Cheating on Blogspot.

Today I have decided to branch out into the world of blogging and join WordPress as well as my usual Blogspot. (

I have decided to do this to get an idea of which I work better with and which site helps out my blog the most as well. 

So here is a little about what I want to use my blog for.


A lot of the people around me are more than likely fed up with the way I go on and on about my woes, especially when they are linked to my extremely lack of self confidence. Probably muttering “attention seeker” under their breaths.

I honestly do not seek attention.

I seek help.

I am desperate to find something that helps me become the confident, bubbly person I once was. Enjoying shopping trips and looking forward to the trying on clothes in the changing rooms.
I LOVE a good shopping trip, until I find myself stuck between those curtains and the mirror that, I swear is one of those circus mirrors, which deforms everything that dares to stand in front of it.

So, again, my blog is simply my diary for all to see. I will share my happenings, findings and feelings with you at least once a day. I will post pictures and share how everything is doing.

But I want a diary that writes back to me. With thoughts, comments and help along the way. Help not just for me, but for anyone who wishes to read what I have to say.

I aim to achieve the body I want by my 21st Birthday. This being in October, I plan to share with you my achievements, my failures and my complete an utter distress about how nothing is happening, especially not quick enough (haha). However, I want to share with you my reviews of new products that I come across in everyday life, from makeup, to hair products to new foods.

Trying to rid of my negativity and immerse myself into a positive atmosphere.

I hope to inspire the way I have been inspired.



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