First Blog in a Couple of Weeks!

Shame on me! I haven’t been the best of bloggers recently, but I do have reason!

As I have been working a lot and haven’t been very well, I have been sending myself to bed early and my brain isn’t functioning well enough to share my findings with you guys.

But just because I haven’t been writing doesn’t mean that I haven’t been hunting for bargain buys and the next best beauty product.  (Even with an extremely tight budget)

I have also been sorting out my dressing table/blogging desk as I have been getting ready on the floor or at the dining table (ewww) The chair is temporary until I get a nice chic stool… check it out 🙂 


Since writing my blogs, I have been trying to find the perfect combination of products to help my skin which can be dry, sensitive and quite spotty. (A girl’s worst nightmare).

I am not going to lie to you, but I think I may almost be there!!!!!!!!


I start with Neutrogena  Visibly Clear Oil-Free Facial Wash. This was an absolute bargain and smells lovely! I am really enjoying using this in the mornings, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, without irritating. Exactly what you want in a face wash!!



With a Nivea Face wipes to follow, this allows my skin to feel fresh and clean even more so, whether it be after my morning face wash with cold water to wake me up, or that before bed cleanse. The wipes are soft and full of moisture, (something which I found Johnson’s wipes not to be). I wouldn’t say they were the cheapest on the market, but they certainly weren’t the most expensive. They are most definitely worth the money, however! £2.99 per pack in Boots. They frequently run offers in different stores, but I was desperate!! The wipes have a slight bumpy feel over the cloth which I love because it can allow for a very slight exfoliation when wiping off the makeup!


My next step is moisturising! I used to be soooooo bad at moisturising, that my skin was in terrible condition. it was dry and I didn’t have a nice base for ready for my foundation to be applied, making it patchy and never lasted all day despite buying the 18hr ones on purpose! When rooting through my beauty box full of supplies that my mum bought for me at xmas (she literally buys in bulk to the point where I don’t need to buy any more deodorant for at least another 6 months! I do love my mum!!)

I came across something that I had completely forgotten about. My Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion.


Clinique is something that I have always loved and has always done wonders for my skin, but I always go through phases of using it. It is simply because of the price tag. I will stock up, use it for a while, realise I am running out and then “save it for the important days”. It is so worth the cost because it is one of them pricey products that do in fact work. 

I now feel dirty and greasy if I do not use this products before I apply my makeup and after I take it off. It does NOT leave my skin feeling clogged whatsoever and soaks in rapidly so you don’t get that uncomfortable greasy feeling for ages. And the best part is, you do not need a lot. Two pumps on the tips of my fingers (so your hands don’t soak up the goodness before your face gets the chance) and gently rubbing it in across your face and down your neck. Do not forget under the eyes!!


In the mornings when I am getting ready, I finish this process of by applying my Nivea Primer (see below) giving me that perfect base for my foundation. Lovely jubbly!!


What is your morning and night regimes? Is there something you cannot forget to do??


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