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Well hello there!!


You  will be shocked at me, my THIRD Lip review this week! Whaaaaaaaat?! I know right! 


In my absence over the holidays, I found myself using a lot more lip colour with all the parties and nights out, and even during the day. I have never really been bothered by the whole lip stick/gloss thing, but I am growing to like it and starting to feel naked and incomplete without it! I am so surprised at myself, but I am kind of enjoying it!


So over the past couple months I have a accumulated a few Matte style lipsticks (more like crayons) by E.L.F. and I must say, I am pretty impressed! Let me show you…. 

The shades we have in order from left to right is: “Natural” “Coral” “Tea Rose” and “Rich Red”.







As you can tell the Natural is my absolute favourite, (used it alot hense the faded writing on the packaging! oopsie!) but I also feel that the Coral is another with a bit of gloss over the top. 




I love them because they are applied smoothly and glide nicely, and find for the price, they last a good length of time. They don’t smell and have a nice taste to them. (Not that I eat them, but nothing worse then a dodgy tasting lip product). 




As you can see the red isn’t as dark as it is shown on the bottom of the product, which to be honest, disappointed me! But it is a lovely colour to use anyway! The natural colour is my go to colour. Like I said, I am starting to feel naked and lost without any lips on so if I am off to work or anything like that, it just head for the natural. Can top it up when I can but not to worried as it is a perfect match to my lip colour. As they are matte, I probably wouldn’t advise if you have chapped lips as it can look clumpy and dry out your lips more than you would like, but if you don’t I would recommend them. Probably the best Lips products that you can get from E.L.F.




As you can see from my picture, you can take the bottom bit off and see this little funny device attached… I was so surprised when my Mum pointed it out but it is actually a little sharpener to add the point back into the tip of the product, just like the point you get when you first open the product. I find it to be such a good idea as you get a more accurate application.


So there you have my Matte lips by E.L.F. There are a few more colours which I will definitely invest in, in the near future so I do recommend on purchasing 🙂


One boring and lonely evening over the weekend, I tidied up my vanity desk and it is unbelievable at how much better it feels reorganising my makeup and products. (As sad as that sounds!) But I feel a lot better in the mornings when I am getting ready, more relaxed definitely. I did take the pictures in the evening, so don’t worry, this is not the lighting I do my makeup in, but I do definitely need to invest in a more natural bright lighting, so I get a more accurate application to show you guys. 




I am also completely obsessed with scented candles right now, in the evenings I light them to help relax me ready for bed. The flavour in the picture is a vanilla, probably my all time favourite!!


That brown box is a little drawer set that separates my lips, eyes and face to keep it all organised. Should I do a storage blog for you all?


How do you keep your products?




2 thoughts on “Lips | ELF Matte Lips

  1. WHAAAAAAAAT?!? All this time I’ve been trying to even out how much I use on each side of my elf matte lipstick as I didn’t think there was a sharpener! Thanks for putting that in there, you’re a life saver 😂 xxxx

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