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Hey Dolls,

I have once again been MIA but I have recently been in hospital and made some MAJOR changed to my life in general. I won’t go into details but I just wanted to apologise.

It is my first blog post since my name change as “Those Perfect Imperfections” and I am even in the process of making it my own domain! Yeehaar! The reason for my name changes and why I chose the name I did, is in the “My name is Tayla” section above, so don’t hesitate to take a look and share your thoughts. Don’t forget to share your URLs so I can have a nosy at your blogs too!!


Moving on then my beauties, today I am sharing with you a few of my recent favourites for your face! Skin care and Makeup included! Woohoo!


So , first I have this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.  I found this one on offer in Boots, so I couldn’t resist. I was intrigued as I have read about it and thought I had to try it. It promises to cleanse, remove makeup and soothe the skin. I can tell you now it does all of those things. I have relatively sensitive skin due to eczema and acne flare ups and I genuinely believe at the moment, my skin hasn’t felt so smooth and soft! It is hypoallergenic and isn’t perfumed. It is gentle enough to use on the eyes and the lips!


It is normally £4.99 but at the moment is £3.99 so make sure you don’t miss out!

My other skin care products that I love, love, love are the Simple Rich Moisturiser, Nivea Q10 Night Cream and the Witch Primer.


Simple Rich Moisturiser – £3.99 (currently 3for2 on Simple at Boots)

Nivea Q10 Night Cream – £9.99 (currently £4.99 at Boots)

Witch Anti Blemish Primer – £6.99 at Superdrug

I need a rich moisturiser as my skin is very damaged due to scarring and get very dry very quickly. I love the feeling of a nice thick moisturiser and face cream but this is definitely not too thick. It works fast and as it is from the simple range it is designed to be “Kind to Skin”.

The Nivea Q10 was given to me by my Mum because she wasn’t a fan. She has the opposite skin to me so she can be quite oily which makes some products to her difficult to use. Why she didn’t like it I’m not 100% sure but I think it was just a general dislike. I personally love it again because it has a nice thick texture. I like to know my products are working and this is one those that I can instantly feel working. It is always good to start on the anti wrinkle creams early to help prevent the buggers!

The Witch Primer was recommended to me by my sister, Shannan. I find that it genuinely has helped my acne especially after all the drugs from being in hospital. It helps fill in my pores to create a smooth base ready for my foundation and it does this without clogging them. Exactly what I look for in a primer. It is oil and fragrance free so again, perfect for the sensitive skin!

I think I have made it clear I like a thick face cream, I also like a heavy coverage on my face with my foundations. I know it sounds a lot, but I am self conscious of my skin because of the damage teenage acne caused me :(. I find that Max Factor foundations give me the great coverage I want without the cake face that everyone dreads. I use the cover stick on it’s when I am having a great skin day, but I will use the cover stick underneath the foundation as a good base when my skin isn’t so great. I always try to the palest shades to compliment my skin. The coverage makes me feel like for once I have flawless skin so at the moment it is all I wear! I have previously wrote about the Colour Adapt, and you can find that HERE. The Lasting Performance, once again Max Factor has kept their promise, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. I am SO impressed with Max Factor, the have a devoted customer in me! ALL MAX FACTOR CURRENTLY 3 for 2 IN BOOTS


Colour Adapt Foundation – £9.99 in Boots

Lasting Performance Foundation – £9.99 in Boots

Pan Stick – £6.99 in Boots

I am one of those crazy people who CANNOT live without a powder. I hate the dewy finish because it makes me feel like I am greasy and slipping around the place. It is very rare I stick to the same powder and it is very rare I have more than one at a time. I don’t know why but it is the only product that I don’t have loads of! At the moment I am wearing Essence. Oh my god ladies, get to Wilko NOW! I found out about Essence through tonnes of bloggers around Europe and how my mother nagged me to buy her some when I went to Spain. I came back from Spain to this beauty in Wilko and I can’t believe the quality of all their products for the price! The Powder is amaze balls for the price and I must say I will repurchase! I get a little oily at certain times of the month and I find that it isn’t strong enough to hold through the oil all day, but it takes seconds for a quick top up and so I don’t even care! It is from the Mattifying Range so gives me the lovely matte look that I love.


