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Howdo!  Taylas mum here, back to do as requested by Tayla and write a few bits about beauty stuff I like.

As you can see from the photo, I have acquired a few things from No7 recently.  I haven’t been using these products for very long, so far I am liking them a lot.  The things I have purchased have been on the recommendation from a couple of different sales ladies in Boots.  I always go to great lengths to explain that I have very very oily skin and would do anything short of involving needles/scalpels to get rid of my old lady eyes!

Trying to keep this post from turning into an essay, I thought I’d write short and sweet descriptions of each product I own.  Again, these are MY OPINIONS, I am not trained in anything to do with skin care, just a regular schmo 🙂

Beautiful skin night cream.  Normal/oily hypo-allergenic, 50ml, £13.50.
Lightly perfumed scent.
Light and quickly absorbed and non greasy.
I do wake up shiny, but so far it’s not blocked my pores or broken me out.

Beautiful skin day cream. Normal/oily, spf15, 5*uva, hypo-allergenic, 50ml, £12.50.
Again even lightlier (is that even a word?!) scented.
Feels thicker so takes a bit longer to absorb, but it’s non greasy.
Dries semi matte but I’ve found it doesn’t stay that way.  It’s not helped slow down the production of my oil.

Protect & perfect intense advanced serum.  Hypo allergenic, 30ml, £24.95.
Fragrance free.
Absorbs easily and non greasy.
Can’t say I see it doing anything extra for my skin though and I’ve been using this about a month longer than the other products. Says it should supercharge my skincare regime……wish it would hurry up and kick into action 😉

Lift & luminate eye cream. 5*uva, hypo allergenic, 15ml, £16
Lightly scented
Absorbs easily and non greasy
Not had it long enough to see if it works, I do have my fingers crossed though!

Beautiful skin eye make up remover. All skin types, hypo allergenic, 100ml, Phthalmologist tested, £8.50.
Fragrance free.
Works ace on waterproof mascara, great stuff and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser.  All skin types, hypo allergenic, 200ml, £9.95.
The scent reminds me of my nan but not in an old lady way.
Comes with muslin cloth
Easy to use, leaves skin feelin soft and if you go over your lips it feels like butter.
Won this in a competition from Chelsea, wasn’t something I have ever been temped to by myself before but will now 🙂

Beautiful skin cleansing Brush. £24.95.
I got this beauty as a gift from my girls and I love, love, love it. It doesn’t use the batteries too quick, would be even more fab if it was rechargeable (why have I not put some rechargeable batteries in it then, such a div!). Just be careful of your hairline, I can assure you that you don’t want it catching – OUCHIE!

Completely quenched moisturising body lotion.  Hypo allergenic, 200ml, £10.50.
Smells lovely.
Doesn’t soak into my skin, not sure if my skin is just weird as I’ve read good reviews on it.  Maybe my skin just isn’t that dry. I shall probably use this on my dry feet, that’s always a good use for a rich moisturiser.

There you go, my review.  Well done if you’ve reached the end lol.  No7 is a great brand and like I’ve said I’m liking what I have.  There is always a promotion on with vouchers at the till or 3 for 2 offers which make most of these products very reasonably priced too!  Hope you’ve found something I’ve waffled on about helpful.

Until next time…..


Face | Foundations I Wouldn’t Buy Again.

Hey there pretty people!


How are we this fine Thursday eve!?

I am so sorry I have been MIA this past week, I have had my lovely monthly migraine and it completely wiped me out. If you have read any of my previous posts, you will have noticed that I have mentioned my migraines, and I tend to get them once a month (brought with aunt flow) but recently they seem to have eased right down, but this week they have all caught up with each other and just left me useless. I was even sent home from work on Monday because of it, which has ruined my work record! I have been at my current job for nearly 2 and half years, and only had 1 sick day (from my migraine) and now this half a sick day so I am gutted!!

But if you are ill, you’re ill right?! 

Do any of you suffer with migraine? How do you handle or control them? what is the quickest way you find shifts the pain/sickness/vision loss? Would love to know, I have a really low pain thresh hold so I think it was really mean of my body to make me suffer this much!! I find a dark, cool room, snuggly pj’s and being surrounded but wet flannels and ice packs helps me!


Anyway, moving on! 

Today my Mum surprised me with a spontaneous visit to come and say hello with my little sister. It was lovely to spend my evening with pleasant company as my boyfriend works nights, so I spend a lot of time on my own.

She asked me to show her my vanity storage and desk, including the contents of it, and I found my self going “oh my god this is amazing” or “I don’t like this, but you probably will, why don’t you have it to try”. I gave my Mum a good few products to try, and hopefully she comes back with a review of some of them and writes me a guest blog (like she keeps promising 😉 ) and maybe she can give a different opinion to what I have to say. We have quite different skin types, I am combination skin and she tends to have oily skin, which can make a big difference on how we feel about certain products. 


