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Good Evening my lovelies!

How are we all this rainy day? Well I don’t know about you guys, but little old England is not having the best time at the moment when it comes to weather. I suppose us Brits should be used to the rain, but unfortunately not. It is currently hammering at my window and this morning I was woken up by a butt load of hail hitting my window too! To be honest though, I love days like that where I can just light up all my candles and hide under a blanket all day! Which I sort of did. I lit all the candles, cleaned my little flat and had some lovely company from my favourites; my mum and two sisters.

Anyway, enough talk about the weather. I have been blog reading, video watching and online shopping (by shopping I mean finding goodies I can’t buy and trying to find bad reviews to stop myself from spending). But one little goodie I came across I just had to buy.

I have always really either used my hands or a brush to apply my foundation and face makeup, so I was really excited to try the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge when I came across it. Every blogger I have found tends to love it, so I couldn’t really say no and at a small £5.99 from Boots, it became a must have. I found it slightly cheaper on Amazon at £4.99 with no PP but for an extra £1 I left the shop with it!

As you all know, I have terrible skin. Not necessarily covered in spots anymore (except in this post I am, hello hormones!) but my cheeks in particular are covered in scars! Waaaah!! So I really struggle to find a good base that really hides them well without adding layer upon layer making the foundation appear orangey against my super pale skin. Every time I have used a sponge I have never been impressed with the coverage and the fact that it soaks up nearly half the foundation you wish to apply – not cool. Seeing the reviews I was quite skeptical about using a sponge but this one is used slightly differently to you bog standard 10 little triangles for £2 in your local drug shop sponge.

I have been told that wetting the sponge will help not only give you the desired coverage but also minimise the amount of product it soaks up! – Can this really be true?

So here goes..

It is a weird looking product but makes the whole thing that little more intriguing for me to try. It is designed by Sam and Nic Chapman who run the YouTube channel Pixiwoo – I have been watching this channel for a while now at the recommendation of my friend Lauren and must say they are very talented ladies.


The first picture of the sponge is where it is dry and the second picture is after I have wet it. As you can see it has almost doubled in size, so i was pretty amazed. So let me go through with you what the packaging says about the shape of it. Each part of the sponge has a purpose and will allow you to apply the product a lot easier. Here is what it says:

The Flat Edge: Contours around the eyes and nose.

Sides: Blend large areas of the face

Tip: covers imperfections.

Here are a few pictures…

BEFORE                                                          CONCEALER LAYER                                 FOUNDATION





2014-02-04 13.36.332014-02-04 13.44.502014-02-04 13.45.57


UNDER EYE CONCEALER                      AFTER


2014-02-04 13.49.59 2014-02-04 13.54.09


As you can see, my skin has evened out and hidden the majority of the imperfections. Unfortunately it hasn’t covered them completely but I feel satisfied enough to walk out the front door! My skin is evil can in some lights can look awful so I have no expectations of completely flawless – though it is desired! The sponge did a good job at blending the product in without me feeling caked in makeup but still leaving me covered enough to say that my skin wasn’t so bad. I used the sponge for my night out over the weekend and I used the sponge to layer the foundation and concealer multiple times for a heavier coverage. I would most definitely use the sponge again and will hopefully learn to use it to its full potential. I also recommend to buy it because it does provide a choice of coverages, like I said – one layer is perfect for day time and then layering up for the evening as well.

The products that I used:

My good old trusty Max Factor Colour Adapt. I have written about this before..


Max Factor Under Eye concealer – I am not a great lover of this product. I feel that doesn’t give me the coverage I need for the bags that I find myself to wake up to! This was £7.99 in Boots.

Benefit Fake Up: I don’t use this very often but I will after using it today. It gave me a nice coverup layer after applying the foundation to mask those annoying blemishes even more so. A nice thick concealer and contains a layer of the anti blemish solution too so when applied it not only covers but helps heal and prevent too. A nice little product.  The packaging is lovely too!

MUA Hide and Conceal: I do love this concealer. It cost me the bank breaking price of £1…yes only 100 pennies and is a standard conceal stick. I love that it is a nice thick concealer so it can help even out my scarring on the skin. I applied this one before my foundation for an even coverage. I am almost out of it though!


Adding my eye makeup, blush and lip colour I found myself creating a nice simple look which would be ideal for anyone who is looking for a nice natural daytime look for a daytime date on valentines day!

