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Well hello once again to all my followers, and hello to all the newbies!


How have you all been over the last few days? I have been working so trying my hardest to get some blogging done but by the time I sit down to write, my eyes go all droopy and that’s the end of that idea!! Typical!

But I am back and will be again tomorrow as it will be my day off then too!! woohoo!!


I recently sorted out some of my beauty storage and to find new homes I had to go through and sort out the contents of all the old homes, and I came across a few goodies that I received at christmas back in 2012. My bestie, Hannah, got me a beautiful set but I always end up just using the shampoos and conditioners when I am gifted with sets for hair – super naughty but I get stuck in routines and habits and stick with what I know. But coming across them, I once again became intrigued and just had to try it out.


The Mark Hill set was designed for styling your hair straight, which is why it was bought for me. My hair is a lot more manageable when it straight so that’s how I pretty much style it every day. It came with a shampoo and conditioner that helped the frizz and to help it stay straight once you have styled it, and it was accompanied by a straightening heat defence and straightening cream. Heat defence is always a bonus as it is handy if you go on holiday to a hot destination or just generally using heat styling tools. 


The packing is absolutely beautiful!




And I tell you what – the product is amazing too. 


I apply a small amount in the ends of my hair after I have towel dried it but before I used the hair dryer. Spritz on some heat defence and then blow dry. I have so much hair that it usually takes me ages to dry my hair, but even with leaving my hair to dry naturally (another time consuming process) it pretty much slashes that time in hair – easy peasy. 

After drying my hair, I then straighten it with my shiny new purple GHD’s I received for Christmas. My hair was so shiny and sleek that I have used it every time since! My hair doesn’t get as greasy as quick and smells lovely. Nothing like turning your head and getting a waft of a nice smelling hair product!


A full sized bottle can be found in Boots at the small price of £5.99 and you will also be able to find products by Mark Hill in the straightening range, including the Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the heat defence.




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