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Hey there!


I am back once again, and a lot sooner than I think anyone anticipated! Including myself. 

The response my blog post last night received was amazing and has genuinely just kicked me up the back side to really continue something I started and that I know I love doing. With the ups and downs I have had so far this year my motivation has really been shot down in almost every aspect of my life so really looking forward to building my confidence back up and really work towards what I wish to achieve!


So lets get started then shall we!?

I thought after blabbering on for ages last night a small post today will be more than enough rather than boring you all!

Today’s post is all about the….LIPS! 

If you have been a long time follower you will know that lips just aren’t my thing, but you will be impressed… I have gone from having just 5 lippies, to now owning around 20. This is a vast improvement so I thought I may as well show you just a couple of my current favourites!


Here goes!



Rimmel London Apocolips Lip Lacquer in shade “Eclipse” – £6.49 in Boots

Revlon Colour Burst Lacquer Balm in shade “Provocateur” – £7.99 in Boots (Revlon currently 2 for £10)

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in shade “Pink Lemonade” –  £1.95  

With my lip colours, I go through phases of wearing a nude everyday, a everyday or just a balm, but it has got to the point where if I have nothing on my lips I will go mad until I can get my hands on something. It just feels uncomfortable so I have to carry my balms with me everywhere at the moment for an incase of emergency!

For a very natural day where I am looking for a very subtle hint of colour with a glossy finish, I wear my ELF Luscious Lips. It is a twisty tool to get the product out so the product is kept fresh and doesn’t turn gloopy. I love glosses like this as it makes it easier to apply. The best rule to follow with these types of applicators is to work along the lines of less is more. It is easier to build the product up on the lip than to twist too much and end up with slick lips that are continuously sticking together and looks like your mouth is melting or your just the strange dribbler walking down the road – not cool. So always start with a thin layer and a apply small amounts at time. The colour is beautiful and is one of my faves. I recently bought the “Cherry Tart” shade too and is slightly more reddy and just as pretty!IMG_4757

This is the Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lemonade


This is the Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Tart

My Revlon Colour Burst was only bought after watching every YouTuber speak about it and every blogger writing about it. I just HAD to see what the fuss was about. When I do this I find myself being disappointed and I have such high hopes after the amazing reviews, so I used once and put it away in my drawer. I recently rediscovered it and applied it feeling I should give it one more try and it is currently my favourite red colour! It glides smoothly on the lips and isn’t too thick like some sticks. It has a minty smell/taste so thats just never bad thing and lasts a lot longer than most reds. I can’t believe I completely disregarded this from the start! It is definitely a must have in your lipstick draw!


Finally there is the Rimmel London Apocolips. I spent such a long time looking for which colour to buy and I am always so drawn to burgundy shades, so Eclipse was a winner for me. I do have the nude one as well but that can be a little too pales for me depending on my makeup. Coming in to Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year and with the lovely English rain at the moment, I have definitely been rocking this when I can. It is very difficult to apply simply because of the deep colour (Stains so easily) so I wouldn’t apply it if you hurrying out the door. It has a beautiful finish though and lasts a relatively long time for a lippie. It is very dark to begin with so I simply apply to my bottom lip and rub and just use the remainder of the wand to go around the edges to ensure my lips are perfect. The finish is glossy but the right amount of glossy! It takes a lot of patience with any dark colour, but its just too beautiful! I will be wearing this every opportunity I get with the arrival of the colder months!



And there we have my current favourite lip products! All have great pigmentation so the colours come out just how you expect them to! Have you tried any of them? Let me know below or on the links below!

Goodbye for now my loves! xo




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Today’s Look | Nice and Simple

Hey Beauties!


How are we all today? I have an a day off work today so what an opportunity for me to document a few stages of my make process, I even had the courage to take a completely naked face selfie – sorry if it cracks all your screens 😉

On all the days off that I have, I will try my best to create a new look and document the process, and even eventually if you guys like it and encourage me enough, I will set up a youtube channel! eeeek! (currently saving for a new camera for this so I will keep you posted!!)

I am thinking of posting a few nice valentines day looks for all you lucky ladies with dates and plans, and my looks will range from the ‘no makeup, makeup’ look for those who want to look effortlessly amazing to those who lip the eyes and lips to stand out. What do you all think of that? I think I will do it anyway! haha!