I used the MUA Undressed Palette shade 10 for the outside of the eye lid blending into a Milani loose powder eye shadow in the shade 05 fairy dust. This was a nice pink colour fading into a deeper brown. Adding the ELF cream eye liner on the upper lash line, I followed the line right across, layering for a black that stands out. The brush that comes with the cream eyeliner sucks – it is too stiff and doesn’t get right into the corner the way I like so I do advise using your own brush to apply this. Adding the City Curl NYC mascara I finished the look. I didn’t want to add false lashes today but did want to use a mascara that gives me the fuller looking lash and this one does the job nicely. My lip colour was the Revlon ColourStay Ultimate Suede in the shade 010. This range has been advertised by Emma Stone who is beautiful so she convinced me to buy it!


2014-02-04 14.07.002014-02-04 14.14.17 2014-02-04 14.14.10 2014-02-04 14.14.08 2014-02-04 14.15.55


2014-02-04 14.37.57

I finished by straightening my hair and pinning my bangs back – I hate them at the moment and completely regret putting them back in – never mind it will grow!


What do you think? Would you buy the sponge? Have you tried it before? What did you think?


You know the rules – Let me know!!



Raising Money For Charity | I Have Been Tagged Too!

Hey cuties!


It is Friday night and I am indoors typing to you all whilst my nails dry! I do lead an interesting life! Here they are: 



Nothing Fancy, but a nice deep dark blue (an RCH nail polish bought for me for xmas, but can be found in Boots as part of a gift set. unsure if they can be found individually) and then we have the Rimmel London Space Dust range. I believe there are only 3 colours and I have all 3. They are absolutely beautiful and the colouring is great. Only down side is that my nails feel all rough, not so bad with a top coat but still can be felt. Irritating but I can live with that as they are just too darn beautiful!

Before I start tonights blog I do want to share a page which has been set up to raise some money for 7 charities. How it works is a very generous person on my Facebook friends list, Leanne, has organised 7 events for 7 different charities over 7 days. Ranging from Cocktail evenings with raffles to skydiving it offers opportunities for them to be sponsored as well as people enjoying themselves at events whilst donating money. 

I am aware that obviously you may not be local but I would really appreciate it if you took the time to look at the funding page and either donate some money or just spread the word. Every little counts so if all you can spare is £1 it will all add up. Sharing with your friends on social networking sites also would be amazing and see if we can help her reach her target. 

Here is the link: http://www.gofundme.com/7events7days

If you do donate or spread the word I would really appreciate if you just let me know in the comments below so I can tell Leanne how amazing my readers and followers are 🙂

I have been tagged by a dear friend of mine over at Chelsea Talks. She has recently started up her blog, and is an insane fan of E.L.F products.


This tag is just answering a few questions about myself, I may or may not have answered a couple of them before, but I do like to give all my lovely readers an insight into myself and get to know me that little bit more. I really struggle to talk about interesting things about myself, which is why I don’t mind joining in on the tags 🙂


So, here goes… 

 1. Nicknames:  I don’t particularly have any nicknames, Tay is what a lot of my chums call me (my mum hates it though haha) and some family call me Tails. My mum calls me Puddin’ Pop, because, let’s face it, she’s cool like that!

2. Location:  I have always lived in a little seaside down in the South West of England, in good ol’ Devon. I love living by the sea and having a few small cities nearby. London is dirty and horrible, but of course that is just my opinion, but big dirty cities will not stop me from one day visiting New York!!

3. Height: Standing at short 5ft 2in I struggle with my weight. I am not fat by any means, but I am insecure and pictures just are not flattering. I just feel that being small doesn’t always have its advantages! Though I do love it 🙂

4. Hair: I have naturally curly, red hair. There is a lot of negativity surrounding red heads and it has given me a negative view of myself. One day I will be brave enough to rock the natural hair but for now I am a brunette

5. Pet Peeves: Snoring and eating with mouths open grind my gears!!!! I cannot stand it!! I know it is pretty standard amongst most people, but dude serious, shut that gob!! Feet do gross me out too!

6. Habits: I feel that my habits aren’t as bad as most. I do not smoke or take drugs. I don’t drink alcohol very often. I don’t bite my nails (anymore). I don’t know if this is a habit, but more of an OCD thing I suppose, but when I brush my teeth, I HAVE to wash my hands after. Otherwise they feel hot and dirty. Who knows why but I cannot stop thinking about them until they are washed!!

