Miracle In a Can!

Hello there my lovelies.


I am writing this blog tonight at my mother’s request. It is true when they say parent’s can be your #1 fan, and I am so lucky for that to be the case with my Mum. I love her to pieces and I am so grateful of the relationship that we have. She is most definitely my best friend. Today she says to me… “I am waiting for your next blog post. You take ages posting and I check all the time”. So I have now been told by my own mum I need to get a shimmy on with my writing, and she is 100% right. I promised to make more time for blogging, so the only way to do that is to get on with it!

So, whilst I sit here in my Pj’s at 21:59pm on a Saturday night, snap chatting with my little sis, I decided now was the time to write my next blog post….That and the fact my boyfriend is using his saturday night to play FIFA 14, which I bought him for Christmas. (yawn).

I asked my mum what I should blog about tonight, and she said to review some things that I got for Christmas. The first thing that I really wanted to write and tell you all about was a little hidden gem amongst my gifts from my mum. 


Every year we get a santa’s sack full of toiletries from The big man himself! 😉 This is full of little goodies to stock us up for the year ahead, things like smellies, toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner and hair products. These are fancy products that we may not spend so much on ourselves, so it is one of my favourite things about xmas day. Stocking up! I appreciate things like this so much because it helps me budget and save a lot easier especially in the tough months soon after Christmas! My mum is a great thinker like that!

So in my Sack this year, (and like the last couple of years) I received some Dry Shampoo. I have always used this for days I am rushing out of the door and don’t have time to wash my hair and never fully appreciated the full use of the product. I have had some completely crap dry shampoo’s in the past… Superdrug’s own version just made my hair even greasier – despite the pleasant smell, and because of this, I was kind of put off the concept of dry shampoo altogether. 

When I opened my Batiste Dry Shampoo on Christmas day, it didn’t even occur to me to be remotely excited and thought in a passing moment “that will come in handy when I can’t be bothered”. (I may have forgot to mention, sometimes I can be lazy haha!)

The other day I couldn’t get my hair to do what I want. I have been struggling to style my hair since growing my bangs out, and felt it just flops and is really flat at the root. This makes my hair feel and look alot greasier than it really is and it has been stressing me out. No amount of hairspray or back combing seemed to me working! Because of this, I have just pinned back what is left of my bangs to just get it out of my way altogether.

In a passing thought I decided to try my Batiste Dry Shampoo and I never expected the outcome! I didn’t think to take a before picture of my dreadful hair, but here is the after pic..Image


I couldn’t believe how my hair went from being limp and horrible to volumised in a matter of seconds. I just applied and left for a couple minutes. I then brushed the product out and voila! I only applied mainly to the root, as there is no point on the ends! There wasn’t a horrid feel to my hair, like some dry shampoos can leave after using, it just felt fresh, clean and big! So I just ran my fingers through my hair and pulls my hair back whilst doing that and there you have the final picture! I was so chuffed. 

I previously used the Batiste Dry Shampoo for blondes when I had blonde hair, and because I mainly used it to cover rootage when I couldn’t afford to have my roots dyed properly, (works a treat by the way) I never fully appreciated the product in all it’s glory!


You can view their whole range here: http://www.batistehair.co.uk


They do different scented cans, can specific for hair colours or ones specific to certain outcomes, XXL volume for example! So woth checking out!



for christmas I recieved the original, and so impressed! In Boots it is probably priciest at £4.99 a bottle online. Wilkinsons, Savers and Superdrug also sell the product. All places often host deals around the product I have previously seen!


You should definitely check it out for yourselves! 


Let me know how you get on, or if you use their products already!






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