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Hey There Ladies!


As you can see, this evening I have been playing around with my blog, New Year,New start and all that jazz!! I am rather fond of it now, and totally feeling the new look. Sorry about the selfies in the new header, just trying to keep updated, and showing off a couple of my makeup looks. As you can tell my looks are kept simple and natural during the day, and I am pretty sure that a few my followers have noticed that in previous posts, I have applied the eye makeup a little bit more generously on a night out or for an occasion 😉 hehe.

Today I am going to tell you guys all about a sneaky purchase from last month. 

I am definitely not one for lipsticks, especially bright ones, but if I am going to take my love for makeup seriously, I thought I needed to calm it down and stop buying things exercise this love and spend spend spend. So, I thought it was time to experiment and try something new so I took the risk and bought an outrageous colour – Well it is to me anyway. 


This particular colour is Shade 405, Blue Rose

The colour goes on extremely smoothly, and for the bargain cost of £1.99 I really do not mind reapplying it a couple of times. NYC is available for us Brits in Superdrug stores but I know that Walmart stock NYC in the US. I only know this because, after a couple of trips to the wonderful world of America, I bought many NYC products. I will be eternally grateful to Walmart for introducing me to NYC makeup products. Such amazing value for the products.

When I get paid, I most definitely will be venturing back to Superdrug to purchase more shades! They are also available online, if you local store doesn’t stock them. 


Today has also been the first full day of restarting my diet. Over Christmas it is always like this…


 Does anyone else agree?! I am still attending Slimming World and because of this, my weight gain over the xmas period was 1/2lb!!! I am so proud of myself!


My little treat for tonight was… 



Berries – Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries! topped with a single meringue (I have syned this) and some powered sweetener to remove that bitter and sharp taste. So full and was soooo delish!! Normally I top with a Muller Light yoghurt but I ran out of them 😦

What are your favourite healthy treat when trying to get trim?






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