Hair Inspiration | Eva Longoria

Hey Beauties!

Recently I have been watching Desperate Housewives from the very beginning, running through all the emotions of laughter, shock, sadness and sitting through the dramatic story lines there has been one constant – Eva Longoria’s beauty. (major girl crushing right now).

Her makeup and hair is always flawless and I am so envious of it all!!

But her hair in particular is always so shiny and perfect, so 2014 I have made the decision for her to be my inspiration for hair.

I always get asked, who’s hair do you like? Or when I go to the salon to get my hair cut, I never know who to use for inspiration so I have now chosen and I am prepped for when someone asks me next!

I did a quick Google Search on Images just to find a few examples of her hair, and here are a few…









To the Side..






Her hair is so big and thick that I am pretty sure she would use some form of extravagant hair extensions. I am maybe looking into investing in some myself, and some recommendations would be rather helpful!

Not only is she my Hairspiration but she is a fashion icon as well. She can go daytime to evening with class and seamingly effortless.

Looking at the pictures that I have chosen, I see how she favour the smokey eye and the nude lips, so my next blog I might post a few experimental pictures showing a few copycat ideas… Haven’t got the smokey eyeshadows out for ages, I’m so excited!! Whilst I show a few of the styles, I can show you a few more cosmetics that I use.

Who is your inspiration for 2014 for hair, makeup and fashion??



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