Revamping My Life.

Well hello there!


Another week has passed and I can’t believe it. I am once again struggling for time in my busy life but this time its not as bad as it seems. 

Fitting a life around work can be difficult, but it’s finding what is worth your time and what isn’t. However, I am in the process of finding out what that is, but one thing I have found out that I absolutely love is…. the gym. 


I can’t believe for the past week the words that have come out of my mouth are “I’m sorry, I’m busy, I’m going to the gym”. Everyone who knows me has found themselves in a little bit of shock because I went 4 days in a row – may not sound like much but for someone who NEVER goes and struggles to commit to the gym out of sheer lack of motivation, this is an achievement.


I will be going every day with hopefully only one day off a week, but I need to ease it in nicely. I am attending with my boyfriend’s sister, Lindsay, who is a skinny minnie anyway, so she is my inspiration for now, as well as my old skinny self.

So when we get there, we are working on the ’30 Day Challenges’. Our ones being, Abs, Arms, and Squats followed by approx 20-30 mins of intense cardio. I have honestly never struggled and sweat so much in my entire life, but I LOVE it!!! 


I wanted to share this with you, because if I can do it, you can too. This is part one of my revamp, and the next part is finding a diet that fits my lifestyle and is still satisfying. 


I will share my progress with you all, followed by meals, and of course the obligatory beauty post. Beauty post is coming this week, especially as I bought a new palette that I cannot wait to share with you all!! I wanted to share this with you simply because I want it to be an area of inspiration, and a place we can all share our tips and hints. I would love to know what you all do to keep fit and healthy!


This weekend I have spent my time in sunny Newquay, Cornwall. I have had the best time and one night definitely wasn’t enough. I have experienced too much stress, with lack of time and a few situations I find myself to be struggling with and coming to terms with. Stress is most certainly not my friend! Here are some pictures, so you don’t have to be bored by me anymore!

 10563554_10152092185036157_1120648373_n   10553395_10152090528196157_6901654843613656308_n


10521328_10152091731376157_759547521295084869_n 10487308_10152089950991157_8672747241748285126_n 10409202_10152091986141157_3869565584071675044_n




And as a little added bonus, for those who are eager for some beauty related posts… I cleared up my vanity! YAY, nothing beats a clean vanity!!! My beautiful Orchid is a little added touch, definitely will be investing in another 10 haha!!





Love xo



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