The Rimmel Wake Me Up is a little gem found in Poundland of all places. I use it when I looking for an all day coverage and it helps my powder hold that little bit better. If I am looking for a light coverage for a more natural look, again this is amazing! It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy and holds in place.

The ELF blusher is a beauty. It is perfect for a night out simply because it has a little bit more glitter that you would wear for a day time blush, but the pigmentation is great for the price. I have had this blush for over a year now and it’s still going so you don’t even need to use much at one time! Perfection!

The MUA highlighter is so inexpensive that I had to buy it. MUA is only sold in Superdrug at all their products are super pigmented. I have nearly all their eyeshadow palettes so I knew this would be great little product. Although its great it can take the smallest amount to be too much. If you apply too much it can leave you looking too shiny, so just be careful when applying!


Essence Mattifying Powder – £2.80 Wilko

Rimmel Wake Me Up Liquid Blush – £1 Poundland 

ELF Blush – £3.95 

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter – £3.00 Superdrug (Currently 3 for 2)

I did have loads of eye makeup to show you as well but I will save that for part 2 tomorrow so make sure you check it out.

Goodbye for now my loves! xo

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Face | New Holy Grails

Hey there my pretty, little readers!

Hope you have all been well! I am back to work tomorrow (sob sob) but I have had a lovely week off with my other half and a few of my other favourites. I had the BEST Saturday night out in a long long long time and felt fresh and mighty fine on the Sunday (Bonus!). 


See, I was feeling and looking fresh!

Also, I am now on FACEBOOK! I have always had my personal account but I know that a lot of my followers use Facebook more than Twitter and I want to make sure I have everything I can for all my new, existing and future followers. Take a look and like like like! 

Anyway, during my time off, I did a few drug store hauls (I am so naughty) but the last few months have been tough and I felt that I deserved a few little treats. 

I will write a full haul in the next couple days and share all that I purchased at the end of Feb but today’s post will literally just be the 3 amazing products that I bought and have found myself loving and now cannot live without in my life. 

I am just going to say that my photography is not at it’s best at the moment, but I am trying to find my proper set up and will hopefully be finding some really good lighting for my vanity.  (Considering I have an ALevel in Photography it isn’t really an excuse, but I want to do things properly 🙂 so please bare with me)

Moving on!!! All you have been waiting for… my new cannot live without products. 

And there they are… 


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. – By Samantha Chapman.


Superdrug £8.99

Literally THE best face brush I have EVER used. I am in love love love. The hairs do not fall out, they are super soft and the brush is full and thick, exactly what you would expect with the price. I have been back and forwards with deciding whether to invest in some Real Techniques brushes and the price was always holding me back. Do not get me wrong now I have tried the brushes it is completely worth the price, but for me trying something I have never used before at only getting one brush for almost £10 I was slightly sceptical. I am not cheap, but I do love getting value for money and Real Techniques have mastered that. 

When I first used the brush to apply my foundation, I used my favourite, Max Factor Colour Adapt, and had really bad skin at the time. 

I am going to be completely honest with you all right now….OH MY DEAR LORD….I had as close to flawless skin as you can get with the amount of blemishes I had. I genuinely walked around feeling photoshopped. I was so impressed and have used anything else since. If you have also been debating with yourself to invest in a new face brush…I order you to do it right this very second. go go go!!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser


Bought in Sainsbury’s for £7.99 but it wasn’t on the website, so link to Boots.

I have never heard of Nip + Fab as a brand before, and I am shooting myself for having never finding it before. They offer skin care for both men and women, and products that cater for the whole body. For a while I have been looking for some product for my face that contains Glycolic Acid, and the reason being; It helps fight wrinkles, helps sooth and repair acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation.

