DIY – Blogging Table

Hey there my Pretty Little Readers,

Today I am going to dive right into my blog post and share with you a little something I have recently whipped up within a matter of minutes to help improve the picture quality of my blog. 

Since starting my blog, I have find it difficult to take picture and find the right setting around my little old flat, that also has the right lighting. 

So, I decided to bring that place to me. Somewhere that I can move about depending on where the best lighting is at the time and that can be related to my blog. 

I have noticed that a few bloggers have a little creative area so I thought I would create my own and there isn’t a lot of surface around my house and it has caused my photos to look crappy and like I can’t be bothered.

So, it literally took me 5 minutes and cost me next to nothing. 

I took a box lying around. I wanted it to be relatively big or at least a decent size. However, it can be cut to the size desired. (The box of my hoover in this case!)


I the retrieved some nice girly wrapping paper, (I had it lying about the house too so again didn’t cost me anything, but I will probably make a few more with some different patterns). You can get wrapping paper anywhere from supermarkets to card shops, even at Primark. This particular pattern was bought at Sainsbury’s and was left over from a birthday.


All I did from there was take the wrapping paper and wrap the piece of cardboard – Simples. 


You want to make the wrapping paper as tight as possible so when it gets moved about there less likely it is to get any rips or tears and look lose and creased. Other than that, you can’t go wrong. 


I will more than likely get a Matte looking paper next time so doesn’t reflect the flash or the bright lights when it gets to that point, but I am just attracted to shiny things right now! Hah!

If you create one yourself, would love to see, so make sure you send me links!

Love ox


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