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Hey There Pretties!

Today I write to you, sat on my couch, in the dark watching some thunder and lightening. This autumn weather has been AMAZING and really is my fave time of year!

We are finally mid week! YAY so we can all do the mid week boogie! As I am not working at the mo I will join in for the sake of it, but there is just nothing to hate about a Wednesday! (I am not working because I am a bum, just simply some issues were had at my previous place of work and the surgery I had just kicked my ass just FYI. I am almost healed and have a job lined up, but I will leave that for another day).

I am also in the process of a new project, I am just sorting out the little details and should be able to share with you in the next few days! Another YAY!

However, today will only be a short blog. I am in 3rd day of my Blogging frenzy and wasn’t sure what to share with you all.

This morning I woke up and realised my Doctors appointment was early that expected so I didn’t really have time with gaffing around with makeup so just covered my face, applied a small amount of mascara and rushed out the door.

So, whilst I was deciding what it was I wanted to write about, I thought I would do my makeup all fancy (The downside being I had no where to wear it 😦 ). I took what little makeup I had off and thought that my skin was just dreadful so I decided to write about how I cover my horrible scarring, redness and extra blemishes when my skin is at it’s worst. I have had worse skin than I do now, but it is the first time I have noticed it being too horrible in a while.

I tend to have bad skin when Aunt Flow visits… When I get ill…. or apparently just for fun every now and again. This is not unusual for women and as long as daily routines and effort is put into looking after your skin, you will reap the rewards.


Ramble over. Here is a before pic…


And here are the products I used…


Max Factor Lasting Performance in Fair

ELF Cosmetics Cover Stick in Ivory

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Neutral

And here is the after…


(I filled in my brows and did add a small amount of blush, but I think you can get the idea of how much different my skin looks).

How did I apply them you ask?

After moisturising and priming I added my ELF Cosmetics Cover Stick FIRST. Yes, you read that correctly. I applied it where the redness was looking most angry. This allows a little extra coverage. I do not blend in, I go straight ahead and apply the Max Factor Foundation over the top, blending in with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I LOVE this brush and the finish it gives my skin.

I then add any extra cover stick where necessary and then just buff in the powder gently. I can’t live without powder. I am not a fan of the dewy finish, I love a matte finish, but just add as much as you feel feel most comfortable with.


Here is a just a wee cheeky selfie of the complete look I went for.


And there you have it.

Goodbye for now my loves xo


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Recent Favourites | Face

Hey Dolls,

I have once again been MIA but I have recently been in hospital and made some MAJOR changed to my life in general. I won’t go into details but I just wanted to apologise.

It is my first blog post since my name change as “Those Perfect Imperfections” and I am even in the process of making it my own domain! Yeehaar! The reason for my name changes and why I chose the name I did, is in the “My name is Tayla” section above, so don’t hesitate to take a look and share your thoughts. Don’t forget to share your URLs so I can have a nosy at your blogs too!!


Moving on then my beauties, today I am sharing with you a few of my recent favourites for your face! Skin care and Makeup included! Woohoo!


So , first I have this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.  I found this one on offer in Boots, so I couldn’t resist. I was intrigued as I have read about it and thought I had to try it. It promises to cleanse, remove makeup and soothe the skin. I can tell you now it does all of those things. I have relatively sensitive skin due to eczema and acne flare ups and I genuinely believe at the moment, my skin hasn’t felt so smooth and soft! It is hypoallergenic and isn’t perfumed. It is gentle enough to use on the eyes and the lips!


It is normally £4.99 but at the moment is £3.99 so make sure you don’t miss out!

My other skin care products that I love, love, love are the Simple Rich Moisturiser, Nivea Q10 Night Cream and the Witch Primer.


Simple Rich Moisturiser – £3.99 (currently 3for2 on Simple at Boots)

Nivea Q10 Night Cream – £9.99 (currently £4.99 at Boots)

Witch Anti Blemish Primer – £6.99 at Superdrug

I need a rich moisturiser as my skin is very damaged due to scarring and get very dry very quickly. I love the feeling of a nice thick moisturiser and face cream but this is definitely not too thick. It works fast and as it is from the simple range it is designed to be “Kind to Skin”.

