Lips | Barry M & Eyes | ELF Gel Eyeliner

Hey gorgeous people!


Today was another statement lip day, and it has made stepping out of my comfort zone that little bit more fun. 


I went for my usual everyday eye makeup and then added my lip colour and I am 100% and totally in love!! I bought this lip colour back in November to match a dress that I bought for my work party at christmas, and was going for the ‘cranberry’ idea and wasn’t sure that I would wear it again once I have used it. I am SO glad that I bought it and I could wear it every day if I could. It was by Barry M and was bought in Boots. The packaging is nice and smart too!

The stick when I first found the tester, was like “woooooaaaaah” that’s abit dark but as you can tell by the colouring on my hand it isn’t actually dark at all. 



It glides on nicely and leaves a nice matte kind of finish and honestly, it lasted me from about 11am all the way until 5pm. I am soooo impressed, especially because I had eaten my lunch in between that, with a cuppa too!! The only problem that I have with adding a bright colour to my lips is that sometimes it can make my lips look super thin – not cool. My mum gave me the little advice of adding a small amount of highlighter in the little cave above your lip so it lines your actual lip and a small amount of a dark shadowy colour lining the centre of your bottom lip – make sure you blend and make sure it is not too heavy or obvious – again; not cool! Below is the finished product!


Also in the today’s makeup I used my ELF gel liner for the first time for my upper lid. I was quite impressed but found that it was a bit too waxy, so I went over it with a black eyeshadow to set it in place. Definitely will be using it again! The brush it came with was an angles brush making sure that the line was smooth, and easy to apply.


It was bought for £3.75 ( but I received it for Christmas)






My hair is getting longer but it is definitely not growing fast enough!!

As my beautiful sister is down the for week (I am so happy I get to see her as I haven’t since she left back in October :(:( ) She bought me my birthday present which was a small tattoo. It is one I have been making noises about for a while but just never had the money or the time to man up and just get it! It is meant to remind me to wear my heart on my sleeve, so now it is my sister reminding me to do so. It’s so cute and love it 🙂


Here is my beautiful sister’s and I walking through town after spending the afternoon together. They are my favourite ladies and so grateful that they are there for me when I need them, and I for them. 




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