Why have I not heard of this before? Well my mum being the amazing lady she is, advised me that for my skin, this would be perfect and for weeks I have been looking for an affordable effective product that does the job. We were in Sainsbury’s just having a look out of pure boredom one day and this just jumped out at us. It was an introductory offer and at half price, I could not give it a miss. It had Glycolic acid written all over the packaging and contains 2%. Which I believe for over the counter, is pretty good. Glycolic acid can be found in chemical peels and plastic surgeons use it in face procedures, so I just had to give it a go. 

It has a very Grapefruity smell which is quite strong, but not off putting, infact is pleasant. Some face products are just awful smelling and just not worth it. It is a foaming facial cleanser so just use this in your usual twice a day cleansing routine. I do remove my makup first with my Nivea Cleanser so my skin gets all the acidy goodness. No stinging, no irritation – just perfect. It does dry my skin out slightly, but hey, thats what moisturiser is for and thats in my routine anyway. I now could not live without it, and will be stocking up!!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum


Sainsburys for £7.99 in half price introductory offer. 

Part of the same brand and range, I bought this as the price was just too good. This contains 4% glycolic acid and is a serum to be applied at night. I think the higher percentage is better to be applied at night because there is no makeup on the skin allowing it breath. After I have cleansed my face I apply this serum and it has the same smell, so there are not clashing smells – yay. It promised to minimise pore and brighten the skin. Both problems that I have. I am aware that product like these will take a few weeks to start noticing any difference, but my skin has cleared right up and using all the above products and moisturising twice daily but skin feels smoother and the best condition it has been in a long long long time. 

I will continue to invest in this range and will be seeing what else is about. Here is the link to website, and I do advise having a look if you have any type of skin problem.

Use this Real Techniques or Nip+Fab?? Let me know, would love to know your thoughts on them!


p.s Here are a few pictures from the weekend, my makeup and I also did the makeup for my sister, Shannan.


This is a before applying the eyelashes. As she has never used eyelashes, I wanted her to be able to see the difference and make sure she liked them. She is a beautiful little lady 🙂





I has such sparkly eyes and the lighting in my house is terrible, but like I said I will fixing that!! It was especially bad when I had finished doing my sister’s makeup!



BirchBox | February Box

Hey there guys!

How have we all been this week?

I am completely aware that I have been missing this past week (once again – I know) but I have been working to get this week over because I am officially on annual leave for the next week and a bit! woo hop!!! Cue the balloons and streamers!! 

But never fear, I am back! I get paid this week and as it has been yet another tough month, and having spent less than £10 on beauty products last month, I think I am owed a little mini Haul, so keep your eyes peeled… I am soooo excited!!

Here is a quick up to date selfie – testing out my new eyeliner (see below)


Anyway, let’s get straight to it shall we!


I was very sceptical about this month’s BirchBox especially with the disappointment of my first one a few weeks back. But because they automatically take payment I couldn’t cancel it, so I thought I would give it one more chance!!

I must admit I was much more pleased with my products this month and was very excited to try them out.

I opened it back on Valentines Day but because my boyfriend, Dan, had organised a little surprise for me, I had no chance to test or blog over that weekend, so unfortunately it is a week late! (I am sorry, you can slap my wrist later). But I would rather post about my box after I have tried the products out so give you a (hopefully) good read!

So, the first product I saw when I opened the box was………..(drum roll please)



The Eyeko Liquid liner. There are no words to describe my love for liquid liner so I was extremely pleased to receive this product. I have read that every subscriber had this in their box – making me feel special –  but I can completely understand why this was a big product for them. Being a reasonable size, this product will last me quite a while. Retailing at £12 per pen, it is more than I would spend on a liner, but I might consider repurchasing it when my sample has ran out. I gives a very nice line, as it has an ultra thin and stiff tip, so it helps you be more precise when applying. You can build on it to make the black ultra ultra black or make your line even thicker. I love liners that allow you to choose how you apply it. Nothing worse than applying a thick line when you aimed for a nice delicate one. It glides along the eye nicely, so no eyeshadow gathers and doesn’t scratch you eye lid. I must admit that the product has lasted me all day as well as promises to be smudge free. I am an eye rubber, so my eyeliner tend to fade throughout the day, but this is one that I can honestly say has held the best. The packaging is lovely too. Overall a very good product to have received! Woo!