The Nivea Q10 was given to me by my Mum because she wasn’t a fan. She has the opposite skin to me so she can be quite oily which makes some products to her difficult to use. Why she didn’t like it I’m not 100% sure but I think it was just a general dislike. I personally love it again because it has a nice thick texture. I like to know my products are working and this is one those that I can instantly feel working. It is always good to start on the anti wrinkle creams early to help prevent the buggers!

The Witch Primer was recommended to me by my sister, Shannan. I find that it genuinely has helped my acne especially after all the drugs from being in hospital. It helps fill in my pores to create a smooth base ready for my foundation and it does this without clogging them. Exactly what I look for in a primer. It is oil and fragrance free so again, perfect for the sensitive skin!

I think I have made it clear I like a thick face cream, I also like a heavy coverage on my face with my foundations. I know it sounds a lot, but I am self conscious of my skin because of the damage teenage acne caused me :(. I find that Max Factor foundations give me the great coverage I want without the cake face that everyone dreads. I use the cover stick on it’s when I am having a great skin day, but I will use the cover stick underneath the foundation as a good base when my skin isn’t so great. I always try to the palest shades to compliment my skin. The coverage makes me feel like for once I have flawless skin so at the moment it is all I wear! I have previously wrote about the Colour Adapt, and you can find that HERE. The Lasting Performance, once again Max Factor has kept their promise, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I am SO impressed with Max Factor, the have a devoted customer in me! ALL MAX FACTOR CURRENTLY 3 for 2 IN BOOTS


Colour Adapt Foundation – £9.99 in Boots

Lasting Performance Foundation – £9.99 in Boots

Pan Stick – £6.99 in Boots

I am one of those crazy people who CANNOT live without a powder. I hate the dewy finish because it makes me feel like I am greasy and slipping around the place. It is very rare I stick to the same powder and it is very rare I have more than one at a time. I don’t know why but it is the only product that I don’t have loads of! At the moment I am wearing Essence. Oh my god ladies, get to Wilko NOW! I found out about Essence through tonnes of bloggers around Europe and how my mother nagged me to buy her some when I went to Spain. I came back from Spain to this beauty in Wilko and I can’t believe the quality of all their products for the price! The Powder is amaze balls for the price and I must say I will repurchase! I get a little oily at certain times of the month and I find that it isn’t strong enough to hold through the oil all day, but it takes seconds for a quick top up and so I don’t even care! It is from the Mattifying Range so gives me the lovely matte look that I love.


The Rimmel Wake Me Up is a little gem found in Poundland of all places. I use it when I looking for an all day coverage and it helps my powder hold that little bit better. If I am looking for a light coverage for a more natural look, again this is amazing! It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy and holds in place.

The ELF blusher is a beauty. It is perfect for a night out simply because it has a little bit more glitter that you would wear for a day time blush, but the pigmentation is great for the price. I have had this blush for over a year now and it’s still going so you don’t even need to use much at one time! Perfection!

The MUA highlighter is so inexpensive that I had to buy it. MUA is only sold in Superdrug at all their products are super pigmented. I have nearly all their eyeshadow palettes so I knew this would be great little product. Although its great it can take the smallest amount to be too much. If you apply too much it can leave you looking too shiny, so just be careful when applying!


Essence Mattifying Powder – £2.80 Wilko

Rimmel Wake Me Up Liquid Blush – £1 Poundland 

ELF Blush – £3.95 

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter – £3.00 Superdrug (Currently 3 for 2)

I did have loads of eye makeup to show you as well but I will save that for part 2 tomorrow so make sure you check it out.

Goodbye for now my loves! xo

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Face | Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Good Evening my lovelies!

How are we all this rainy day? Well I don’t know about you guys, but little old England is not having the best time at the moment when it comes to weather. I suppose us Brits should be used to the rain, but unfortunately not. It is currently hammering at my window and this morning I was woken up by a butt load of hail hitting my window too! To be honest though, I love days like that where I can just light up all my candles and hide under a blanket all day! Which I sort of did. I lit all the candles, cleaned my little flat and had some lovely company from my favourites; my mum and two sisters.

Anyway, enough talk about the weather. I have been blog reading, video watching and online shopping (by shopping I mean finding goodies I can’t buy and trying to find bad reviews to stop myself from spending). But one little goodie I came across I just had to buy.

I have always really either used my hands or a brush to apply my foundation and face makeup, so I was really excited to try the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge when I came across it. Every blogger I have found tends to love it, so I couldn’t really say no and at a small £5.99 from Boots, it became a must have. I found it slightly cheaper on Amazon at £4.99 with no PP but for an extra £1 I left the shop with it!

