Hair, Hair, Hair!

I am soooo bored of my hair right now, that I need a drastic change, and I do need some help from my readers! I want to be blonde again but the cost is a lot and the damage it does to hair is horrible. So I am going to show you guys what colours I have been and get your opinions! 


I do work in retail, so I don’t think it would be appreciated if I went a completely wild colour…or is that my excuse as I am not quite brave enough? Who knows! 😉


I have been blonde….



I have been a red head… 





I have had Black Hair…










and Natural!




I am not being vain, I am just completely stuck. 


I get bored sooooo quick and my family and friends all say different things, so they aren’t much help 😉


All these photos range from the last 4 years!!!! Can you tell which ones are from 4 years ago and which ones are from now?! I can’t. Hint: I’ve put alot of weight on in more recent pics! hahah!

Would love to hear back as to what you guys think! 


Counting on you! x



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