Neglecting Your Blog Is a Crime.

Good evening my beautiful friends!

I apologise sincerely for my absence, but I feel now is the right time to get back up and running.

Over the past few months I feel that I have completely lost touch with who I am and what type of person I really am, but now I am ready to start working on improving me, myself and I.
I have neglected what I love and I have suffered for it. I can’t say the last few months I have been truly happy, which snowballed from being one problem to a millions problems, however, I am not going to sit there and accept it. I will work on improving my quality of life and work on my ambitions.

I will work on myself, as long as you all promise to work on everything you could wish for along side me. Whether that be just make time for you loved ones, save for a holiday or even treat yourself, everyone needs hope, inspiration and a little help every now and again, and I want us to do that together. So there we have it. Let’s do this, girls.

Cringe, right? Oh well.


So, whilst I have been MIA, I have been getting up to stuff whilst moping around, and here are a few pictures to share with you, just because reading what I have to say isn’t always that interesting.. It is genuinely surprising at how little I have to show for the last few months. But here goes…..







DSC01641 DSC01580 DSC01539 DSC01532 DSC01517


DSC01461 DSC01437


But here is a quick run down if you don’t follow me on Twitter… I got a new job, I went on my first holiday with my boyfriend and my beautiful sister is having her first baby. I could not be more excited to be an Aunty!!! Eeeeekkk.

I will write you all again sooner than you think!

What do you want to see in my posts? Reviews? Tutorials? Everything?

Help me improve!

Love xo


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