As you all know, I have terrible skin. Not necessarily covered in spots anymore (except in this post I am, hello hormones!) but my cheeks in particular are covered in scars! Waaaah!! So I really struggle to find a good base that really hides them well without adding layer upon layer making the foundation appear orangey against my super pale skin. Every time I have used a sponge I have never been impressed with the coverage and the fact that it soaks up nearly half the foundation you wish to apply – not cool. Seeing the reviews I was quite skeptical about using a sponge but this one is used slightly differently to you bog standard 10 little triangles for £2 in your local drug shop sponge.

I have been told that wetting the sponge will help not only give you the desired coverage but also minimise the amount of product it soaks up! – Can this really be true?

So here goes..

It is a weird looking product but makes the whole thing that little more intriguing for me to try. It is designed by Sam and Nic Chapman who run the YouTube channel Pixiwoo – I have been watching this channel for a while now at the recommendation of my friend Lauren and must say they are very talented ladies.


The first picture of the sponge is where it is dry and the second picture is after I have wet it. As you can see it has almost doubled in size, so i was pretty amazed. So let me go through with you what the packaging says about the shape of it. Each part of the sponge has a purpose and will allow you to apply the product a lot easier. Here is what it says:

The Flat Edge: Contours around the eyes and nose.

Sides: Blend large areas of the face

Tip: covers imperfections.

Here are a few pictures…

BEFORE                                                          CONCEALER LAYER                                 FOUNDATION





2014-02-04 13.36.332014-02-04 13.44.502014-02-04 13.45.57


UNDER EYE CONCEALER                      AFTER


2014-02-04 13.49.59 2014-02-04 13.54.09


As you can see, my skin has evened out and hidden the majority of the imperfections. Unfortunately it hasn’t covered them completely but I feel satisfied enough to walk out the front door! My skin is evil can in some lights can look awful so I have no expectations of completely flawless – though it is desired! The sponge did a good job at blending the product in without me feeling caked in makeup but still leaving me covered enough to say that my skin wasn’t so bad. I used the sponge for my night out over the weekend and I used the sponge to layer the foundation and concealer multiple times for a heavier coverage. I would most definitely use the sponge again and will hopefully learn to use it to its full potential. I also recommend to buy it because it does provide a choice of coverages, like I said – one layer is perfect for day time and then layering up for the evening as well.

The products that I used:

My good old trusty Max Factor Colour Adapt. I have written about this before..


Max Factor Under Eye concealer – I am not a great lover of this product. I feel that doesn’t give me the coverage I need for the bags that I find myself to wake up to! This was £7.99 in Boots.

Benefit Fake Up: I don’t use this very often but I will after using it today. It gave me a nice coverup layer after applying the foundation to mask those annoying blemishes even more so. A nice thick concealer and contains a layer of the anti blemish solution too so when applied it not only covers but helps heal and prevent too. A nice little product.  The packaging is lovely too!

MUA Hide and Conceal: I do love this concealer. It cost me the bank breaking price of £1…yes only 100 pennies and is a standard conceal stick. I love that it is a nice thick concealer so it can help even out my scarring on the skin. I applied this one before my foundation for an even coverage. I am almost out of it though!


Adding my eye makeup, blush and lip colour I found myself creating a nice simple look which would be ideal for anyone who is looking for a nice natural daytime look for a daytime date on valentines day!

I used the MUA Undressed Palette shade 10 for the outside of the eye lid blending into a Milani loose powder eye shadow in the shade 05 fairy dust. This was a nice pink colour fading into a deeper brown. Adding the ELF cream eye liner on the upper lash line, I followed the line right across, layering for a black that stands out. The brush that comes with the cream eyeliner sucks – it is too stiff and doesn’t get right into the corner the way I like so I do advise using your own brush to apply this. Adding the City Curl NYC mascara I finished the look. I didn’t want to add false lashes today but did want to use a mascara that gives me the fuller looking lash and this one does the job nicely. My lip colour was the Revlon ColourStay Ultimate Suede in the shade 010. This range has been advertised by Emma Stone who is beautiful so she convinced me to buy it!