This product is AMAZING. The Beauty Protector Hair Oil. I am completely and 100% in love with this product. Retailing at £16 I was at first unsure about investing in it, but I know that hair oils always last a long time so would be completely worth it. It promises not to leave hair feeling heavy or greasy, and helps protect the hair making it shiny and frizz free. Coming from someone who has nothing but frizzy hair and has to wash it at least every other day, I have discovered this does wonders. My frazzled ends from using heat all the time due to frizziness, once my ends soaked the oil up it felt like I had just had my hair cut – not even kidding. It helped my hair dry naturally nice and quick, so there was no need for my hair dryer. I applied just a pea sized amount and only on the ends when my hair was damp. Applying hair oils to the roots will leave your hair heavy, greasy and flat so do try to avoid this when applying. I did this on Sunday when I dyed my hair to see how much damage control it would do. I only then washed my hair again on FRIDAY. Having only used small amounts of Batiste’s dry shampoo I had no need to wash my hair whatsoever. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. In fact I had more and more compliments on my hair the more the week went on, and when I said that I hadn’t washed my hair for 5 days, they looked at me like I was from the loony bin. I did give in and wash my hair only because it was getting weirder and weirder for me not to. 10/10 product. 



This was a full sized sample of the ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick and my face when I opened it must have been a picture of complete shock and excitement. I have never heard of the company but I was so happy to try out another piece of makeup! I love makeup so much. I had the colour “Get naked” which is pretty much what is says on the tin – a nude lipstick. I don’t own much nude because I feel that it can sometimes wash me and my already super pale complexion out. Now, with all complete honesty, it was not matte. It clearly says on the packaging that it is supposed to be matte, and it really wasn’t. It had a subtle shine to it, infact was probably more moisturising than anything. When it says “Party Proof” I would expect it to last at least half a night out – at a push it lasted an hour. I will continue to use it but it certainly isn’t worth £15.50 (for a trio) and I wouldn’t buy.




I haven’t had a chance to use these two products as yet, but I am looking forward to the facial wash. Shower Gels are very hit and miss with me as I can have very sensitive skin. Shower gels and bubble baths especially can cause some irritation so I am always quite hesitant when trying something new. I do have sensitive skin on my face, but there is something about the product that is luring me to try it. Again quite skeptical about trying it, but it says that it naturally brightens and balances skin tone. Getting blemishes and redness, I am hoping that this is true. Only one way to find out and this is to try it – so I will try it this week and get back to you. Looking on the BirchBox website, the facial wash is sold out so that can only mean good things 🙂


And finally… Image

BirchBox, you have found the way to my heart. Chocolate. Dark chocolate is recommended when dieting. As it is very rich you do not need a lot to satisfy the chocolate craving. Although nothing quite beats a nice bar of Dairy Milk or Galaxy (I think galaxy is called “Dove” in the America) this was very nice and the tiny little sample, really did hit the spot. It can be bought in most supermarkets or local shops and is between £1 and £3 depending on size of the bar. I would recommend a small chunk and cuppa to hit that chocolatey spot when trying to be healthy. Yum.


Did any of you get this month’s BirchBox, what was your thoughts? Let me know!!




P.s Here is a little hello from my Sister, Shannan’s turtle, Squishy.



Today’s Look | Nice and Simple

Hey Beauties!


How are we all today? I have an a day off work today so what an opportunity for me to document a few stages of my make process, I even had the courage to take a completely naked face selfie – sorry if it cracks all your screens 😉

On all the days off that I have, I will try my best to create a new look and document the process, and even eventually if you guys like it and encourage me enough, I will set up a youtube channel! eeeek! (currently saving for a new camera for this so I will keep you posted!!)

