Changing Selfies into E.L.Fies….

Well hello there!!!

I haven’t posted in a while, but I have had a busy few weeks, especially since last weekend I celebrated turning the big 21!!!

So scary, but the only way to move on is embrace becoming older! aha, You would think I’m turning 80!!

On our journey to becoming one year older, we went to Cardiff, Wales. Now one thing I will share with you is I love the welsh, and I LOVE shopping there, it was just a bonus we went for a drink or two, or ten in the evening ;).

Anyway, one reason my friend Chelsea and I were really excited to go shopping, was for a new shop that open 2 days prior to our visit. This shop was the “E.L.F” shop. 

Now, If you are regular reader of my blog you will have an idea of what I am talking about, but I am going to assume that you don’t know what “E.L.F” is because I love talking about them. My poor friends and family must be sick of my going on and on and on and on, and others must think I work for them, but (unfortunately, and I totally wish I did) I don’t. 

We could not, for the life of us, find this shop and we even had our phone maps out following the pin point! The 3 of us looked like complete tourists, the only thin was missing was our backpacks!! haha!! 

Eventually when we found it, we were like children in a candy store. Honestly, I had so much stuff in my hands, that I literally had cramp for the next couple of hours. The best thing was the staff were SO friendly and helpful, that we left instantly wanting to return. We described it as an addiction. We literally went back before we left Cardiff the next day and bought more. I had spent over £80 on makeup. To make things worse, the makeup was of an affordable cost, so I just went mental.

So, with all the things that I had bought from their website previously, here is the damage…. 


Minus the red brushes, every item of makeup that you see (including the black brush holder) is E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face).

You have everything there from foundation to lips, to brush cleaners to a mineral powder that genuinely helps defeat blemishes.

So here is a glimpse of my previous E.L.F experience… Image

If you have read back through to my older posts, you would know that I orders some products online ready for my sister’s 18th and haven’t turned back since.

This is the experience I had with their Foundation… 


 Oil free, which is perfect for the Shine we all suffer with occasionally!


Now, although you can just about see the lumps and bumps of my skin, you can clearly see I have used bright lights, and that the redness has just completely disappeared. My skin is 100% looked after, but no girl is lucky enough to escape mother nature once a month!!!


The matte lip colour in Natural, has to be my favourite day time look. It just emphasises your lips without the standoutish colour, very understated, and lasts a good few hours 🙂 (you have to be realistic).


My final look for Saturday night. Only 3 out of the gazillion products I used we NOT E.L.F, but that was because those particular products I didn’t have with me, or I didn’t even think to purchase them in my state of shock and excitement. Those were, my lashes, my eyeliner and my eye brow pencil (all to be invested in soon enough ;)).

What do you think??


This beauty is my favourite brush of all time, that I have literally caught myself brushing this over my face even when I have finished my makeup. It is SO soft, that I am obsessed with it. I used it to apply my powder over the foundation. It is used to get an even coverage and no clumps. I also finds that it keeps the shine away for longer compared to when I use the pad that comes with a compressed powder. I 100% recommend you all to buy this brush…like right now… 

In fact, check out the website or pop into the girls for a helping hand in Cardiff. They are even on twitter and are currently running a huge amount of comps, and are looking for 20,000 followers to then give customers 50% off…you have no excuse now!! @elfcosmeticsuk
I tweet them and instagram them so often that I was E.L.F famous in the store and a few of the staff recognised me and my name! So much so they took a pic of Chelsea and I… This picture was taken from the @elfcosmeticsuk Instagram page..


Before I finish up this blog post I will post a few pictures from my birthday… 


My two beautiful friends and I before heading out…. 


Completely and 100% attractive… 


This dress I wore is in the Kelly Brook range in New Look, at £35 I had to love it…which I did!! The shoes were bought in the sale back in January and were a bargin of £7…not only this but they are beautiful and sparkly. (I am completely attracted to all things shiny and sparkly)


My ribs and my partner’s ultimate ribs at my first birthday meal at TGIFriday’s. Got to me one of my fave restaurants. The atmosphere can be amazing in there… I also got a free slice of birthday cake, always a winner…


The fabulous double choc cake my Partner’s mum made for me… 


We are attractive, moving on… 


My gorgeous baby sister at my 2nd birthday meal, in a local restaurant, Jingles.. 


My incredible birthday cake that my mum got for me!!! I am definitely a princess with my own castle now!!


Mwah xx



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