2014-02-04 14.07.002014-02-04 14.14.17 2014-02-04 14.14.10 2014-02-04 14.14.08 2014-02-04 14.15.55


2014-02-04 14.37.57

I finished by straightening my hair and pinning my bangs back – I hate them at the moment and completely regret putting them back in – never mind it will grow!


What do you think? Would you buy the sponge? Have you tried it before? What did you think?


You know the rules – Let me know!!


Finding The Right…



Has anyone else has the endless fight of finding the right foundation for their skin type? This one product has to do and be so many things, that you are fighting a losing battle!


Here is what a foundation needs to be and/or do:

-Match you skin tone; there is nothing worse than walking down the High Street and seeing those girls who don’t have a clue (I’m one of them). They are either a cheesy wotsit or ghostly white! I have, plenty of times, fallen under both categories, mainly the slightly orange side as I have a rather pale complexion!


-Easy to blend; you want to be able to apply the product without it being patchy and just overall messy. I have come across some nasty foundations that have dried before even being applied to my face! It wouldn’t blend whatsoever and I ended up just giving up! Not even adding an extra touch of moisturiser can help sometimes.


-The right price for you; never shop in the section that you wouldn’t be able to afford regularly. If you are like me, I wear foundation everyday without fail to cover up all the flaws of spots as a teenager. I always avoid the expensive areas because my idea of hell would be finding the perfect foundation with the hefty price tag. I probably go through a bottle a month so nothing more the £15 on the bottle is my idea of ideal. Finding the nice £40 foundation that does the job is all well and good but you don’t want to find that one time you can’t afford it and be left with high expectations. 


-The right texture for your skin; Everyone wants something lightweight and that doesn’t melt off of you face after walking briskly to work. I don’t know about you guys but I can get a bit flustered which causes a nice sweaty face. I want something that isn’t too oily but is also thick for a good coverage. If you already have flawless skin, but feel naked without a thin layer of something, you aren’t going to want the thick coverage.


-It has to work with your type of skin; If you have oily skin, you don’t want an oil based foundation, if you have blemishes or suffer with spots you are going to want an Anti-Blemish solution. If you have dry skin, a moisturising coverage.


There are so many other things to take into consideration, but you do need to find what is the most important for your skin type. Only you can know how your skin will react to certain ingredients. 


After years of applying makeup and trying to learn my skin type, I think I have found the one!


Every time I need a new foundation, if I feel the need to keep looking, like I know there is something better, I will not buy that product again. I will spend hours in Boots if I need to, testing them on my hands, then if passing the hand test, trying to see how a red patch on my face  is covered.


Before I tell you want I found, I am going to tell you a little about my skin…

I have a lot of scars from having rather spotty skin as a child. I would never leave my face alone (bad habits die hard, but I am certainly not as bad as I used to be). Sometime my skin can be quite oily – I think that depends on the weather, drier in the winter and oilier in the summer, but I think that is normal! I can have a bit of eczema down the sides of my cheeks, which might not be itchy but can sometimes look red and irritated. I still suffer with acne (especially during the time of the months, hopefully I am not the only one!) so a prefer a thick coverage that isn’t going to make me feel greasy nor caked in makeup! 


Here are a couple pics of the foundation I found…Image


Before full application…

I think you can really see what I mean by bad skin. My pore are just gigantic and the redness of my skin is horrible!



After full application… 




I personally can really see a difference.


The Main thing I have trouble with as well as the colour of the product for my I-am-so-pale-I-am-almost-transparent-skin is that lasting coverage is a MUST, and this for me is perfect, I can get home from work, and although it may not be perfect (like I said bad habits die hard when it comes to not leaving my face alone) is it could go back out without reapplying and be comfortable with how I look…


So what did I buy… at the cost of £9.99 from Boots, I found this to be reasonable. Having a budget of £15 per month, I think I have really struck lucky with finding it. The reason I have never tried this brand of foundation before, is I have always believed them to hold a hefty price tag, but I am so glad a didn’t resist the urge to look this time..




Ta-Da!!! I think I am in love!!!! The bottle says it all… I am no longer an oompa loompa, and I can leave the house without worrying about getting a little bit sweaty! Despite the thickness of this foundation, it is still extremely lightweight but still thick enough  for that desired coverage!! I do not feel the need to continue to shop around (unless I find a good bargain, I will always try something new) but I have found my new permanent foundation that works perfectly with my primer!


Have you tried this one before? Whats your favourite foundation?? Let me know!!