I am thinking of posting a few nice valentines day looks for all you lucky ladies with dates and plans, and my looks will range from the ‘no makeup, makeup’ look for those who want to look effortlessly amazing to those who lip the eyes and lips to stand out. What do you all think of that? I think I will do it anyway! haha!

Anyways, so back to business. today I chose to play around with my new makeup palette that I received as a gift, but I wasn’t in the mood for heavy makeup as I had no plans to even leave the house! Not because I am lazy, but going out means spending money I don’t have and I am too close to pay day to risk that! 


So here goes.. 


No makeup what so ever…Warning…it is not a pretty sight! (excuse the hair and major rootage).


I look thrilled to be taking that picture! Anyway, I covered my mug with my good old trusty Max Factor Colour adapt (after priming with my refreshing Nivea Express Hydrating Primer) and my new Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. To finish my base off, I added some ELF blush and even a slight contour with one of the colours in my super duper ELF palettes. (all these products I have spoken about in previous posts).




Looking slightly happier now as you can tell!! – Yes still in my pj’s here too. No judgements please! (I did get dressed though, i just have a particular routine and makeup before getting dressed is just WRONG in the mornings. Simply because I have a habit of spilling things. Though I brush my teeth after I get dressed and well, thats never a good idea.)

I didn’t worry too much about my eyebrows as I wasn’t leaving the house and I am in dire need of a tint and shape!!!!!!!!! ahhh It is so embarrassing! The over grown slug look is NOT attractive.


Here is the palette I recieved as a gift from my beautiful Mumma!



Mum, having done her research has told me that this is a replica of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I have always wanted to invest in these palettes but having been the higher end makeup brand, it has never been ideal for me to spend over £30 on just one palette. I think I will eventually invest in them but for now, just my lovely drugstore, lower end makeup does me just fine. I love shopping on a budget because I always find a lot of people out there are willing to spend a hell of a lot of money on particular items where I can find similar products cheaper, so I can get more for my money. My blog is about finding good value products that do their job, not reviewing products that everyday people like myself can’t really afford! Maybe one day!

Anyway, It is beautiful isn’t it? I was so chuffed when My Mum gave me this, lots of looks and experimenting is to be done!!

I only used 3 colours today. Sand, Wave and Silk. 


I applied sand as my base colour, all over the eyelid and under the brow line. Adding a pale colour here will open your eyes more and help define your brow that little bit extra. I used the Wave over the crease, with the ELF crease brush, and then the Silk over the eyelid under the crease. Here is the look…ImageImage


Excusing the gigantic forehead, I must apologise for the quality of the picture. I didn’t quite realise how bad it was, but I think you get the idea. 🙂

I added the ELF cream eyeliner in black along the lash line (applying this with the brush it came with), and then a black crayon along the waterline of my top lid – again the ELF mineral crayon.

I felt that I could add me some lashes on today as I wasn’t in rush for work, and I wanted to keep them natural to keep the look nice, simple and everyday. So, I chose some lashes I received for Christmas from my little sister, Lowen. She purchased them from Wilkinson for the bargain price of 50p!!!!!! I wasn’t expecting them to be any good at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have a thing about using my own glue (Elyure bottle of glue can be bought from Boots for around £3.99 and has lasted me forever!!) as sometimes with the cheaper lashes the quality of glue isn’t great.


Just add a small amount of mascara to blend in your natural lash to the falsies and you’re good to go. I think I used an NYC mascara, as the brush was small and doesn’t clump.


At this point, I curled my hair, got dressed and then brushed my teeth ready to apply some lippy!! For christmas, I received a couple of lip stains, to help keep my lipstick looking freshly applied all day. They were purchased at Primark at £1.50 per one, and OMG I order you all to stock up!! I was so impressed with it that I will be buying all the colours. I applied this in a pinky tone and then added some lip gloss by ELF. 




Look at the colour pay off just from a stain! This stain lasted even longer than the gloss, so I am more and more impressed every time I use it.




