January Birchbox | My Thoughts

Hey guys, 


I know this is completely lately but only over the last week have I received my first Birchbox. There was a slight confusion with my order but their customer support over e-mail very quickly helped with my concerns over delivery. 

I have my February Box due any day now as the payment came out unexpectedly a few days after the first.

So, I wanted to sign up to a beauty box because I really wanted to widen my knowledge of products and try some new goodies. I have been looking into Glossy Box and Birch Box for months and months, and I chose Birch Box simply because my friend at Chelsea Talks chose to go for Glossy Box.

When I got home from work after my boyfriend, Dan, accepted delivery for me, I must say my first impression was disappointment. Everyone’s pictures made the box look a lot bigger than it actually is. I would probably say it was a bit smaller than an A5 size.



The box was very dull – well, for a beauty box anyway. I was expecting something girly and fun. 



I will re use the box for storage – I am a sucker for boxes. I opened the box and found a cute little bag. I thought this was very fun and different, and again would re use the bag for some storage for my products when travelling.



The box came with a little book called Tiny Tweaks. I thought this was a really sweet idea. It was filled with little suggestions to help make life that little bit better. Little, easy changes that could help you in the long run. For example – “take the stairs in stead of the lift” or  “add a slice of lemon to hot water first thing to kick start your metabolism”. I really liked this idea and thought that although they were generalised for everyone, adapting each little hint or idea to suit yourself and lifestyle could really help you in the long run.




This little french product is a moisturiser and it is advised for the face and neck. It is a very simple, attractive packaging, but a horrific looking pricetag. £54.75!!! I am afraid of using it to it’s full potential incase I fall head over heels in love, because unfortunately this is out of my price range. Smells good though!




Here is a sample of Philip Kingsley’s moisture balancing conditioner. I have A LOT of thick curly hair so this sample is just not enough for me. I am not doubting its capabilities but I feel that I would only just half a use out of it. I think I will give this product to my little sister who has shorter hair and get her to review it for you all. Retailing at £18 I doubt that even if I liked it, I wouldn’t buy it. I am too fond of my bank friendly Herbal Essenses.




Absolutely devastated that when I opened this product it was CRACKED. It had leaked over all of my products, and nearly ruined it all. I managed to salvage everything but I thought that this was necessary. There was absolutely no damage, dents or cracks on my box, even the postage box, which suggests to me that someone had but it cracked into the box whilst it was being packed. Literally ruined the whole Birchbox experience for me, and has been enough for me to already think about cancelling my subscription. However, the product smelt delicious. I thought it was very limey. For a body lotion, again it is definitely not enough, but I have used it sparingly mainly on the tops my arms where It can get a bit dry. It was good, mainly just for the smell. The consistency was in between thick and runny so wasn’t greasy at all. Retails at £12.95. I personally wouldn’t spend this amount on a body lotion – You all know how much I love Nivea, and that is a little bit thicker.




I was SO excited when I read that Birchbox has teamed with Benefit and that I would be finally getting to try out the Porefessional. Retailing at £24.50 I was very skeptical, especially as almost every blogger and YouTuber that I have read/watched, has raved about the product. I used it over my cheeks surrounding my nose where the majority of my pores are gigantic and on my fore head just slightly above my eyebrows, in the centre. Althought I felt that It didn’t completely make them disappear it was very good at keeping me shine free throughout the day. I wouldn’t rely on it the way a lot of bloggers do, but I would consider purchasing it.




I must say that I am enjoying using Lavera’s handcream. It smells lovely and has a nice texture. Retailing at only £4.45 I would buy this in a full size.It is vegan friendly as well, which is always a bonus. I use this before bed and leaves my hands feeling lovely.




Having found this little gem in the box I was, and still am very nervous to try it. Receiving a soup in a paste was weird enough, and it is as simple as adding hot water. I was talking about this with my mum and think that adding some noodles to bulk it out would probably make me feel a little more comfortable trying it. I am not adventurous as I once was when it comes to food so I am unsure. I will definitely give it a go, but not just yet – will let you know when I do. If you have tried it, please let me know what you thought!


The subscription is £10 per month with £2.95 p&p

So there was my very first Birchbox. Overall I am not incredibly happy with what I received. I definitely would prefer a box that sent me makeup instead of lotions and potions. I found that the sample size would have been something that I could probably get for free if I went to the right department store and I was under the impression that they would be deluxe sample sizes, not quite full size but definitely bigger that they were. waaaah

I will get back to you guys once I have opened and had a play around with my February box as it will be the decider as to whether I will cancel my subscription. I am always one to give a second chance, especially as this is something that can be hit or miss. 


Do you have any subscriptions that would be ideal for what I am looking for? What did you think of your January Birchbox?


Let me know!! 



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