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Two posts in one evening?! You lucky devils!


It’s a friday night, my social life is dire with no money and my flat is clean…What is a girl to do!? Blog of course!!


I love that the more I post, the more followers I am attracting and I am so so so grateful for every single one of you! MY aim for 2014 is to reach out to more and more of you and to make sure that you all know that I am inspired and motivated by every single one of you to keep going and writing on my blog. My blog is for myself and to hopefully inspire you all the way I have been inspired but because of this, the fact that I have followers is so amazing!!!



Anyway, back to business. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you may have seen this photo pop up… (If you don’t follow me, then why not?! No excuses 😉 @writtenbytayla )



In my little collection, that was added to at christmas includes:

Nivea Deodorant: Roll on and spray – Stress protect

Nivea Face Wipes: For normal and combination skin

Nivea Moisturiser: Soft – for Face/Body/Hands (75ml and the gigantic tub)

                             Firming – Body lotion

Nivea Primer: Express Hydrating (amazing)

Nivea Lip Balm: Essential Care

                          Soothe and Protect

                          Pearly Shine (not in the picture but tends to be in pink packaging to leave a pink tint to the lips)


As you can tell I am absolutely crazy about Nivea, and it all started with the Face/hand/body moisturiser. It was when I went to a trip to Home Bargains when it first opened locally, and it was just one of those things you pick up mindlessly because you need it and it was cheap. It was such a good price and have never turned back! The tubes I use to moisturise my hands and face first thing in the morning and the larger tub I use on my body. It has a non-greasy and thick texture which is why I love it. I just cannot stand super runny and oily moisturisers. They make me feel I need to wash my hands. Because it is quite thick, I do love using it after the face wipes in the morning to freshen my face up, because of the feeling it leaves. I feel that it helping me hide and fill all the scarring on my skin from the years of neglect. The face wipes are available in Savers (twin pack for £1.99) Literally the best deal out there without a doubt, otherwise you will find stores charging £3 for 1 packet – not cool.

I then use the Primer in the morning after the moisturiser. It does seem a bit much using a moisturiser and then an express hydrating primer right after, but my skin is seriously in need of some TLC and since starting this routine first thing in the morning, I am noticing a dramatic difference in how my face looks and feels – To start with I am not hiding behind my bangs anymore and that forehead has made its debut! haha! I have written about the Primer before but it genuinely so amazing! Some primers can leave a slidey texture to your face and make it even feel oily, but this does the complete opposite. It leaves a nice healthy, fresh skin feeling and I can’t stop touching my face when I have applied it. It is about £4.99 in most shops but you only need a small amount, and as it is a large pot it does last me a couple months at a time! Buy it, go go go, I promise – it will not disappoint.


The Soothe and Protect lip balm has been yet another life saver for me and is the first EVER lip balm I have used to the very end. The majority of the time I lose them or find a better one and end up leaving it on the side for months that I will just chuck it away. One thing I love about it is that it glides on smoothly and fills the lips in nicely. It fixes my chapped lips within hours and is even SPF15 so I use it constantly during the summer. The Essential Care one was bought in Poundland so was a bargain and have been using that since I ran out of my little light blue one 😦 sob sob. It isn’t as good, it feels a little bit more greasy – which I don’t like, but that is personal preference. It does the healing and protecting the gob just as well! The pearly shine is exactly the same as the Soothe and Protect but which a pinky hint to the stick. Perfect if you can’t be bothered to apply a lippy but still want a tint of colour.


My stress Protect is another amazing product. Walking up what seems like the Alps on my way home from work, it do get a little hot and sweaty and there is nothing worse than having that unpleasant smell being detected by your boyfriend when you take your coat off (most embarrassing thing ever, even if you do live together) I knew right then it was time for a new deodorant. By this time I was already falling in love with Nivea and I just had to buy it, to find out if Nivea would ever let me down. And once again – they didn’t. I do feel sweaty sometimes but honestly find that I am not smelly (always a bonus). Woohoo!!! I am more of a spray kinda gal but I received the roll on for Christmas, and I was completely shocked that I liked using it. Walking around like a monkey to let it dry before getting dressed though, not the most attractive thing ever, but the things you do to smell and feel good!


Have you ever tried Nivea? Whats your favourite product?





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