Ear Candy!

Hello my lovelies!


Another day another blog post! 


Today I spent my day recovering from celebrating my beautiful sister’s 18th birthday! We started yesterday by getting tattoos and ended the day getting a tad drunk! In true 18th birthday style, we got dressed up and headed into town and had a good boogie! As the older sister I spent my evening making sure she was having a good time, ensuring there was no trouble and of course feeding her drinks without it being too over the top – after all I wouldn’t have heard the end of it if she was ill !

Later this evening, I will be posting my outfit and makeup for the evening, so make sure you check back a have a read, because I strayed from my usual style and I absolutely loved it!!


But for now, I just wanted to express my love for two new songs that have been released recently, and I honestly can not get enough of listening to them!!!


I have ALWAYS been a fan of Kelly Clarkson. I think she is amazing. Beautiful, talented and from what I have read, seen and watched, she is incredibly down to earth despite her 10 years of success. 

She has released a song for EVERY single mood, something angry and upbeat, something slow or something that meets the middle, but I honestly find that her songs are relatable which is why I think she has such a strong fan base. 


In the UK she isn’t as popular but over the years she has become more known and I love meeting someone who knows her songs, because I am always listening to her music! 

The reason I am writing about her this evening, is because of her new song ‘Tie It Up’. It was written as she has recently gotten engaged so it suits her down to the ground. The video is fun and watching her flash her bling at the camera makes me really jealous! But if I wore a rock like that, I would take every opportunity to flash it as well!!

She has incorporated some of her fan’s wedding photos which I thought brought a really nice touch to the video. Such a lovely idea to do that with her fan’s, which again just shows how down to earth she can be. 

I have seen Kelly Clarkson in concert twice and both times I have been blown away! She may not put on a show, but with a voice like hers a big massive production would just make the audience pull away from that. 

The other song my ears can’t get enough of is Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’. 

Katy Perry is HUGE everywhere so it isn’t a surprise how much this album has been spoken about even though it hasn’t even been released yet!! I personally am really looking forward to it, as over the years I have grown to enjoy her style and music together. They both go hand in hand well which bring such character to everything she has to offer!


Before the song was released to the public she shared a promotional video. This video contained her burning her Blue wig from her previous album, which of course caused much shock to her fan base. It has also made the anticipation for this album extremely high. I can not wait to listen to it!


I want you guys to take a listen if you haven’t already and let me know what you think! xo


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