Take Me Back To When I Was Slim!

Today I have sat down to think of a few new things to write on my blog. Now, because I am new to writing things down on to a website for all strangers to see, I find my self deciding what people would be interested in and what they wouldn’t be.

That’s always been me. Worried about other people, and making sure I am pleasing everyone else. But my blog is for me. It is for me to start with. Then I shall use this ‘diary’ as a way to inspire and influence people the way I have been inspired and influenced…. I just need to find how to do such a thing.

One of my best friends and I are sitting down tomorrow to sort out a meal and diet plan to get on our way to being confident and stronger as women. I feel that body issues and weight hold our minds hostage until we can look at ourselves in a picture where we can say to ourselves, “actually, I don’t mind this picture”. Even at that point we are held on a piece of rope that can only let us go so far until we fall back into that cage of doubt and self hate.

I started the Slimming World plan last July, and by October, I got the weight where I thought “wow I would be happy if I stayed this way”. This was just in time for our trip to Los Angeles. All the way through this weight loss journey, I kept saying to myself “I have to feel glamorous for LA” and I found myself accessorising and everything! – Now It’s a completely different story.


I started Slimming World back in July  2012 at a starting weight of 11 Stone 6lbs. 

I have never been so upfront and honest about my weight. So there it is. The truth. I got my weight down to 9 Stone 4lbs by our trip to LA at the end of October 2012. 
I followed the SW plan with my mum and I was so so proud of how well we did together. But since moving out with my boyfriend, the weight has crept back. I am so disappointed with myself. 
However, when Chelsea comes round tomorrow, this will all change. 
I want to be brave and upload a starting picture of my weight, and as of then, I will share with you my brand new weight loss journey. It will be the journey to be happy and the determination to remain at the same weight, whilst living healthy. 
I will be pictured once more, without cringing and sobbing in complete disgust.
I am determined. 

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