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Good evening Dolls,

Hope you are all well!!

I have yet another post for you! I am trying my best to post everyday this week as each post is reigniting my love for blogging that I first started with. I have had a lot going on and blogging took that back seat, but never fear, I am back and easing into some fabulous posts just for you! Today we have my current favourite hair products. I do have so many, but the ones I chose I found to be the ones I use and replace on a regular basis!

Here goes…


Umberto Giannini Mend My Hair Therapy, designed for intensive damage repair. It is a 5 in 1 hair oil which claims to

-Strengthen and Repair

-Smooth and soften

-Conceal split ends

-Tames and controls

-Adds shine

Now, if you don’t already know, my hair is crazy. Humidity makes my hair turn into an afro and is just generally a wild mane. It does take a lot to tame and I must say, this oil does a rather great job in assisting with that. My hair isn’t in the best condition so a hair oil is imperative for me. I apply a couple of pumps to the ends of my hair whilst damp and then again if needed once styled – only applying a tiny amount when it’s dry. It has an unusual smell, a kind of a love it or hate, (my mum hates it) but I loooooove it! I definitely will buy it again for sure!

John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3 Day Straight. I first got this product a few christmases ago from my Mum, and I remember going “how on earth does it leave my hair straight for 3 days when I wash it nearly every day”. Boys and Girls, why then did I not realise it is not good to wash your hair every day. Apparently, a healthy amount is every 3 day, according to John Frieda. Even then however, knowing how wild my hair gets, it really did help the frizz and calm it down in the mad weather. So now I use it how it is supposed to be used and I always leave my hair unwashed for as long as possible! (it really has helped the condition of my hair, so I would recommend being a grub for the extra couple days!) I rely on this product more than I should and for a temporary sleek straight style, it is a must have!

And for those days where you can’t be bothered to wash your hair… Batiste Dry Shampoo. I will leave this one short and sweet because I have written about this product before (CLICK HERE). It really isn;t just to help the greasy/i’m too lazy to get up earlier and wash my hair/unmanageable hair. I also use it to add that extra volume when I am look for extra oomph. The Tropic scent smells delightful, so will leave your hair looking and smelling freshly washed!

Tresemme is a much loved brand of mine and definitely a go to for shampoo and conditioner when I can’t make up my mind. It is a comfort brand for me, and will always end up going back to it one way or another. One product I cannot get enough of is the Heat Protect Mist for Coloured hair. I have coloured my hair for many many years so that extra protection to stop my colour fading it gives is a must! It helps my hair feel lovely and smooth and protect from the heat of my straighteners. It gives 2X longer protection on your coloured hair and protects on temperatures up to 230 degrees. YES PLEASE. Spray generously over damp hair and blow dry. I will add a few extra sprays when straightening but ensure you don’t apply too much otherwise your hair gets heavy and greasy too quickly. I usually buy the standard heat protection by Tresemme, however this one I caught on sale in Boots for £1.80!!!!!! I stocked up!


And finally, My newest purchase was a bargain from my much loved and local Trago Mills (Only in Devon or Cornwall – sad face) but it is available in most drug stores. Got2B  Rise and Shine Hairspray. It is a new range and I have previously used Got2B for other hairsprays. The reason I always go back to this brand is because of the price (Tayla Friendly), the scent (oh my god is it even a hairspray it smells divine) and of course the quality of the product. It holds my hair! Yay!! I do need to reapply it when necessary, just because of the nature of my hair, but it is definitely one of the few hairsprays that actually does what it is supposed to. It holds, provides shine and adds a little extra volume. I will be going back to Trago Mills to repurchase – Especially as my boyfriend feels the need to use it too!

And there you have it! Do you use any of my favourites? What are your thoughts? Let me know!

Goodbye for now my lovelies! xo


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Two Thousand and What?

Happy New Year to all my beauties reading!


Hope you have all been well! I have literally been off the blogging radar for little until 2 months now and I have never felt so lost. Christmas time is busy with work and stressing about money and things, so blogging was unfortunately pushed to the back 😦 Sob sob. 


But I am here now and I am ready to rock and roll on with the wonderful world of blogging and join the bblogger out there! I promise to write to you all more and eventually I think I will be creating a youtube channel! What do you all think about that ??


So, I have so much to write about with all the products I received for Christmas and all the things I bought on the lead up to the festive season! But for now I will write about what you have all missed whilst I have been MIA.


Well to start with there was my Christmas Tree, I am so proud of our tree this year. Last year we moved out for he first time close to christmas so it wasn’t a big deal for us at the time. But this year I wanted to make up for it. I went for the colours gold and turquoise/green/blue. Simple but fits my living room perfectly. Definitely were not enough lights, but LED warm lights were what I went for. The tree was bought for a bargain of £15…Brand new…from Tesco! Can you believe it?! It was a 6ft tree and I expected it to be bare and horrible, but it was the complete opposite. If they sell next year, and you are looking for a tree, Tesco is your place!