So I have written a few reviews on some of my favourite foundations so I think it is about time I shared my opinions on some foundations that I purchased over the past year and didn’t really find myself liking as much as I thought I would. They are all of different brands, and doesn’t mean I don’t like that particular brand completely, JUST this particular product. I will always justify my reviews with my personal opinion and no one else’s. All products have been paid for by my self, unless stated otherwise.  


Let’s get the ball rolling shall we!?


I am going to start with an E.L.F product and it is one I was really excited to try, so I think maybe it was my expectations were too high.

It was a product I put on my Christmas list, so my dearest mother bought it for me. I tried a small hand sample, as you do, when I went to Cardiff for my birthday and we visited the store, and the little swatch of it I applied to my hand I was SO impressed with. I think it was a bit misleading how the good the coverage was. It was the “HD Mattifying Cream Foundation” and it comes in this little compact.



I LOVE the packaging, but the product did not do what it said on the tin. waaaahhh! I tend to have my oily skin days, but not regularly, however I found that the days I wore this product it definitely was not mattifying and did not last the whole day. It left my face patchy and slippery, especially around the T-zone area. I tried a few different powders to see there was any problems with certain ones, but had the same result multiple times. I was gutted. I was surprised to see on the front of the lid, it said “oil free”. I don’t necessarily think it’s telling any porkie pies but it definitely did not sit well with my skin. I would however use the remaining amount for a coverage that wasn’t needed all day, such as a night out. It always lasted a few hours before becoming oily, so for short term wear, I would rate it as it had a good coverage to begin with. 


My foundation number two would be the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation.



I found the colouring was a good match for my pasty skin, which is probably the number one problem I have with foundation, but I was let down by the coverage. As I have many many skin imperfections from teenage acne and scarring I do like a good thick, light weight foundation that has a really good coverage. I would recommend this one to any one who doesn’t have problematic skin with minimal flaws and doesn’t might a very light coverage. I found it to be quite runny which is another thing I don’t like with some foundations. The packaging is lovely though so it sits nicely in my drawer. This is one of the products I gave to my mum to try and she doesn’t need or like a heavy foundation the way I do :). I would not mind trying the concealer in this range simply because the colour match was pretty much spot on for me and softer concealers are good for under the eye. 

 – If you have read any of my previous posts, you will have read my review on Rimmel’s Matte Mousse Foundation, which is now one of my absolute faves, so like I said, it isn not the brand completely, it is just this particular product, that I personally don’t get on with. –


My final foundation that I am not too keen on would be Maybelline’s Fit Me range. I don’t use many of their products but I have found them to be a reliable brand from what I have picked up in the past. I picked this foundation up on my travels to LA back in 2012, and I on and off use it just to double check that my skin hasn’t changed. Again the colouring matched well but it was a very runny foundation and like I said – for me, that not cool. I find that runnier foundation leave me oily and sticky even with powder to set the coverage. They don’t last all day on my skin, so it’s not ideal if I want to stay fresh faced. This is a product that I think My mum liked though, with her light weight foundations, so again this is just from personal preference. The other problem I had with this is that THERE IS NO PUMP which makes it super easy to get the contents out  the world’s most infuriating thing when you have loads of product left that just will not come out! Grrrrr – one of life’s annoying things.




I loooooove foundation packaging, it always looks so smart. 


How do you feel about these products? Let me know 🙂





Finding The Right…



Has anyone else has the endless fight of finding the right foundation for their skin type? This one product has to do and be so many things, that you are fighting a losing battle!


Here is what a foundation needs to be and/or do:

-Match you skin tone; there is nothing worse than walking down the High Street and seeing those girls who don’t have a clue (I’m one of them). They are either a cheesy wotsit or ghostly white! I have, plenty of times, fallen under both categories, mainly the slightly orange side as I have a rather pale complexion!


-Easy to blend; you want to be able to apply the product without it being patchy and just overall messy. I have come across some nasty foundations that have dried before even being applied to my face! It wouldn’t blend whatsoever and I ended up just giving up! Not even adding an extra touch of moisturiser can help sometimes.


-The right price for you; never shop in the section that you wouldn’t be able to afford regularly. If you are like me, I wear foundation everyday without fail to cover up all the flaws of spots as a teenager. I always avoid the expensive areas because my idea of hell would be finding the perfect foundation with the hefty price tag. I probably go through a bottle a month so nothing more the £15 on the bottle is my idea of ideal. Finding the nice £40 foundation that does the job is all well and good but you don’t want to find that one time you can’t afford it and be left with high expectations. 


