I am now a Coco-nut!

Hey beauties,

You just aren’t going to believe this new must have that I have come across!!!

Over the past few weeks since becoming a blogger, I have done my research and found a few of my favourite bloggers. And I found a few products that to me have become a complete test for me to try and report back to my beautiful followers!

One of the products that I found myself stumbling upon almost every time I used the internet or opened a magazine, was a coconut oil. 

Coconut has all the properties to do pretty much anything healthy AND beauty wise, so as soon as I did a bit more research and showed a dear friend of mine, we both decided we needed to try this together!

One of the bloggers I came across was Love Maegan, everyday I see what she posts and she does everything from fashion to beauty to DIYs, and this little beauty was across between and DIY and beauty find.

So I am going to show you in pictures what the process was to make this amazing product and explain to you what are the benefits of it!


This here is what Chelsea bought from Holland and Barratt. I am pretty sure the whole thing cost £14.99 but she managed to purchase it in the ONE PENNY sale there. How amazing is that!!


This is what the inside of the jar looked like! It looks just like the inside of a coconut (not surprisingly so). It is a thick substance but as it is quite solid it would be hard to use.


It is so solid that pouring the whole jar upside down that nothing comes out! So literally, to take it away from this difficult texture, what you need is a whisk (hand or electric) and a big bowl, and a few small containers. You need to put a bit of coconut oil into the bowl. We put a good 1/4 of the jar in, but that made 2 tubs, definitely will last a long time for us! So, simply, just whisk away. 


I would probably whisk no long that 2 mins because you do not want it to get too hot or too runny. You want to turn it into a cream like substance, but too long will not allow it to solidify in a way you can store it. You want it to be able to harden slightly, but stay soft enough you can use desired amount without melting it down!


You want it to look similar to this. We made ourselves a tub each so we both can tell you guys whether this stuff lives up to our expectations…

So my main priority and the reason why I was so interested in this particular product was because of the effect it has on your hair…supposedly. I just has to put this to the test! And of course, me being me had to as soon as I could! 

Let me briefly tell you about the condition of my hair. I have recently gone from being blonde for a year to going back to being dark haired. So the damage the bleach caused was horrid! The only state my hair understood was FRIZZ and even now after a few trims, it still has the bleach under the dye trying to grow out. The below picture is the state of my hair once it dried and before any product…disgusting, right?


This below now is the state of my hair after applying the coconut oil mixture to the TIPS of my ends only. (it is quite oily so all I used was a pea sized amount on damp hair.) I also straightened it and I am so impressed with the results. 

The mixture has given my shine back and it has allowed my hair to stay straight for 2 days now without re-straightening again once I stepped outside. 



Here is a link to all the other uses of this coconut oil rather than cooking. I was so surprised at all the thing it can do!!


If you try this out, please let me know how you get on!!!

Good luck…x



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