The MOT was due on our car 3 days before christmas! (Who on earth does their MOT in December?! Crazy people). One of the advisories last year was the exhaust, and it said it needed a little welding doing. We neglected it (as you do) and this is what happened… The old exhaust it sat next to the new one. Please do take a moment to take it in and slap me on the wrist. (Told you I was busy, skint and stressed and I hope this explains a small piece of why!)





My beautiful baby sister turned 15 in December as well. I had her meet me from work so I could treat her to a Costa Coffee and buy her a present of her choice. With Christmas so close to her birthday, I always struggle to buy her gifts that she wants and everyone is buying her at the same time. So I treated her to a mini shopping trip. She walked away with a giant bourbon and some super cute shoes. They were from New Look, in a tan colour with a a wedge heels. They were the most perfect little ankle boots for the winter, to keep looking fashionable and comfortable. I nearly bought them for myself too!!





I had my hair done! I have been battling with myself for months since going from blonde to brunette whether I should go back to being a blondie, but I would always get talked out of it. So I thought I would meet everyone  (and myself) half way. I wanted to get a dip dye so I could manage my super fast growing roots myself, without it costing me a fortune but my hair stylist went straight to the root with the foils. As much as I LOVED it, I have recently dyed over the blonde with my usual chestnut brown (blogged previously about what dye I use) as I had major rootage and I can’t afford it this month due to getting paid early and January being the world longest month on the calendar! (ha!) Love love love how long my hair is getting!





As it was the festive season, it would be rude not to celebrate whilst using the excuse to catch up with some friends. Having a friend down from Uni and Multiple staff parties, and of course New Years, it was impossible to stay indoors and be a grinch. I have posted a few of the pictures I found the morning after!





Absolutely love this picture of my boyfriend and I.









December 2013 was definitely the month of the ‘Selfies’ for me. (yes, I know, I am a poser) But when you are feeling good for once, you can’t help but document it!




Love my hair here, just after getting it dyed, I curled it and my hair just fell so nicely. So yes, I had to pose! Love my eyebrows in the picture too!



This dress I have blogged about before and after losing half a stone since then, I honestly felt really good.





This outfit was bought from New Look and was dress that I was pushed to try on by my friend and Mum. And honestly so glad I was. It fell so nicely over the lumpy and bumpy bits and minimised all my insecurities. (except the chunky arms, I am working on it though). It was a deep red underdress with a black lace netting over the top. The contrast between the two colours was amazing! It came with a little black belt which completed the outfit. Please do excuse the nobbly knees! ha!




The last selfie with my blondie hair! Simple makeup and great lighting…can’t go wrong really!





A few of Christmas gifts. My over flowing nail varnish box was amazing! I now have expanded to two boxes….slowly getting my collection up! I will blog solely about new my varnishes, what I recommend and what I don’t!




Please do not knock the snuggie until you get one! I was bit chilly on christmas day! Can you tell!?




And finally, how beautiful is one of my kitties! Sheldon lives at home with my mum and I love him so so so much! Was a little rascal hiding in mum’s tree! Spot the kitty cat!!!









So you are all caught up on all the goings on (all the fun stuff anyway). How was your festive season? Was it a family time or just a big party?


I have promised myself that I will make 2014 the year of fun and memories. I did not take many photos in 2013 and I really regret it. I will document 2014 with every inch of my life! Every night out, More pictures with my boyfriend and family, and not take everything for granted! 


 Let’s just take a moment to share what my New Years Resolutions are:


– Take more photos.

– Be more positive.

– Be healthy and happy.

– Blog more often to make something I love successful.

– Be a better person for my family and friends.

– Enjoy life and don’t take it for granted. 


What are yours?!




Work Work Work..

Hey Pretties, 


The past couple weeks have been absolutely crazy with work and what not, but I do owe you a new blog post, and I have been saving up some goodies for you lot!!


I have been shopping (my poor bank) to try some new things, but for things that I have needed…(my partner definitely thinks it’s just stuff I “want” but he’s a man, and just doesn’t understand needs of us ladies.)


Trying to think of where to start is so difficult but I think I am going to start with one of my favourite topics…Hair! I am obsessed with my hair, always wanting it changed, but never brave enough, trying hide the roots, trying out new up-do’s and what not, but my hair is soo frizzy and thick, that sometimes I think it just needs chopping all off! (Never in a million years, but frustration does give me an imagination!)