-The right texture for your skin; Everyone wants something lightweight and that doesn’t melt off of you face after walking briskly to work. I don’t know about you guys but I can get a bit flustered which causes a nice sweaty face. I want something that isn’t too oily but is also thick for a good coverage. If you already have flawless skin, but feel naked without a thin layer of something, you aren’t going to want the thick coverage.


-It has to work with your type of skin; If you have oily skin, you don’t want an oil based foundation, if you have blemishes or suffer with spots you are going to want an Anti-Blemish solution. If you have dry skin, a moisturising coverage.


There are so many other things to take into consideration, but you do need to find what is the most important for your skin type. Only you can know how your skin will react to certain ingredients. 


After years of applying makeup and trying to learn my skin type, I think I have found the one!


Every time I need a new foundation, if I feel the need to keep looking, like I know there is something better, I will not buy that product again. I will spend hours in Boots if I need to, testing them on my hands, then if passing the hand test, trying to see how a red patch on my face  is covered.


Before I tell you want I found, I am going to tell you a little about my skin…

I have a lot of scars from having rather spotty skin as a child. I would never leave my face alone (bad habits die hard, but I am certainly not as bad as I used to be). Sometime my skin can be quite oily – I think that depends on the weather, drier in the winter and oilier in the summer, but I think that is normal! I can have a bit of eczema down the sides of my cheeks, which might not be itchy but can sometimes look red and irritated. I still suffer with acne (especially during the time of the months, hopefully I am not the only one!) so a prefer a thick coverage that isn’t going to make me feel greasy nor caked in makeup! 


Here are a couple pics of the foundation I found…Image


Before full application…

I think you can really see what I mean by bad skin. My pore are just gigantic and the redness of my skin is horrible!



After full application… 




I personally can really see a difference.


The Main thing I have trouble with as well as the colour of the product for my I-am-so-pale-I-am-almost-transparent-skin is that lasting coverage is a MUST, and this for me is perfect, I can get home from work, and although it may not be perfect (like I said bad habits die hard when it comes to not leaving my face alone) is it could go back out without reapplying and be comfortable with how I look…


So what did I buy… at the cost of £9.99 from Boots, I found this to be reasonable. Having a budget of £15 per month, I think I have really struck lucky with finding it. The reason I have never tried this brand of foundation before, is I have always believed them to hold a hefty price tag, but I am so glad a didn’t resist the urge to look this time..




Ta-Da!!! I think I am in love!!!! The bottle says it all… I am no longer an oompa loompa, and I can leave the house without worrying about getting a little bit sweaty! Despite the thickness of this foundation, it is still extremely lightweight but still thick enough  for that desired coverage!! I do not feel the need to continue to shop around (unless I find a good bargain, I will always try something new) but I have found my new permanent foundation that works perfectly with my primer!


Have you tried this one before? Whats your favourite foundation?? Let me know!!







First Blog in a Couple of Weeks!

Shame on me! I haven’t been the best of bloggers recently, but I do have reason!

As I have been working a lot and haven’t been very well, I have been sending myself to bed early and my brain isn’t functioning well enough to share my findings with you guys.

But just because I haven’t been writing doesn’t mean that I haven’t been hunting for bargain buys and the next best beauty product.  (Even with an extremely tight budget)

I have also been sorting out my dressing table/blogging desk as I have been getting ready on the floor or at the dining table (ewww) The chair is temporary until I get a nice chic stool… check it out 🙂 


Since writing my blogs, I have been trying to find the perfect combination of products to help my skin which can be dry, sensitive and quite spotty. (A girl’s worst nightmare).

I am not going to lie to you, but I think I may almost be there!!!!!!!!


I start with Neutrogena  Visibly Clear Oil-Free Facial Wash. This was an absolute bargain and smells lovely! I am really enjoying using this in the mornings, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, without irritating. Exactly what you want in a face wash!!



With a Nivea Face wipes to follow, this allows my skin to feel fresh and clean even more so, whether it be after my morning face wash with cold water to wake me up, or that before bed cleanse. The wipes are soft and full of moisture, (something which I found Johnson’s wipes not to be). I wouldn’t say they were the cheapest on the market, but they certainly weren’t the most expensive. They are most definitely worth the money, however! £2.99 per pack in Boots. They frequently run offers in different stores, but I was desperate!! The wipes have a slight bumpy feel over the cloth which I love because it can allow for a very slight exfoliation when wiping off the makeup!


My next step is moisturising! I used to be soooooo bad at moisturising, that my skin was in terrible condition. it was dry and I didn’t have a nice base for ready for my foundation to be applied, making it patchy and never lasted all day despite buying the 18hr ones on purpose! When rooting through my beauty box full of supplies that my mum bought for me at xmas (she literally buys in bulk to the point where I don’t need to buy any more deodorant for at least another 6 months! I do love my mum!!)