The only down all the gloss is that the glitter in it can be felt when wearing it. It sometimes feels like I am have sugar on my lips which can feel uncomfortable, but this isn’t annoying enough for me to not wear or like it.

One thing I didn’t do was take a full photo of the finished result 😦 (i know – slap my wrists) but I did receive a compliment from my boyfriend so I must have looked alright!!

My jumper for the day..




And my nails 🙂







Let me know what you think 




Foundation | Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse

Hey there!

How is everyone today??

As you all know, January is a long month for myself (and probably a few people out there) for cash, because of the changes to wages because of Christmas, and I can honestly say it has been terrible! We are just about getting by but it has definitely put a strain on my relationship with my boyfriend. It is expected but doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been rough.

Anyway, moving away from the bad, my point was that, when I buy products from Boots, I gain points on my Beauty Card, and I have saved them all up, especially for times where I need something, or just have an itch to buy and feed my addiction to all things makeup.

I had been doing so well to avoid all shops on the highstreet (so difficult considering I work in the town centre) and was so so so proud of myself, but on Tuesday evening, my mum needed to pop into Boots and dragged me along! How could you mum?!

So of course, realising I had some point to spend, I bought a couple of goodies that I have been seeing everywhere in the blogging and beauty world, and just had to try it to see for myself.

Reviews have always come up positive for this product and I am one to buy and try to see what the fuss is all about (debating whether to buy Benefit’s Pore O’clock for this very reason).

If you have been following me on Instagram (which I hope you have 😉 ) you would have seen this cheeky purchase and mini review on my thoughts…


This is Lightweight Liquid Mousse, by Rimmel, and it designed for keep away shine with a good, thick coverage but to feel light on the skin. A small amount is meant to go a long way, making the product last longer. It comes in variety of shade to suit the majority of skin tones.

Honestly – It is just another one of those products that is always talked about it the biggest disappointment and waste of money

It does all of the above.

I am still in complete shock at how much I LOVE this foundation. It is everything I could possibly want from a foundation and I wake up every morning now looking forward to applying it. I honestly have such terrible skin from neglecting it throughout my teens, and after applying my Nivea primer and them this foundation, I am absolutely gobsmacked at the result – even before applying the powder to set it.

Look for yourself.. (forgot to take a before picture, but you will find a few makeup free pics in previous posts.)

I didn’t even need concealer to cover any stubborn scarring/blemishes! That is a big deal for me!

It is normally £5.99 from Boots, but I bought it for £4.49 as it is currently on offer.


I did also purchase the Rimmel Stay Matte powder as well, hoping that the colouring would match nicely and that I did genuinely stay matte – which I did. As you can see in the picture, it did match my skin tone – extremely well actually.


Again, I found this product lightweight despite the purpose of it, and as much as I love my Max Factor foundation, I think I have found another winner for me! (This never happens to me when it comes to foundations). I am normally that girl you see walking down the road with the wrong shade of foundation because NO one makes one pale enough, or the powder is supposed to be Translucent and it genuinely isn’t!

You can see in the picture above that I am so pale that I am almost translucent myself. hahaha. – you should see me when I am ill and haven’t applied makeup for a few days, I genuinely look like I am dead, I am that pale! Being a natural red head causes such issues as these!

I purchased this one for £3.99 and applied with my ELF Kabuki brush as it did not come with anything to apply it with.

So the finished look….


Here I have applied the Barry M lipstick I previously wrote about – I seriously meant it when I said I was pulling out all the bright colours! Adding some blusher to my base of foundation and powder brought my skin tone back to life to join the living for the day!


Or with the same eye make up, I switched to the ELF matte lip in Coral with a touch of gloss (This is one of my Eva Longoria looks, a darker eyeshadow with a nude lip).

Have you tried Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation? What did you think? Will you try it now?


ps. Don’t forget to follow my instagram and twitter to keep up with daily posts and the odd selfie here and there to see how I am wearing my makeup and what’s going on in the World of Tayla 😉  @writtenbytayla  Thanks cuties xo