Anyways, so back to business. today I chose to play around with my new makeup palette that I received as a gift, but I wasn’t in the mood for heavy makeup as I had no plans to even leave the house! Not because I am lazy, but going out means spending money I don’t have and I am too close to pay day to risk that! 


So here goes.. 


No makeup what so ever…Warning…it is not a pretty sight! (excuse the hair and major rootage).


I look thrilled to be taking that picture! Anyway, I covered my mug with my good old trusty Max Factor Colour adapt (after priming with my refreshing Nivea Express Hydrating Primer) and my new Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. To finish my base off, I added some ELF blush and even a slight contour with one of the colours in my super duper ELF palettes. (all these products I have spoken about in previous posts).




Looking slightly happier now as you can tell!! – Yes still in my pj’s here too. No judgements please! (I did get dressed though, i just have a particular routine and makeup before getting dressed is just WRONG in the mornings. Simply because I have a habit of spilling things. Though I brush my teeth after I get dressed and well, thats never a good idea.)

I didn’t worry too much about my eyebrows as I wasn’t leaving the house and I am in dire need of a tint and shape!!!!!!!!! ahhh It is so embarrassing! The over grown slug look is NOT attractive.


Here is the palette I recieved as a gift from my beautiful Mumma!



Mum, having done her research has told me that this is a replica of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I have always wanted to invest in these palettes but having been the higher end makeup brand, it has never been ideal for me to spend over £30 on just one palette. I think I will eventually invest in them but for now, just my lovely drugstore, lower end makeup does me just fine. I love shopping on a budget because I always find a lot of people out there are willing to spend a hell of a lot of money on particular items where I can find similar products cheaper, so I can get more for my money. My blog is about finding good value products that do their job, not reviewing products that everyday people like myself can’t really afford! Maybe one day!

Anyway, It is beautiful isn’t it? I was so chuffed when My Mum gave me this, lots of looks and experimenting is to be done!!

I only used 3 colours today. Sand, Wave and Silk. 


I applied sand as my base colour, all over the eyelid and under the brow line. Adding a pale colour here will open your eyes more and help define your brow that little bit extra. I used the Wave over the crease, with the ELF crease brush, and then the Silk over the eyelid under the crease. Here is the look…ImageImage


Excusing the gigantic forehead, I must apologise for the quality of the picture. I didn’t quite realise how bad it was, but I think you get the idea. 🙂

I added the ELF cream eyeliner in black along the lash line (applying this with the brush it came with), and then a black crayon along the waterline of my top lid – again the ELF mineral crayon.

I felt that I could add me some lashes on today as I wasn’t in rush for work, and I wanted to keep them natural to keep the look nice, simple and everyday. So, I chose some lashes I received for Christmas from my little sister, Lowen. She purchased them from Wilkinson for the bargain price of 50p!!!!!! I wasn’t expecting them to be any good at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have a thing about using my own glue (Elyure bottle of glue can be bought from Boots for around £3.99 and has lasted me forever!!) as sometimes with the cheaper lashes the quality of glue isn’t great.


Just add a small amount of mascara to blend in your natural lash to the falsies and you’re good to go. I think I used an NYC mascara, as the brush was small and doesn’t clump.


At this point, I curled my hair, got dressed and then brushed my teeth ready to apply some lippy!! For christmas, I received a couple of lip stains, to help keep my lipstick looking freshly applied all day. They were purchased at Primark at £1.50 per one, and OMG I order you all to stock up!! I was so impressed with it that I will be buying all the colours. I applied this in a pinky tone and then added some lip gloss by ELF. 




Look at the colour pay off just from a stain! This stain lasted even longer than the gloss, so I am more and more impressed every time I use it.




The only down all the gloss is that the glitter in it can be felt when wearing it. It sometimes feels like I am have sugar on my lips which can feel uncomfortable, but this isn’t annoying enough for me to not wear or like it.

One thing I didn’t do was take a full photo of the finished result 😦 (i know – slap my wrists) but I did receive a compliment from my boyfriend so I must have looked alright!!

My jumper for the day..




And my nails 🙂







Let me know what you think 




Foundation | Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse

Hey there!

How is everyone today??

