 ) you would have seen this cheeky purchase and mini review on my thoughts…


This is Lightweight Liquid Mousse, by Rimmel, and it designed for keep away shine with a good, thick coverage but to feel light on the skin. A small amount is meant to go a long way, making the product last longer. It comes in variety of shade to suit the majority of skin tones.

Honestly – It is just another one of those products that is always talked about it the biggest disappointment and waste of money

It does all of the above.

I am still in complete shock at how much I LOVE this foundation. It is everything I could possibly want from a foundation and I wake up every morning now looking forward to applying it. I honestly have such terrible skin from neglecting it throughout my teens, and after applying my Nivea primer and them this foundation, I am absolutely gobsmacked at the result – even before applying the powder to set it.

Look for yourself.. (forgot to take a before picture, but you will find a few makeup free pics in previous posts.)

I didn’t even need concealer to cover any stubborn scarring/blemishes! That is a big deal for me!

It is normally £5.99 from Boots, but I bought it for £4.49 as it is currently on offer.


I did also purchase the Rimmel Stay Matte powder as well, hoping that the colouring would match nicely and that I did genuinely stay matte – which I did. As you can see in the picture, it did match my skin tone – extremely well actually.


Again, I found this product lightweight despite the purpose of it, and as much as I love my Max Factor foundation, I think I have found another winner for me! (This never happens to me when it comes to foundations). I am normally that girl you see walking down the road with the wrong shade of foundation because NO one makes one pale enough, or the powder is supposed to be Translucent and it genuinely isn’t!

You can see in the picture above that I am so pale that I am almost translucent myself. hahaha. – you should see me when I am ill and haven’t applied makeup for a few days, I genuinely look like I am dead, I am that pale! Being a natural red head causes such issues as these!

I purchased this one for £3.99 and applied with my ELF Kabuki brush as it did not come with anything to apply it with.

So the finished look….


Here I have applied the Barry M lipstick I previously wrote about – I seriously meant it when I said I was pulling out all the bright colours! Adding some blusher to my base of foundation and powder brought my skin tone back to life to join the living for the day!


Or with the same eye make up, I switched to the ELF matte lip in Coral with a touch of gloss (This is one of my Eva Longoria looks, a darker eyeshadow with a nude lip).

Have you tried Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation? What did you think? Will you try it now?


ps. Don’t forget to follow my instagram and twitter to keep up with daily posts and the odd selfie here and there to see how I am wearing my makeup and what’s going on in the World of Tayla 😉  @writtenbytayla  Thanks cuties xo