7. Sight: I do need to wear glasses. They were originally just for reading and things like that, but now its all the time. When am I not using a computer, driving or watching tv? I am always reading things on my phone, at work using computers or driving around somewhere, so I do rely on them a lot more. I don’t wear them all the time, they get in the way, but I do rock my Kardashian Glasses purchased at Sears in LA.

8. First Memory: The first memory I have is of me falling down the stairs in someone’s house. I do not know how old I was but I really wasn’t that old. I remember that I needed the toilet and someone had to accompany me up the stairs and on the way back down I was briefly let go of, and I tumbled right down. I had stitches in the back of my head, and if you root through my hair and white scar can be found (so I have been told). I remember having a flannel held to my head in the back of car on the way to the hospital. I find it fascinating that people can remember things so far back in their childhood!

9. Starsign: I am infact an October baby so Scorpio is my sign. A red head and Scorpio you say? Yep, quiet and keep to myself but I do have a feisty, fiery side, that can be dangerous! haha!!

10. Career Objectives: I have always decided on something and changed my mind. I have wanted to be a Lawyer, Midwife, Photographer, writer, everything, but as it stands anything in the beauty and makeup industry will do me fine. Taking it step by step I just hope to be successful in whatever I find myself doing and that is all I can hope for. Being happy is something that people forget about when choosing their career, and it doesn’t matter how much money is being made, if it doesn’t make you happy, you will never feel that sense of accomplishment that I think everyone should feel throughout their working life.

11. Education: I studied for my GCSE’s and A-Levels at the same school. I don’t fully regret taking any of my chosen subjects but for the insdustry I choose my career path to me now, none of them suit and going back to get the relevant qualifications can be pricey. I have 3 Alevels – Photography, English Language and Sociology. I love these topics and find them all to be interesting in different ways. Variety was something I aimed for so I could broaden by career search and keep my options open when I left school. I chose not to go straight into uni because I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I feel that it costs too much now to spend weeks and term time drinking all the time (yes, I am old) and would want to keep my head down and achieve what I know I am capable of. Unfortunately other people do not share the same opinions as myself and that would be too distracting for me. I will go eventually but when I have some work experience behind me.

12. TV: I love my girlie programmes, Sex and The City and Desperate Housewives being favourites of mine, but I do like to mix it up with some Big Bang Theory, New Girl and even really really enjoyed Breaking Bad. If you haven’t watched them, then GO.

13. Celeb Sightings: On our travels to LA we expected to see celebs everywhere! We were infact wrong. We did however get to see some filmings at The Grove of The Voice judges, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green, with Mario Lopez interviewing so that was exciting. Not to forget getting to meet David Spade in the Cheesecake Factory at the The Grove too on a completely different day. Always a good day when that happens!

14. Weird: When I was a little tiny child, I used to love watching Star Trek and Singing the theme song to Bad Boys. Clearly I was a very interesting and talented child. I also can make my eyeballs squeak. It sounds like you are polishing a glass table, but the noise genuinely comes from my eyeballs.

15. Crushing:  I have many celeb crushes, just think of all the Hollywood hunks, but I am known for my girl crushes too! I am don’t fancy women or anything like that, but lets face it, girls have their girl crushes and men have their man crushes. Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato are my crushes at the moment. They are such beautiful women who are so talented and their music is soooo good. I listen to them all the time and are probably my most listened to. My music taste is extremely random and have many genres, but at the moment they are my fave.

16. Favourites: I could spend forever telling you all my favourite things in this world, but my all time favourites are my mum and my 2 sisters. I could not live without them, they are genuinely my rocks. No matter what is said in a heated argument or if I don’t see them for a week or so but they genuinely are the loves of my lives. This picture below just about explains our relationships and how much fun we can have together. Yes that’s my mum in the background in her wheelchair being pushed by my sister. This is in fact the best photo bomb EVER.



Chelsea did write 30 facts about herself, but unfortunately I couldn’t think of 30 and you will probably pick up more about me from my posts than me listing lots of random facts. Narrowing them all down to be interesting is proving rather difficult!! Anything you want to know about though, please do not be scared to ask me 🙂


I will be back over the weekend with review of my new Real Techniques Beauty Blender Sponge and my Rimmel Apocalypse Lip colour. (I accidentally bought the tester otherwise that would have been tonights post, DO NOT SHOP IN A RUSH!)

But for now,


Thanks once again for reading. Please do share the charity page and my blog and we will see if we can help Leanne reach her target.