As you all know, January is a long month for myself (and probably a few people out there) for cash, because of the changes to wages because of Christmas, and I can honestly say it has been terrible! We are just about getting by but it has definitely put a strain on my relationship with my boyfriend. It is expected but doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been rough.

Anyway, moving away from the bad, my point was that, when I buy products from Boots, I gain points on my Beauty Card, and I have saved them all up, especially for times where I need something, or just have an itch to buy and feed my addiction to all things makeup.

I had been doing so well to avoid all shops on the highstreet (so difficult considering I work in the town centre) and was so so so proud of myself, but on Tuesday evening, my mum needed to pop into Boots and dragged me along! How could you mum?!

So of course, realising I had some point to spend, I bought a couple of goodies that I have been seeing everywhere in the blogging and beauty world, and just had to try it to see for myself.

Reviews have always come up positive for this product and I am one to buy and try to see what the fuss is all about (debating whether to buy Benefit’s Pore O’clock for this very reason).

If you have been following me on Instagram (which I hope you have 😉 ) you would have seen this cheeky purchase and mini review on my thoughts…


This is Lightweight Liquid Mousse, by Rimmel, and it designed for keep away shine with a good, thick coverage but to feel light on the skin. A small amount is meant to go a long way, making the product last longer. It comes in variety of shade to suit the majority of skin tones.

Honestly – It is just another one of those products that is always talked about it the biggest disappointment and waste of money

It does all of the above.

I am still in complete shock at how much I LOVE this foundation. It is everything I could possibly want from a foundation and I wake up every morning now looking forward to applying it. I honestly have such terrible skin from neglecting it throughout my teens, and after applying my Nivea primer and them this foundation, I am absolutely gobsmacked at the result – even before applying the powder to set it.

Look for yourself.. (forgot to take a before picture, but you will find a few makeup free pics in previous posts.)

I didn’t even need concealer to cover any stubborn scarring/blemishes! That is a big deal for me!

It is normally £5.99 from Boots, but I bought it for £4.49 as it is currently on offer.


I did also purchase the Rimmel Stay Matte powder as well, hoping that the colouring would match nicely and that I did genuinely stay matte – which I did. As you can see in the picture, it did match my skin tone – extremely well actually.


Again, I found this product lightweight despite the purpose of it, and as much as I love my Max Factor foundation, I think I have found another winner for me! (This never happens to me when it comes to foundations). I am normally that girl you see walking down the road with the wrong shade of foundation because NO one makes one pale enough, or the powder is supposed to be Translucent and it genuinely isn’t!

You can see in the picture above that I am so pale that I am almost translucent myself. hahaha. – you should see me when I am ill and haven’t applied makeup for a few days, I genuinely look like I am dead, I am that pale! Being a natural red head causes such issues as these!

I purchased this one for £3.99 and applied with my ELF Kabuki brush as it did not come with anything to apply it with.

So the finished look….


Here I have applied the Barry M lipstick I previously wrote about – I seriously meant it when I said I was pulling out all the bright colours! Adding some blusher to my base of foundation and powder brought my skin tone back to life to join the living for the day!


Or with the same eye make up, I switched to the ELF matte lip in Coral with a touch of gloss (This is one of my Eva Longoria looks, a darker eyeshadow with a nude lip).

Have you tried Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation? What did you think? Will you try it now?


ps. Don’t forget to follow my instagram and twitter to keep up with daily posts and the odd selfie here and there to see how I am wearing my makeup and what’s going on in the World of Tayla 😉  @writtenbytayla  Thanks cuties xo

Lips | ELF Matte Lips

Well hello there!!


You  will be shocked at me, my THIRD Lip review this week! Whaaaaaaaat?! I know right! 


In my absence over the holidays, I found myself using a lot more lip colour with all the parties and nights out, and even during the day. I have never really been bothered by the whole lip stick/gloss thing, but I am growing to like it and starting to feel naked and incomplete without it! I am so surprised at myself, but I am kind of enjoying it!


So over the past couple months I have a accumulated a few Matte style lipsticks (more like crayons) by E.L.F. and I must say, I am pretty impressed! Let me show you…. 

The shades we have in order from left to right is: “Natural” “Coral” “Tea Rose” and “Rich Red”.