I have come across a new hair dye. This is one I have been using since I went from blonde back to brown (sob sob) to save the condition of my hair. I chose this one specifically because of the name. “Hair Mask”. Anything that is a mask, in my eyes will have a lovely conditioning treatment included. Not only does it leave my hair, soft, shiny and looking healthy but it so easy to apply all by myself (I type this with a smug face right now). I have also required help as it is guaranteed that I will make a mess with a bottle.




Basically, you mix the solution into a small tub and shake until it is well and truly mixed together. and you simply apply it like you would a hair mask (though making sure the roots are a priority) I section my hair from the bottom, working my way up and only applying to the roots. When roots are covered I will make my way to the ends. Even though there is not a lot of dye solution (when is there ever) I manage to still only need one box. At £6 a go in Boots, I would hate to buy two boxes for my length of hair because most it would go to waste. However, I recently discovered its only £4.50 in Wilkinson’s. Depends on whether you want the points in Boot’s.





Another one of my amazing finds is this beauty… 




I have grown extremely attached to Herbal Essences. I LOVE their conditioning masks and everyday conditioner as well as their shampoos. My two favourites of theirs are the blue bottles (designed for super moisturising) and the Yellow collection (designed for strength).  The smells is delightful and works well with my Coconut and Almond leave in conditioner (£1.39 in Boot’s own brand collection). It costs around £3-£4 in Boot’s, but you are bound to find Herbal Essences in some kind of deal, more than likely being 3 for 2. Using the two together allows my hair to dry quite quickly and with less frizz. Not 100% less frizz but it has become so much more manageable, especially on days where I genuinely can’t be bothered to do anything with my hair. 

Because one of the major problems that I have with my hair is Frizz, I have recently decided to reinvest in these particular products.






I have used the 3-day-Straight before, and I remember absolutely loving it, but the price tag always put me off. I know it is only about £6 to buy but somethings I find extremely difficult to justify. But these two were in an offer I couldn’t refuse, 2 products in the John Frieda range for only £8. Saving almost £8 altogether. The heat defence smells sooooo good! 

The 3-day-straight is supposed to keep your hair poker straight and non-frizzy for approximately 3 days without having to restyle. Obviously I find not washing my hair for 3 days (even with a dry shampoo) extremely itchy, but I know that the two days works a treat. Obviously in the pouring rain it won’t work too well but with the humidity that good old Britain has had over the past couple weeks, I desperately need to tame my locks! All you need to do is spray generously in damp hair and brush through. Same with the leave in conditioner and strengthening cream. 


It does sound like a lot of product, but honestly my hair has never felt better! Also have a day or so off, leaving you hair completely natural. I tend to tie it up in a high bun or a nice side plait at least once a week with absolutely no product. (a working day or a day when I am not required to go out).


Finally, I bought these tongs back in July and have been using them off and on since. Now, I am SO useless at GHD curls on myself, so I was desperate to find a thick barrel for my curls, so I have my thin curls and my nice natural looking beach waves. Looking for some decent ceramic ones at a good price can be difficult, but honestly, these have to be THE best buy ever!!



Now I didn’t want to invest in some fancy pants tongs, because I tend to straighten my hair (quicker and less hassle) but as I wasn’t sure how my hair would hold or look when using a thicker barrel I didn’t want to spend a fortune anyway. 

So as you can tell I probably didn’t spend a lot. I also came across these taking my mum to do a quick bit of shopping in a supermarket….

I spent approx £7 on these baby’s in ASDA!!!! It is Asda’s own brand and I can honestly say, hand on my heart, best things EVER!!!! I’m not even a fan of the pink, but it was totally worth it!

My result after using them….




I am not the best stylist when doing my own hair, but I love the wave/curl they give my hair, to be it looks effortless. The best thing is my hair even holds the curl with only a tiny bit of hairspray!!!


I would recommend anybody to invest in these, and at £7, why wouldn’t you?!


I have so much more to share with you guys so I will be posting soon, Keep an eye out.



Hair, Hair, Hair!

I am soooo bored of my hair right now, that I need a drastic change, and I do need some help from my readers! I want to be blonde again but the cost is a lot and the damage it does to hair is horrible. So I am going to show you guys what colours I have been and get your opinions! 


I do work in retail, so I don’t think it would be appreciated if I went a completely wild colour…or is that my excuse as I am not quite brave enough? Who knows! 😉


I have been blonde….



I have been a red head… 





I have had Black Hair…










and Natural!




I am not being vain, I am just completely stuck. 


I get bored sooooo quick and my family and friends all say different things, so they aren’t much help 😉


All these photos range from the last 4 years!!!! Can you tell which ones are from 4 years ago and which ones are from now?! I can’t. Hint: I’ve put alot of weight on in more recent pics! hahah!

Would love to hear back as to what you guys think! 


Counting on you! x