I Have A Treat For You!

Hello there Guys and Girls, 


I have a treat for you all these evening!!!  


Do you remember my previous post “I am a Coco-nut”?? Well When I made this product, I made it with one of my best friends! So I asked her if she could write a blog post for me as a guest blogger. As she is truly amazing, she agreed to do so! I asked her so you guys could really understand why I am so excited about this particular product and so you could have a second opinion on it. 


So here goes, this is what my good friend Chelsea had to say…. 





I’m going coco-nuts!!


Hello to the viewers of Tayla’s blog.

I’m her friend Chelsea, she has asked me to be a guest blogger and share my thoughts and experiences with you on our most recent beauty bargain item… The Coconut Oil.

Personally, I LOVE IT!

As Tayla and I don’t believe in spending an arm and a leg for the “best” (COUGH most expensive) we love looking for beauty DIY’s so we can look good and feel happy knowing our purses haven’t been ransacked. Also it’s fun experimenting with natural ingredients. Who knows what you will make?

After reading this one from the blog ‘Love Maegan’ we just had to try it. Tayla has already explained but basically, we bought some coconut oil in a jar, we whipped it with an electric hand whisk and voila! You have a moisturiser made from completely natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals, colours or preservatives just natural coconut oil left to set in a jar ready to be whipped ;).

I have used this heavenly coconut mousse as an in shower moisturiser; a make-up remover; a moisturiser; a shaving cream/gel; a lip balm and an everyday moisturiser. Whilst experimenting with all of these different day to day beauty needs I have come across some ups and downs which I want to share with you…

1. First things first, once whipped I would try to use it over the next 5 days, else like mine, it will start to set like it was in the jar. You don’t need to keep whipping it but if it gets a bit too hard then maybe whip less up next time or just give it a quick stir around.

2. Once whipped the coconut oil releases more of the natural oils because it is no longer a solid. So if you have oily prone skin you may want to use less or if your skin is like mine, sensitive and dry, then you may want to use more. However, I wouldn’t use this product as a daily moisturiser on your face as the oils can block your pores and create spots. As a daily moisturiser for your body etc. this is a great product but for your face I would say use 2-3 times a week max, unless you’re just purely using it as a make-up remover then every day is fine as long as you swill your face off afterwards.

3. I URGE you not to use this as a conditioner after shampooing unless your prepared to leave the coconut oil in overnight else you’ll come to blow dry your hair and then realise it’s greasy as hell afterwards, I unfortunately found this one out yesterday!! I tried this as a conditioner but like I just said my hair was so greasy it was disgusting. As I didn’t have time to wash my hair again I thought right Ill carry on the experiment and leave it in overnight till this morning. After a normal shampoo and light conditioning my hair is so soft and feels nourished. So although I had to walk around with my hair like a chip pan all day my hair is definitely thankful for it now!!

4. I (and Tayla) have found the best way to use this product when it comes to your hair is as a serum. You’ve heard of Argain Oil?? Well this is all natural coconut oil!! Once you’ve done your usual shampoo and conditioning in the shower towel dry your hair until hair is damp. Get some mousse on your hands and from the bottom of your crown down rub in some of the oil. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT rub into your roots as you will be back to square one and

back in that shower. Once rubbed into your ends brush or comb then blow dry your hair and you will see a big difference in the frizziness and softness of your hair.

5. If you forget to buy shaving gel and realise your legs are getting a bit prickly then just use this bad boy. Rub over your legs, arms… and then just start shaving. Once you’ve swilled your legs afterwards you’ll feel how smooth they are and will never go back to an ordinary, soapy shaving cream again!! Also whilst in the shower use the mousse as a way to lock in moisture. Just before you get out rub it all over your body (like you would baby oil), dry yourself off and then BAM your clean, smell fresh and lovingly moisturised.

6. Finally, as a lip balm, facemask and make-up remover it’s pretty simple to use. Smother over your face and leave on for at least 5 mins, (it won’t go hard) and then swill off the facemask with a gentle cleanser. Or as a make-up remover, rub some of the mouse over your face and then begin to wipe off with cotton wool pads, that way you won’t damage your skin with harsh exfoliators or face wipes. And last but not least, lip balm! This kinda stuff is definitely for those horrible, rough, winter chapped lips that we all get!! I would only put a bit on during the day as the mousse is so greasy, although it tastes soooo good. Before you go to bed, put a good amount on and around your lips and then settle yourself in for the night. Your partner will thank me one day for you’re oh so kissable lips.


I know I babble on a bit but there you have it!! A natural and cost effective beauty product that goes along way, I hope that this product and the tips given work just as well for you as it has for me. If you find another use for it then let us know by leaving a comment, also let us know how you get on!


Bye 🙂 xo


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