I came across something that I had completely forgotten about. My Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion.


Clinique is something that I have always loved and has always done wonders for my skin, but I always go through phases of using it. It is simply because of the price tag. I will stock up, use it for a while, realise I am running out and then “save it for the important days”. It is so worth the cost because it is one of them pricey products that do in fact work. 

I now feel dirty and greasy if I do not use this products before I apply my makeup and after I take it off. It does NOT leave my skin feeling clogged whatsoever and soaks in rapidly so you don’t get that uncomfortable greasy feeling for ages. And the best part is, you do not need a lot. Two pumps on the tips of my fingers (so your hands don’t soak up the goodness before your face gets the chance) and gently rubbing it in across your face and down your neck. Do not forget under the eyes!!


In the mornings when I am getting ready, I finish this process of by applying my Nivea Primer (see below) giving me that perfect base for my foundation. Lovely jubbly!!


What is your morning and night regimes? Is there something you cannot forget to do??

Shame On Me.

Long time no blog!! I feel so ashamed that for the past week I have abandoned my blog, but honestly guys, I have been suffering. The common cold is horrid, and it followed straight after a weekend of my usual monthly migraine. 


I am indeed a sufferer of migraines, and sometimes my meds that I take just aren’t enough, but the docs say that only being once a month, isn’t enough to take an everyday preventive. I have recently read a few interesting articles on migraines over the past few days, and one most interesting one was about the NHS are discussing about giving migraine sufferers FREE botox. I am not too sure about what that would do to help, but it must do wonders if there are discussing this as a treatment to save money overall.

Would I be brave enough? I am not too sure to be fair, mainly because of how some people look after having botox and it would have to be injected in the head area. 

I do believe that my main trigger for my migraines is that awful thing that happens to women once a month. It comes hand in hand with my cramps, but as I have the Implanon inserted into my arm, thankfully that’s all I get! It is a small price to pay to live my life until I am ready for children though. 


Some times I do feel guilty using contraception though, as I am really scared that one day someone will turn around and tell me that one day I might not be able to have children. But I think right now being only 20, it’s the right choice for now. (wow, sorry guys, getting a bit deep there). Would be interesting to hear thoughts on the topic!!

Anyway, let’s move on to something that isn’t too serious. 


As I was saying, I haven’t blogged in about a week because I haven’t been well, but now I am feeling a little better, I am still left with a chesty cough and really bad skin. 

Having a cold ALWAYS leaves my pores clogged and red. So right now I am quite spotty. I always forget about this and always forget to prepare my skin the way I should as I generally about too busy looking for sympathy haha! however today, I was applying my make up and got fed up of looking in my mirror. What ever I used it was not covering my spots and I having ran out of primer a short while ago, I got even more fed up. 

So, on the way back from the meal with my boyfriend’s parents and sister, before they go on holiday, I stopped off at Boots and took advantage of the final day of their 10 points per £1 spent if you spend over £15. I am a sucker for Boots points and saving them for a rainy day when I have no money but want to spend spend spend!!


Anyway, I had been doing my research on primers for a few weeks finding a few I liked but were too expensive and some cheap ones that did absolutely nothing for my skin. but on the Boots website, I found something that caught my eye. It caught my eye because I absolutely LOVE Nivea skin products. I love the hand/body/face moisturiser, I love the face wipes, the lip balm is amazing and I love the face scrub. I love the way my skin feels and smells when I use any of it!!

As you do not need a lot of primer you can get the smallest of tubes with the hefty price tags attached, this was a generous amount for a small price. PERFECT!!


As you guys knows I can be quite tight with money, and I like to share my finds with you all. It is all well and good blogging and reviewing products that cost the earth, but not everyone can afford to spend vast amounts on things, nor do they want to! (I am in the middle between the two!)


The usual price is £4.99 but I purchased on offer at £3.33. I do love my a bargain!


It is a little runnier than I anticipated but it feels good and that way will last longer. Thankfully I don’t get oily skin, but as it feels quite runny I probably wouldn’t recommend if you are prone to oily skin. It says it is designed for “normal” or “combination” skin. I am probably combination, but sometimes my skin can be quite sensitive. 


The Nivea face wipes are amazing too, I found these on offer which is why I picked them up and I completely regret not buying them the last time I needed them. I tend to buy the ones that are on offer, buy one get one free tends to be what entices me. Which is why I picked up the Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone. 

My opinion is they feel like I am using a dry sponge to wipe my face compared to the Nivea, however they are good for removing the eye makeup!


Do you guys have anything particular favourites that you always regret not buying when you try something new?!