As you can tell the Natural is my absolute favourite, (used it alot hense the faded writing on the packaging! oopsie!) but I also feel that the Coral is another with a bit of gloss over the top. 




I love them because they are applied smoothly and glide nicely, and find for the price, they last a good length of time. They don’t smell and have a nice taste to them. (Not that I eat them, but nothing worse then a dodgy tasting lip product). 




As you can see the red isn’t as dark as it is shown on the bottom of the product, which to be honest, disappointed me! But it is a lovely colour to use anyway! The natural colour is my go to colour. Like I said, I am starting to feel naked and lost without any lips on so if I am off to work or anything like that, it just head for the natural. Can top it up when I can but not to worried as it is a perfect match to my lip colour. As they are matte, I probably wouldn’t advise if you have chapped lips as it can look clumpy and dry out your lips more than you would like, but if you don’t I would recommend them. Probably the best Lips products that you can get from E.L.F.




As you can see from my picture, you can take the bottom bit off and see this little funny device attached… I was so surprised when my Mum pointed it out but it is actually a little sharpener to add the point back into the tip of the product, just like the point you get when you first open the product. I find it to be such a good idea as you get a more accurate application.


So there you have my Matte lips by E.L.F. There are a few more colours which I will definitely invest in, in the near future so I do recommend on purchasing 🙂


One boring and lonely evening over the weekend, I tidied up my vanity desk and it is unbelievable at how much better it feels reorganising my makeup and products. (As sad as that sounds!) But I feel a lot better in the mornings when I am getting ready, more relaxed definitely. I did take the pictures in the evening, so don’t worry, this is not the lighting I do my makeup in, but I do definitely need to invest in a more natural bright lighting, so I get a more accurate application to show you guys. 




I am also completely obsessed with scented candles right now, in the evenings I light them to help relax me ready for bed. The flavour in the picture is a vanilla, probably my all time favourite!!


That brown box is a little drawer set that separates my lips, eyes and face to keep it all organised. Should I do a storage blog for you all?


How do you keep your products?



Lips | Barry M & Eyes | ELF Gel Eyeliner

Hey gorgeous people!


Today was another statement lip day, and it has made stepping out of my comfort zone that little bit more fun. 


I went for my usual everyday eye makeup and then added my lip colour and I am 100% and totally in love!! I bought this lip colour back in November to match a dress that I bought for my work party at christmas, and was going for the ‘cranberry’ idea and wasn’t sure that I would wear it again once I have used it. I am SO glad that I bought it and I could wear it every day if I could. It was by Barry M and was bought in Boots. The packaging is nice and smart too!

The stick when I first found the tester, was like “woooooaaaaah” that’s abit dark but as you can tell by the colouring on my hand it isn’t actually dark at all. 



It glides on nicely and leaves a nice matte kind of finish and honestly, it lasted me from about 11am all the way until 5pm. I am soooo impressed, especially because I had eaten my lunch in between that, with a cuppa too!! The only problem that I have with adding a bright colour to my lips is that sometimes it can make my lips look super thin – not cool. My mum gave me the little advice of adding a small amount of highlighter in the little cave above your lip so it lines your actual lip and a small amount of a dark shadowy colour lining the centre of your bottom lip – make sure you blend and make sure it is not too heavy or obvious – again; not cool! Below is the finished product!


Also in the today’s makeup I used my ELF gel liner for the first time for my upper lid. I was quite impressed but found that it was a bit too waxy, so I went over it with a black eyeshadow to set it in place. Definitely will be using it again! The brush it came with was an angles brush making sure that the line was smooth, and easy to apply.


It was bought for £3.75 ( but I received it for Christmas)






My hair is getting longer but it is definitely not growing fast enough!!

As my beautiful sister is down the for week (I am so happy I get to see her as I haven’t since she left back in October :(:( ) She bought me my birthday present which was a small tattoo. It is one I have been making noises about for a while but just never had the money or the time to man up and just get it! It is meant to remind me to wear my heart on my sleeve, so now it is my sister reminding me to do so. It’s so cute and love it 🙂


Here is my beautiful sister’s and I walking through town after spending the afternoon together. They are my favourite ladies and so grateful that they are there for me when I need them, and I for them.